How to Complain with TIKI is a must for online shop businessmen

By | December 4, 2021

How to complain tiki – An online shop or by laypeople known as an online shop is one of the users of delivery services. One of the most frequently used expedition services is TIKI. This TIKI expedition is a trusted pioneer of package delivery.

However, as the saying goes “There is no ivory that is not cracked”, then online shop owners must have had unpleasant experiences when using this TIKI expedition. The problem is, there are some online shop business people who don’t know how to complain to TIKI (especially beginner online shops). That’s why this article is intentionally written to help them.

This TIKI Complaint is a Must Know Online Shop Businessmen

In this article, there is some important information that will be shared. The information is about what problems should be complained about, and how to contact TIKI to file a complaint.

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Problems You Can Complain to TIKI

The service sector must have constraints beyond its control. Of the many obstacles, between the sender (online shop) and the expedition, various complaints often arise. Of the many complaints that come in, the average TIKI expedition service user submits a complaint against the following three things (which happens quite often).

These 3 things are:

  • Delayed packets arriving at the destination address.
  • The condition of the package was damaged when received.
  • Packages that did not reach their destination.

Yes, these three problems often occur in any expedition, TIKI is no exception.

As consumers who use TIKI services, it is also necessary to know what events really need to be conveyed to customer care. So an online shop businessman should know what problems can be complained about. And also know how to properly submit the complaint.

The expedition party certainly hopes that its consumers do not submit complaints on channels that are not appropriate (for example, such as making posts on personal social media). If there is a problem, it should be submitted directly to the official TIKI Customer Care contact. This is to minimize the occurrence of misuse and defamation of the expedition from people who are not responsible.

The following will describe some of the problems that often occur, how to complain about tiki, and how to solve them.

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1. Late Package

The problem that is often complained of to customer care is a late package. Complaints about this late package can be made if the package cannot be tracked through the automatic tracking engine on the TIKI website. Then, the package that never came because it stopped at the warehouse for a long time.

This kind of obstacle is very detrimental to both parties. Both the sender, in this case the online shop entrepreneur and the shipping service provider. This is because the value of the online shop in the eyes of its customers will be bad due to delivery. Although not all customers understand this situation, there are also customers who include delivery services in the overall assessment of an online shop.

After that, the effect of this delay in delivery will also reduce the number of online entrepreneurs who have entrusted their expeditions to TIKI. This reduction in the volume of shipments will result in a decrease in the profit of the shipping company and a reduction in employees. Of course, so that these things don’t happen, it’s better to minimize delays from the expedition service by sorting packages more carefully so that they get to their destinations on time.

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2. Broken Package

Next is the problem that occurs because the package is damaged during shipping. Yes, this damage can occur due to the fault of the sender and delivery service. Sometimes the senders forget to provide information on the package in the form of a FRAGILE sign and less secure packaging.

In addition, the expedition party sometimes forgets to ask for the contents of the package, so that the delivery person neglects to sort out the packages that need special treatment, such as glassware and easy-to-crush snacks.

3. Package Not Reaching Destination

The obstacle that managed to become the Top 3 Expeditionary Problems for years is the package that does not reach the destination address. This problem can occur from the sender and the shipping service. Sometimes, the package sender does not include a clear address.

The clear address here can be in the form of a house marker location, directions to the house from the main road location for houses located in small alleys, and sometimes the recipient’s cellphone number is not listed correctly. It’s trivial things like this that cause the package to be brought back by the courier because the courier can’t find the location of the recipient’s house. This package will usually return to the warehouse in the nearest city.

If this happens, the sender from the online shop should be diligent in checking and tracking the package that has been sent. In addition, the seller also informs the recipient of the delivery receipt so that the recipient of the package can check the package himself.

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Several Ways to Complain to TIKI

So, how do you complain about TIKI? The way to report complaints and expedition complaints is quite easy. There are 3 ways that can be done, namely visiting the TIKI branch office, making a complaint by calling customer care, and sending direct messages to TIKI’s social media.

1. Come to TIKI Branch Office

The first way to complain about TIKI is to visit the TIKI branch office in the nearest city. Yes, TIKI has many branch offices spread throughout Indonesia. Starting from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, to Papua.

It is recorded that there are 70 TIKI branch offices that can be a place to file complaints and complaints regarding lost packages, not yet arrived, and damaged packages. Before going to the TIKI branch office, prepare an identity card such as an ID card and driver’s license, delivery receipt, and a package payment receipt. These 3 things are needed in the event of a claim for goods lost and damaged during shipping.

After submitting a complaint to the branch office, don’t forget to save the contact number of the branch office or the PIC regarding the problem of package delivery. Then, save the complaint reporting number to check the progress of the complaint to customer service or to TIKI’s official social media account. Make sure to follow up the development of the package according to the promise that has been agreed with TIKI.

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2. Call Customer Service

The next way to complain is by calling TIKI customer care at 1500125. This hotline service can be contacted from Monday to Sunday. For customer
service working hours, there are three fixed schedules.

First, for Monday to Friday, customer service serves from 07.00 to 20.00 WIB. Then, on Saturday this service is opened from 07.00 to 16.00 WIB. As for Sundays, this service is open for 1 hour longer, i.e. from 08.00 to 16.00 WIB.

Before making a report by telephone, make sure you have prepared your identity, delivery receipt number, and a detailed chronology of events. Since the report is submitted by telephone, make sure you don’t waste time because the amount of credit needed will also increase. After that, don’t forget to ask for the complaint report number to be followed up again in the following days.

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3. Via Social Media Direct Message

In addition to coming directly and calling TIKI customer care, the next way to complain is to make a complaint via Direct Message on several TIKI social media. Can be via personal message on Facebook account Then, you can also send a direct message to TIKI’s official Twitter account at @idTiki or Instagram at @tiki_id.

Tell the complaint in detail along with the identity and delivery receipt number clearly. In order to simplify the process of solving the problem.

Well, hopefully the 3 ways to complain about TIKI can help online entrepreneurs and users of TIKI expedition services in submitting their complaints. Keep in mind, before making a complaint, you should prepare your identity and receipt number!

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

Author by : Bang izal.