How to Clean Dull Bathroom Ceramics

By | April 27, 2022

Cleaning dirty bathroom tiles – Are you having problems with bathroom tiles that look dull?

“While I clean it quite regularly every certain period of time, how come it still looks dull, doesn’t it?”

Maybe more or less like the above question hanging in your mind.

Actually, it is natural for bathroom tiles to be dull in color. If the ceramic has been used for a long time. Usually this dull color comes from dirt stains that the ceramic absorbs into the pores, then hardens.

So when you clean the ceramic, there are still remnants of dirt attached. LOver time, the remaining dirt accumulates, then hardens. There is no impression that gives the impression of a dull color on the ceramic.

Ceramic dirt stains that have been cleaned should be cleaned with more extra steps. This means that it is not enough to just clean it by ‘knock’ by brushing it. There must be the help of a special cleaning agent and liquid that is able to scrape, and knock out the remnants of the stain.

Why should it be cleaned with the help of special substances and cleaners?

How to Clean Dull Bathroom Ceramics
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As I mentioned briefly above, that the remnants of these impurities are fine (read; very small) and have hardened. Now the particles of dirt have entered and seeped into the ceramic pores.

So there must be a special cleaning fluid to soften the hardened dirt substance. So that with the combination of the brush and the cleaning fluid, your ceramics can be clean and shiny again.

Then, what are the recommended cleaning agents and liquids to clean this dull bathroom tile?

There are several of them that you can choose from, namely:

1. Using a cleaning fluid from a well-known brand.

Using a cleaning fluid is the easiest option for cleaning dull bathroom tiles. Various brands of cleaning products can be found easily in supermarkets. In addition, its use is also fairly effective and efficient because the results can be seen even after the first use.

Generally, cleaning fluid only needs to be poured on a dry bathroom floor, then brush and rinse after 10-15 minutes. This procedure may be different. But don’t worry because the instructions for use are listed on the packaging.

How to Clean Dull Bathroom Ceramics
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About famous brands, then this is only optional. You can buy cleaning fluid from a well-known brand, and it’s also okay to buy from a regular brand. All up to you. However, well-known brands are usually of good quality, which is why it is advisable to choose them.

2. Vinegar Solution

Who would have thought that the ingredients that are often found in kitchens and stalls can actually be used to clean ceramics. The acidic nature of vinegar is able to remove stubborn crust that sticks to ceramics. In addition, vinegar also prevents the growth of germs, mold, and mildew on bathroom tiles.

How to Clean Dull Bathroom Ceramics
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To clean dull bathroom tiles, mix vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio and then spray it on the tiles. Let stand for 10 minutes, then wash off with hot water. Finally, wipe the ceramic with a damp sponge.

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3. Chlorine

Apart from being a disinfectant, it turns out that chlorine can also be used to clean bathroom tiles that are dull due to scale. Not only that, chlorine can even restore the luster of bathroom tiles to their original state. Chlorine can be obtained freely in chemical stores at an affordable price.

How to Clean Dull Bathroom Ceramics

How to use it is also very easy. First, flush the bathroom tiles with hot water, then sprinkle chlorine powder on the surface. Give about 30 minutes for the chlorine to work to remove the scale. After that, scrub the ceramic using a brush and rinse thoroughly.

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4. Salt

In addition to vinegar, salt is also a powerful kitchen spice to clean ceramics. Salt helps remove stubborn mold and mildew in the bathroom.

The trick, dissolve 3 tablespoons of salt into hot water and then immediately pour it onto the ceramic surface. Let stand a few moments then brush the surface until clean.

How to Clean Dull Bathroom Ceramics
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The longer the salt stays on the ceramic, the more effective it will be at removing stains. If the results of the first use are not satisfactory, please repeat this step to get maximum results.

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5. Starfruit Wuluh

The last way to clean a dull bathroom is to use starfruit. Like vinegar, starfruit also contains acids that can lift the crust on ceramics. The trick, prepare starfruit and then rub it on the crusty bathroom tiles. After the crust is reduced, rinse with water until clean.

How to Clean Dull Bathroom Ceramics
Illustration. Photo by : Black Rose (Youtube).

This trick is perfect for month-end boarding children who have to keep the bathroom clean without spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, starfruit is less effective in cleaning the crust that has accumulated for a long time. In addition, its use is quite draining.

That’s a brief info on how to clean a dull bathroom tile.

Hopefully useful for all of you.