How to Combine Audio on HP, Make Podcasts More Exciting

By | January 3, 2022

Audio is a file that can be modified according to the needs of its users. With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, how to combine audio on a cellphone can be done by anyone. So, you don’t just have to use a computer or laptop that contains expensive software to be able to do this.

On smartphones based on Android and iOS, integrating audio is a simple matter. Not only that, sound files can be added effects and videos via mobile phones. And the end result is no less good when compared to working through a computer.

Recording Audio Files

Before discussing how to combine audio files on a cellphone, it’s a good idea for users to also know about how to record them. With the proliferation of podcasts these days, more and more people want to know how to put together multiple voice recordings using only their cellphones.

The reason is that not all podcasters have the right tools or software.

Podcasts themselves are basically like radio broadcasts, but can be recorded and played anywhere and at any time. Broadcasts are distributed over the internet after the audio has been previously recorded.

To be able to produce a good recording, of course you need to go through a series of editing processes in the form of merging, cutting, removing noise, and also clearing the sound.

In the past, audio editing was done with magnetic tape. Starting around the 90s when computers boomed editing sound files was done through software. This is the beginning of the sound editing revolution.

Now, everything can even be done on a smartphone either with the help of an app or online. Interestingly, even beginners can do it.

How to Merge Audio in HO

Putting together sound files is not only from recordings, but it can also be in the form of songs that are combined into a new audio. Later the editing results can be used as a video background or shared on social media. This process is also known as merging.

Here are some ways:

1. Putting Song Pieces Together through Timbre

How to Combine Audio on HP, Make Podcasts More Exciting

The first way to combine audio on a cellphone is to download an application Timbre.

The uses of this app are numerous and quite popular among audio editing lovers. Generally used to create a new file from a combination of several files. The audio formats that can be done through Timbre are quite diverse, ranging from mp3, wv, m4a, pcm, to aiff.

The first step, of course, is downloading this application at Play Store. Then enter the menu Audio and select Join. Enter the files you want to merge by pressing the logo +

Specify the format then start the process. Wait for it to finish and the results can be directly downloaded.

It’s easy isn’t it? Timbre can also be used to process videos, you know.

2. Merge Sounds Using MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner

How to Combine Audio on HP, Make Podcasts More Exciting

MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner is a fairly popular application with at least 1 million downloads on Android phones.

Users can rely on it to put together recordings or multiple songs at once. This app can be downloaded for free at Play Store. The interface is also very attractive so it is easy for beginners to understand.

Once installed, open the application, then a list of songs will immediately appear on the first page. Select which files you want to merge then click Merge.

Specify the format then press Join then Continue to give a name to the file. Proceed by selecting a location to save the results and the process will begin.

Wait for it to finish.

3. Using the Mp3 Cutter and Merger Application

How to Combine Audio on HP, Make Podcasts More Exciting

This one application is worth a try for practice combining files. The reason is, only two songs can be combined through this app. So, beginners who are just trying to learn how to do it audio merging You can download this software on your cellphone.

In addition to merging, this app can also work on audio cutters.

Once downloaded, log in and select two audios to combine. There will be two track buttons, namely 1 and 2, fill in with the files you want to merge. Give it a name then select Start to start merging.

After the process is complete, a pop up window will appear containing Open File. Click there to open then save it.

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4. Using Site Audio Joiner

How to Combine Audio on HP, Make Podcasts More Exciting

Merging audio can also be done online without the need to download an app. This is very helpful if your phone memory is too full. Make sure an internet connection or data package is available to be able to do online editing.

The method is quite easy, that is, go to the Audio Joiner website. Input the songs to be merged then click Merge. The process starts and let it finish. After that, download the merged result then save it in your cellphone gallery.

This site is very popular because it is easy to use, can combine many files, has a simple interface, and is free.

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5. Log in to Clideo

How to Combine Audio on HP, Make Podcasts More Exciting

Another free online site that can be used to merge audio files is Clideo. The results of the merger can also be adjusted by yourself so that the results are cleaner and more comfortable to hear. There is no limit to the number of songs or sound recordings that can be included in the unification process.

Of course this is more interesting than having to download an app, right?

To get started, go to your browser and log in to the Clideo site. Click Choose file to select the desired song, voice recording, or audio. After uploading, the user enters the editing page. Click Merge there and the process of merging the audio starts. Once finished, download the results and save them in storage.

With the help of the audio editing apps and sites exemplified above, you can create new files from snippets of songs or sound recordings.

The results of recording podcasts will be better and cleaner by combining audio on this cellphone. To be sure, do not need expensive equipment and high expertise to be able to do it.

Please try.