How to Check This Complete Electronic ID Card You Need to Know

By | December 27, 2021

How to Check Electronic KTP – Every Indonesian citizen who is over the age of 17 is required to have an Electronic Identity Card (KTP-el). This is in accordance with the provisions made by the government.

As obedient citizens, of course we are obliged to obey this government rule.

Moreover, there are quite a lot of functions and benefits of this e-KTP.

One of the most important functions is as a self-identity. So that it can be used to fulfill voting rights during elections, apply for jobs, apply for loans, and so on.

Therefore, the government and its staff are always ready at all times to serve people who want to make this electronic ID card.

How to Check This Complete Electronic ID Card You Need to Know
Illustration. Photo by: Baur Tutonews (Youtube).

To make it easier for the public, the government also provides an online electronic ID card checking service. So you no longer need to bother coming to the Disdukcapil office to check your ID card.

The development of increasingly sophisticated technology has indeed made many things easier.

And we must make the most of the progress of that era.

Well, if all this time you’ve been going to the Disdukcapil office just to check the validity of your electronic ID card, then you don’t need it anymore. You just need to check online. ”</p