How to Clear and Reset Thumbnail Cache Windows 11/10

By | December 22, 2021

This Samsul article will explain how to Delete and Reset Thumbnail Cache Windows 11/10. You can apply it to versions of Windows 8, and 7. Whatever your work or behavior in Windows, everything will be stored in the computer’s memory. Including thumbnails, videos and images will be copied in the cache so that later they can be reused for viewing very quickly, so you don’t have to scan manually again and the app is ready to use every time.

Thumbnail cache is a preview of the file that you can see in File Explorer. This file can be found under the name Thumbs.db, and it can be corrupted and not display thumbnails properly. When that happens to you, the cache thumbnails you need to clear to reset and get rid of them automatically.

This article will show you how to clean and reset windows 11/10 thumbnail cache. Let’s see the steps:

You can follow the path below to find the .db file for cache thumbnails and some folders you have to open by revealing hidden files in File Explorer.

Clear and Reset Thumbnail Cache in File Explorer

The first step you can delete cache thumbnails in File Explorer.

1. Start by using the RUN dialog box to go to the file by pressing the button Windows + R, then enter the path below.

file explorer cache thumbnails
file explorer cache thumbnails

2. Delete the ones marked in red.

3. Also use this path to find cached thumbnails in file explorer.


4. After you delete the files they will be displayed in the Recycle Bin, make sure you check and delete permanently there.

Disadvantages with this are that some thumbnails are not displayed for several reasons, including for Small icons, table and list modes, some operating systems don’t support photo and video formats and don’t have special codecs installed. If you use this method, image and video thumbnails will not be displayed. For a more in-depth way, you follow the steps below.

Clear and Reset Thumbnail Cache with Disk Cleanup

Earlier about how to clear cache thumbnails with File Explorer. Next you use Disk Cleanup for this second method.

1. open Disk Cleanup in the search box, or you can use the RUN dialog box and type cleanmgr.exe and paste it there.


2. Select drivers (C:), and click OK.

drive selection - disk cleanup
drive selection – disk cleanup

3. Then you check the box Thumbnails, and click OK.

cache thumbnails
disk cleanup thumbnails

4. Click again Delete Files for confirmation, and the deletion process will be applied.

Finally Restart your computer to fully apply.

Delete and Reset Thumbnail Cache Using BAT File

Before you do this method, it is recommended to close and save whatever you are working on on the computer. In this step, we will use File Explorer for the process of deleting cached thumbnails.

You can choose which one to use for the .bat file below. You will find two .bat files inside the zip file.

1. Click button Download to download the BAT file below.


2. Save file .bat it’s in Desktop.

thumbnail cache reset script
screenshot of script thumbnail cache

3. Finally run the .bat file

4. Next file.bat will open via Command Prompt to start deleting cache thumbnails in File Explorer.

5. You can Restart to fully implement this method.

command prompt thumbnail cache
command prompt script thumbnail cache

6. For the second BAT File this will delete cache thumbnails in more detail.

7. How to save files .bat This is the same as the method above, the difference is that there are only a few instructions that must be executed. However, it won’t bother you.

When finished, you can restart the computer.

How to Disable Thumbnail Cache in Windows Registry

Now we will clear and reset the thumbnail cache by using the Registry Editor.

1. Press the button Windows + R simultaneously on the keyboard.

2. Type regedit and OK.

3. Enter the path below in the navigation pane of the Registry.


4. Make Value DOWRD 32 Bit and give name Disable ThumbnailCache.

disable registry cache thumbnails
disable thumbnail cache registry

5. Next right click on DisableThumbnailCache and select Modify.

6. Then set the value to “1” and click OK.

Those are some methods how to delete and reset thumbnail cache in Windows 11/10. Hope this article helps you.