How to Complain Pos Indonesia (Late, Wrong Send, etc.)

By | December 26, 2021

Indonesian Postal Complaints – For those who were born before the 90s, of course, Pos Indonesia is no stranger to it. This is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) which used to be in the service of sending letters from one region to another. However, along with the development of the times, Pos Indonesia currently also has other services such as delivery of goods.

Unfortunately, this effort does not always run smoothly. Sometimes complaints from users of these expedition services go to the Pos Indonesia Customer Service. Especially when the shipment is very crowded such as the moment of the Fasting Month, Eid, Christmas and New Year. This is actually reasonable. Because during the big days the delivery of goods is very dense. So there must be cases such as items that are late, damaged, or even lost during delivery.

However, Pos Indonesia continues to strive to advance its business by improving its various services such as having a website page and 24-hour Customer Service. That way, users can report complaints from Pos Indonesia more quickly and easily.

How to Complain Pos Indonesia (Late, Wrong Send, etc.)

Types of Indonesian Postal Complaints that Usually Go to Customer Service

For entrepreneurs who want to use Pos Indonesia, you should know in advance some of the types of complaints that have been submitted. So when deciding to use this type of delivery, entrepreneurs are not disappointed.

The following are most of the complaints from Pos Indonesia that many users complain about:

1. Long Delivery Time

One of the things that Pos Indonesia users complain about is the long delivery time. If you usually use shipping expeditions across Java, it only takes 3-4 days, then the use of Posts can take up to more than 6 days. This long delivery time is what Pos Indonesia users often complain about.

Therefore, if you decide to use Pos Indonesia, don’t expect it to come quickly. Because based on user experience, Pos Indonesia usually arrives the fastest 4-7 days after processing.

2. Wrong Package Sent.

Sometimes there are cases of wrong packages delivered by couriers. This happens (usually) because the address listed is unclear, or ambiguous. For example, writing the RT/RW number or the house number of the destination address written upside down. Worse yet, the recipient’s phone number is also not included by the sender (usually because he forgot). As a result, the package was never received by the original recipient.

To solve this problem, the sender must contact Pos Indonesia Customer Service to provide the correct address. Furthermore, Pos Indonesia will follow-up this case. Usually the Pos Indonesia will order the courier to take back the package with the wrong address, then deliver it to the original recipient.

2. No Warranty

We recommend that you use the Pos Indonesia delivery service only for small products and goods. And the price of the product/goods should also not be too expensive. So it is not recommended to send electronic goods in the form of PC monitor screens, televisions and smartphones, etc. via Indonesian post.

What’s the reason?

This is because there is no guarantee on shipping using Pos Indonesia. Therefore, users cannot file a complaint with Pos Indonesia if the goods are damaged or not as desired.

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3. Not Operating on Holidays & Weekends

The type of complaint from Pos Indonesia that comes in a lot is the operational time of this business. If other companies usually operate 24/7, it is different from Pos Indonesia. Following government regulations, Pos Indonesia only operates on weekdays with 8 working hours. This makes packets take longer to process.

If you want the package to be processed immediately, it is better to send the product in the morning. So that on that day or a maximum of D + 1, the package can be processed so that it can arrive at its destination immediately.

How to File a Complaint to Pos Indonesia

Although there are many shortcomings, Pos Indonesia makes it easy for users to submit complaints. This is aimed at the progress of Pos Indonesia so that it can develop better and faster in the future.

For those who want to make a complaint to Pos Indonesia, it can be done in the following ways:

1. E-mail/E-mail

The first way that users can do when they want to file a complaint is to send an email. There are 5 active emails to date and will help respond to user complaints. Here are the five emails that can be contacted:

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When sending email, make sure to enter the last email in the cc field. This aims to anticipate if the first email does not come in. Next, in the contents of the email, write down the details of the receipt, the identity of the sender, recipient and address. Then, continue with the problem that occurred.

By writing in a structured and clear manner, CS from Pos Indonesia can help track the whereabouts of the shipment. Usually a maximum of 2×24 hours after the complaint is submitted, the complainant will be called by CS Pos Indonesia to provide further solutions.

2. Call Center Customer Service 224 Hours

If you want a faster way to submit a complaint to Pos Indonesia, then contact the call center. Please call 161 or Halopos service. This is a call center from Pos Indonesia that operates 24 hours. To be able to contact this call center, customers will be charged local telephone rates as usual.

When calling this number, choose the option to talk to customer service. If it is connected, then inform the problem that is happening along with the date. And don’t forget, the most important thing is to know the details of the delivery receipt.

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3. Live Chat

As a company that is developing its technology, currently customers can also submit complaints via Live Chat. This feature can be used on the Pos Indonesia website, which is at the bottom right of the screen with an image of an officer.

The first thing to do is click Live Chat and then a dialog box will appear. Next, select the required menu, including service info, office address, and complaints. Write the message you want to ask in the box and Pos Indonesia will immediately reply when you get an answer.

4. Through Social Media

Pos Indonesia realizes that most of the users of this service are young people. Therefore, in order to connect with them, Pos Indonesia has social media as a forum for complaints. Until now, Pos Indonesia has several social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, users can file a complaint by writing a post or in the comments column. Don’t forget to
mention or mention Pos Indonesia, so the admin can help process problems that occur. Later, the admin will ask the user to mention the receipt and the number to be contacted.

If you want it to be read faster, the reporter can also send a message via Direct Message. This method is more efficient because the admin can read it faster. However, the drawback of this feature is the limited service hours from Monday-Friday from 08:00 – 17:00 only.

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5. Go straight to the Indonesian Post Office

If you want the fastest way, then come to the Indonesian Post office. When arriving, inform the information section about the purpose of arrival. Later, the user will be directed to customer service for further details.

In general, users are required to fill out a form regarding the contents of the shipment and the complaints they face. If it’s just tracking and packet position information, it will usually be informed right away. However, for cases of loss or damage it will usually take longer.

So, despite the many shortcomings and complaints of Pos Indonesia, this company continues to strive to improve its services. One of them is to provide an online site that can be accessed by everyone. On this site, users can track and place orders for services. This is expected to make it easier for users to use Pos Indonesia.

For those who experience issues or problems with the package, don’t hesitate to contact one of the methods above. Customer Service from Pos Indonesia will help and immediately contact the complainant to resolve the problem.

If the company does not reply immediately, then try to contact Halo Pos on 161. This is one of the fastest ways to submit a complaint to Pos Indonesia so that it will be responded to immediately. To get the fastest response, it’s a good idea to report complaints during business hours and days.

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That’s the info about how to complain Pos Indonesia. Hopefully useful for all of you.

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