How to Clean Coarse Ceramic (To Make It Smooth & Shiny)

By | December 6, 2021

How to clean rough ceramic – Ceramic is a type of material that is widely used in various buildings. The function of ceramic itself is to coat the walls and floors of the building.

With ceramics installed, the building looks more beautiful to the eye. This is because the ceramic surface has a variety of very beautiful motifs and colors. So that every house and building that is installed with ceramics will look more luxurious and elegant.

The choices presented are also fairly large. Both in terms of shape, color, size, material, and various motifs. Well, because of the vital function of ceramics in the beauty of a house, so many people are looking for information on how to clean rough ceramics.

Why did it happen?

Because there are several problems that often occur when the building has just been installed with ceramics. What’s that? That is sometimes the ceramic surface is still rough. So that it feels uncomfortable to be stepped on (ceramic part of the floor), and unsightly (ceramic part of the wall).

How to clean rough ceramics to make it smooth and shiny

Many factors make ceramics still feel/look rough. One of the causes is that there are still remnants of cement, or the grout material between the ceramics that sticks to the surface.

Another cause, namely due to the presence of dust and dirt on the surface of the ceramic. The combination of all of that makes the ceramic surface rough (if it touches the skin). In addition, the ceramics also look dull to the eye.

Then what is the solution?

Well, the following will describe in detail how to clean the rough ceramic.

Come on, check it out!

1. Clean Ceramic Stains As Soon As Possible

If you have just finished installing ceramic tile in your home, and there is residual cement or grout stuck to the tile, then you should clean it as soon as possible.

Never delay cleaning it.

This is so that the remaining cement or ceramic grout does not already harden. Because if it has hardened, it will blend with the elements of the ceramic surface. So it becomes more difficult to clean it.

In addition, if there are leftovers from food, drinks, washing water, and various dirt spilled on the ceramic, then clean it immediately. Never underestimate it. Because dirt that sticks for too long will leave stains that are difficult to clean.

2. Rub the ceramic regularly

How to clean rough ceramics to make it smooth and shiny
Illustration. Photo by : K. Tatik Wardayati/

The most effective way to clean rough ceramics is to scrub them regularly. This method is recommended to be done every day and at least three times a week. So that the results obtained are also maximal and the crust that sticks to the surface of the ceramic quickly disappears. Then rub the ceramic as often as possible.

One of the brushes for scrubbing ceramics that can be used is made of nylon. If you rub the ceramic regularly, it still hasn’t changed. So in the scrubbing process can be added with ceramic cleaning fluid.

However, if you use ceramic cleaning fluid, you need to be careful. Make sure after you finish scrubbing the ceramic, immediately rinse the ceramic until clean. Do not leave any residual cleaning liquid.

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3. Frequently Sweeping the Floor

How to clean rough ceramics to make it smooth and shiny

Keeping clean by sweeping the floor is one way to clean the next rough tile. Because in this way the dirt on the surface of the ceramic will be removed as quickly as possible so it doesn’t become crust. Because if the dirt has already become crust, the cleaning that needs to be done is also extra.

Dirt that sticks to the floor even though you can’t see it can trigger a rough feeling on the floor tiles. The dirt comes from various sources. It can be from spilled food, water, dust or the rest of the sand on the edge of the ceramic. This effort is relatively light so that the ceramics are not covered by dirt that causes a rough feeling.

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4. Routinely Mopping the Floor

How to clean rough ceramics to make it smooth and shiny
Illustration. Photo by :

Many people feel that there is no need to mop the floor every day, just sweeping is enough. However, please note that if the tiles on the floor are rough, it is not because of the shape model, but because of the various dirt that sticks. So cleaning by mopping the floor needs to be done even when the dirt is not visible to the eye.

Because from being invisible, it will cause dust to accumulate and one day it will become thick and crusty. Try not to use floor cleaner in the process of mopping the floor. Because the floor cleaner will give a sticky impression and make dirt easy to stick to.

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5. Avoid Using Cleaning Liquids That Have High Acid Levels

The majority of people think that the right way to clean rough ceramic tiles is to use floor cleaning fluid. This method is not wrong, but it needs to be considered further.

How to clean rough ceramics to make it smooth and shiny
Illustration. Photo by :

Pay attention to the type of floor cleaning fluid that is being used. Do not use floor cleaners that have a high acid content.

Because the high acid content in the floor cleaning fluid instead of making the tiles look more shiny, it actually makes the tiles look dull and rough.

Well, with 5 ways to clean rough ceramics above, hopefully this can be a solution. Especially for the owners of tile floors that are still rough due to residual cement, grout, and dirt.

Hopefully this information can be useful for all of you.