How to Complain with Bukalapak (Receive Items Not As Ordered)

By | December 19, 2021

Bukalapak is one of the people’s mainstay e-commerce in buying products. However, it is not uncommon for users to experience problems when shopping at Bukalapak. Fortunately, the way to complain to Bukalapak is not difficult. Users can file a complaint if the product they purchased took a long time to be delivered, is damaged, is lacking, or has other delivery problems.

Shopping at Bukalapak is worth a try because the products offered are varied and there are bargaining options. In addition, the handling of complaints is also quite excellent so that buyers do not need to worry.

How to Complain with Bukalapak (Receive Items Not As Ordered)

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Bukalapak Complaint Service

Shopping at Bukalapak is the choice of some people in Indonesia. Bukalapak sells various products and is also a payment platform and digital products. There are also various payment methods where the user will be very facilitated.

However, online shopping cannot be separated from obstacles as well as in Bukalapak. Sellers at Bukalapak sometimes make mistakes when sending goods or damaged goods when they reach the buyer. If this is the case, the buyer can file a complaint.

How to complain to Bukalapak can be done via a desktop or smartphone. This discussion will focus on complaints via smartphones. The reason is, the majority of people shop online through their smartphones because it is more practical and faster.

There are three types of complaint services at Bukalapak, namely Refunds, Goods Replacement, and Additional Goods. In addition, buyers can also submit complaints when the goods are not received. Buyers can choose one of the three types of Bukalapak complaint services. When the goods are not received, the buyer can apply for cancellation.

Even this complaint process can be tracked by the buyer with the tracking feature. The progress of returning goods can be monitored via a smartphone. If there is a process that is considered too long, the buyer can directly submit a complaint to Bukalapak Customer Service.

How to Complain to Bukalapak via Smartphone

In order to be able to file a complaint at Bukalapak, the first thing to do is download the Bukalapak application first. After the account registration process at Bukalapak, then buyers can shop and submit complaints.

The following will describe the ways to complain by Bukalapak by category on smartphones:

1. Refund Submission

The first way to complain to Bukalapak is to apply for a refund or refund. Refunds apply to physical products, digital products, as well as purchases of plane and bus tickets. For flight and bus ticket refunds, still refer to the ticket cancellation provisions. For other ticket purchases, refunds are not valid if the purchase has been completed.

How to apply for a refund is quite easy, namely entering the Bukalapak application and entering the menu Transaction. Select the purchase you want to complain about and click Complain. Select the reason for the complaint then click Continue. After that, on the complaint submission page, choose a solution, namely Money refund.

After selecting the option Money refund, then enter the nominal that must be returned then agree to the statement column by putting a check mark. Click Submit a Complaint and the buyer will be directed to the page Complaint Details to discuss with Seller.

When Seller approve the refund request, the buyer must send back the goods received to the address on the complaint page. After the delivery process is complete, click Send goods then enter the receipt number. After that, click Send Receipt Number. Next, the buyer’s money will be returned to the balance Open Wallet.

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2. Replacement Items

Buyers can apply for returns or refunds if the order received does not match. The trick is to enter the Bukalapak application then select Transaction, then select Complain. Next, select the transaction to complain about and select the reason for the complaint. Enter the complaint submission, namely Item Replacement and click Submit a Complaint.

For this complaint service, the buyer will be asked to send the item to be returned to Seller. Before sending, please make sure Seller’s address already correct. The buyer must give approval regarding the return shipping costs, namely by placing a check mark in the statement column. After that click Submit a Complaint.

The next step, the buyer will enter the complaint detail page. Buyers can discuss with Seller on this page and describe the problem with the press of a button Complaint Discussion. When a complaint is received by Seller, then the buyer must accept it with a click Accept Solution.

The buyer sends the returned item and then enters the receipt number (in the section) Enter Receipt Number). The seller will send a replacement item after the returned item is received. When the replacement item arrives, the buyer can press Confirmation of Receipt of Goods.

If the replacement item is not suitable, the buyer can also choose an option “No, Give My Money Back” then press Confirmation, then the purchase funds will be returned. But if it fits, click “Yes, Please Forward Payment to Seller” then press Confirmation so that Bukalapak can forward the purchase money to Seller.

3. Adding Items

Items shipped by Seller may be less than the quantity ordered. Don’t worry, buyers can file complaints. The way to complain to Bukalapak with a solution for adding goods is quite easy. As usual, go to the Bukalapak application and select Transaction. Select the problematic transaction then click Complain.

On the complaint submission page, select the reason why the product has a problem. Next, select the solution option, namely Adding Items, then click Submit a Complaint. Buyers will be taken to a discussion page with Seller, where the customer can describe the problem. Discussions with this seller must be in accordance with applicable regulations.

After the solution is accepted by Seller, additional items will be sent to the buyer’s address. The buyer must confirm when the goods arrive by pressing Confirmation of Receipt of Goods. If the goods received are appropriate, click “Yes, Please Forward Payment to Seller” then press Confirmation.

If the item received does not match, the buyer can also press “No, Give My Money Back”. Bukalapak will conduct a search and investigation first, before returning the funds to the balance Open Wallet buyer.

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Complaint Constraints Bukalapak

Bukalapak’s complaint service is open to all buyers. However, this owned service also still has a number of problems that buyers find difficult. As discussed above, the buyer is required to send the returned item. Shipping costs for this return process are borne by the buyer.

Buyers often object to this policy because the buyer assumes the fault lies with the seller. So, it is the seller who should bear the postage of returning the goods. In addition, the confirmation process from Bukalapak is quite long according to buyers.

Then, sellers at Bukalapak are also often slow to respond so that the return process can take longer. Reporting from recently there were also complaints from buyers who almost became victims of fraud with phishing techniques from sellers at Bukalapak. Complaints to Bukalapak customer service did not get the proper solution.

The way to complain to Bukalapak is quite easy and practical. However, there are several policies that should be improved so that consumers do not feel disadvantaged. Online shopping is all about experience, when you have a bad experience, most likely consumers will not come back again. Well, hopefully in the future Bukalapak can be even better.

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That’s the article about how to make a complaint at Bukalapak. Hopefully useful for all of you.

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