How to clean crusty bathroom tiles

By | May 1, 2022

How to clean crusty bathroom tiles – Maybe some of you have just bought someone else’s former house. Well, sometimes there are certain parts of the room that are rarely cleaned, so the surface becomes crusty. One part of the house that is often found to have crust is the bathroom (especially the ceramic part).

The crust in the bathroom will make the room look dirty and shabby. In addition, thick and smelly crust can also be a breeding ground for germs and disease. Of course this condition is very disturbing and makes residents of the house feel uncomfortable. That’s why this article will discuss how to clean the crusty bathroom tiles.

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How to clean crusty bathroom tiles
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Before discussing further, let’s review first; what is the cause that makes the crust appear?


Causes of Crust in Bathroom Ceramics.

Of course no one wants this crust to appear in their bathroom. But sometimes there are some people who are negligent in preventing and anticipating it. So that the crust over time becomes thick, making it difficult to clean.

The cause of this crust appears is due to the large amount of dirt, mold, soap residue, and mildew attached to the bathroom surface. The part of the bathroom that tends to have a lot of crust is the tile floor. But this crust usually doesn’t just appear on the bathroom floor. Even the walls of the bathroom can also appear crust. Usually this will happen if the bathroom is never or rarely cleaned.

Therefore, the best way to prevent this scale from appearing is by regularly brushing the surface of the bathroom every few times.

How to clean the build-up of crust on bathroom tiles.

After knowing the cause, now let’s focus on discussing how to clean the crusty bathroom tiles. Actually eradicating scale in the bathroom is quite easy if we know the right cleaning techniques and methods.

Here are some ways:

1. Descaling with Liquid Vinegar

How to clean crusty bathroom tiles
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If all this time, kitchen vinegar was only known as a kitchen spice, it turns out that vinegar can also be used to clean the crust. Acidic vinegar has been proven to be effective in cleaning stubborn crusts in the bathroom.

The first step is to put the vinegar in the spray bottle for easier application. After that, just spray vinegar on the area where the crusts appear.

Next, wait a few minutes and rinse off the vinegar with hot water. The hot water will help the vinegar to dissolve the scale. Wipe the area with a sponge to make the crust easier to remove.

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2. Giving Chlorine to the Crust Area

How to clean crusty bathroom tiles
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Chlorine can also be used as a descaling agent in addition to cleaning water. This chlorine can be found in chemical stores easily.

The first thing to do is to flush the floor and walls of the bathroom with hot water. After that sprinkle powder / liquid chlorine on the area where there is a stubborn crust.

Let the chlorine work and wait for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, scrub the walls and floor with a brush. Then the bathroom will be clean and shiny without crust.

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3. Using descaling products

How to clean crusty bathroom tiles
Illustration of Bathroom Cleaning Products.

If you don’t want to bother, homeowners can purchase a special descaling liquid. This liquid is widely sold in stores and there are many variants to choose from.

The method is also very easy. Just pour the liquid on the area you want to clean of crust. Then let it sit for a few minutes for the liquid to work properly. After a few minutes, brush and rinse the area. Or it could be to see and follow the guidelines or how to clean listed on the product packaging.

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4. Pouring Soda on the Area You Want to Clean

How to clean crusty bathroom tiles
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Some time ago, the method of cleaning the bathroom with soda was a trend. This method has proven to be effective for cleaning stubborn crusts. In fact, this method is also used to clean stubborn crusts on pans and other utensils.

Soda is poured over the area to be cleaned. After that, like some other methods, the soda is allowed to soak in and work to descale for a few minutes.

Then just brush and rinse the area that had been cleaned with clean water. If the crust doesn’t go away in one try, you can repeat this method a few days later.

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5. Using Citric Acid Solution/Liquid

How to clean crusty bathroom tiles
Illustration. Photo by : Let’s Share (Youtube)

Citric acid is one of the ingredients for making cakes. But just like vinegar, this liquid contains acids that can clean the scale.

First of all, clean the ceramic that you want to clean with a sponge and soap. After rinsing, then pour citric acid on the area. Wait for 1 hour and rinse.

That’s all the discussion about how to clean bathroom tiles that are crusty effectively.

Hopefully the above explanation can be useful for all readers.