How to Clean the Easiest Spring Bed (You Can Try)

By | May 1, 2022

How to Clean Spring Bed – A good sleep is when the body is very tired and the eyes are sleepy. However, the enjoyment of sleep will be disturbed if the condition of the room is not clean and messy. So that the expected resting conditions (sleep well) are difficult to materialize.

And this condition should never be ignored or taken lightly. Because the rest time is less than optimal (sleep not sound) will be able to interfere with one’s stamina. As a result, people who lack sleep can feel sleepy while working.

The next effect can certainly make productivity disrupted. Even in more severe conditions, a person who lacks sleep will be able to disrupt his health (sick). If this is the case, then all activities will definitely be hampered.

Have you ever experienced a condition like the one above?

If yes, then let’s discuss the solution and the solution together. ️

How to Clean the Easiest Spring Bed (You Can Try)
Illustration. Photo by : Alodokter.

So the comfort of our resting place is very important to note. From the description above, we can conclude that quality rest (enough and comfortable) has a big influence on our daily lives.

The question is: “How can we get quality rest?”

One way is to regularly clean and tidy up our spring beds. If you have excess funds, just buy a good quality spring breed. The characteristic of a good spring bed is that the surface is very soft and comfortable to sleep on.

Well, if the spring bed is soft and clean, of course our sleep will be comfortable and sound. What needs to be done is to regularly clean the spring bed, so that our rest is always optimal.

Here’s how to clean the spring bed that you can do.

Come on!

1. Removing the Sheet On the Spring Bed

The first step, remove all objects that cover the mattress. Make sure there are no more objects on your mattress.

When all objects such as pillows, bolsters, blankets and others have been removed, then take the sheets that are on the mattress, then remove them.

After that wash the sheets. You can wash it in a washing machine or manually.

When using the washing machine, make sure the water and soap are suitable. Also, don’t run out of water, because it can cause damage to your washing machine.

For pillows and bolsters, it is better to wash them manually. Because it is quite complicated to wash pillows and bolsters using a washing machine.

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2. Prepare the Spring Bed Cleaning Tool

When the sheets, pillows, bolsters and others have been washed, then dry them in the sun. While waiting for everything to dry, then you can clean your spring bed.

To clean it, you can use tools such as a vacuum cleaner, rags, disinfectant spray, cold water and a microfiber cloth. All of these tools can be used to clean germs, fungi and dust that stick to your spring bed.

For liquid disinfectant, then you can buy ready-made (manufactured products). Or if you want, then you can also make your own disinfectant. How to make it is by mixing water and salt. It can also be made with baking soda and store the liquid in a spray bottle.

This disinfectant spray for spring beds is different from other disinfectants in general. So it is safe to use.

3. Place the Spring Bed on the Outside of the House

When the spring bed is clean of all existing materials, then lift it and place it outside the house. This is to reduce untidiness in the room when you clean the spring bed.

Clean all parts of your room space to the corners. Make sure the floor of your room is not dirty anymore. If necessary, just mop at all, so that the floor of your room is really clean.

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4. Clean the Spring Bed Using a Microfiber Cloth and Water

Clean the mattress area with the prepared cleaner. Prioritize the visible part of the dirt stains. When the dirty part is clean, proceed to the rest of the mattress thoroughly.

When cleaning this mattress, use a microfiber cloth with cold water to make it cleaner.

When the stains on the mattress begin to disappear, keep adding water until the stain is completely clean and gone.

When everything is cleaned, then give a disinfectant spray. The purpose of this disinfectant is to inhibit the growth of fungi and kill germs on the mattress.

5. Dry the Spring Bed

When the spring bed has been cleaned of all stains and dust, then place the spring bed under the hot sun (to dry). During the drying process, do not use it to play or lie down until it is completely dry. So please keep an eye on your kids.

If the weather is cloudy (so there is no sunlight), then you can use a fan to dry the spring bed.

After the spring bed is completely dry, put it back in its place and put the sheets back on.

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Thus a brief discussion on how to clean a spring bed that you can try.

Hope it is useful.