How to Check Ori Vs Fake iPhone Easily

By | December 5, 2021
How to Check Ori Vs Fake iPhone Easily

How to Check Ori Vs Fake iPhone – iPhone is a smartphone that is known for high-end and luxurious. Even so, this one phone always has a high market demand that makes its fans willing to queue to get it.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the market is so great, not a few people who finally issued a fake iPhone with a quality that is certainly different.

So, so that iPhone lovers don’t get fooled, it’s good to know how to check the iPhone is original or not.

An iPhone can be said to be unoriginal if the product is not an official release from the Apple Store. Currently, several types of fake iPhones on the market are supercopy and reconditioned.

For the type of supercopy itself, at first glance, it is very similar to the original. Even if you don’t open it in detail, people can be fooled into thinking it’s real.

Meanwhile, reconditioned iPhones are used iPhones that are old or damaged, then remade until they look new. The disadvantage of this product is that the spare parts used and their safety are not guaranteed. Users will not know what the original quality is like and how long it will last.

The most common way to check iPhone is original or not is to use iMei. But besides this method, there are still several ways to test the authenticity of the iPhone as follows.

1. View the Materials Used

How to Check Ori Vs Fake iPhone Easily

As a mobile phone marketed for the upper middle class, it is certain that every part of the iPhone is made with detail and quality.

All iPhone devices except iPhone 5c always use good quality glass and metal materials. If you hold it, the phone will feel heavy, but sturdy and strong.

So to see if the iPhone to buy is fake or original is to try holding it first. If the material feels frail and light, it could be a fake phone.

In addition, make sure every detail on the cellphone and if there is a slight defect in it, then you can be sure it is not a genuine iPhone.

2. Have a Retina Display

How to Check Ori Vs Fake iPhone Easily

For those who are going to buy a used iPhone, one way to check if the iPhone is original or not is to look at the screen.

iPhone has a technology known as retina display which makes the screen display very clear and detailed. Even if you look closely, you can see a small matrix on the screen.

In contrast, fake iPhones usually can’t display a smooth and sharp display like retina displays. In fact, the pixel matrix is ​​clearly visible, so the display is not clear or low resolution.

So, if the display screen is bad, then don’t buy the iPhone.

3. Can Open App Store & Connect with iTunes

How to Check Ori Vs Fake iPhone Easily

The next effective and reliable way to check the original iPhone is to see if there is an application App Store or not.

To test its authenticity, first try searching for the app on your phone. If it’s not there, then try to download it via an internet site.

If it successfully downloads, try to open it. If successful, then the iPhone can be said to be original. On the other hand, if it cannot be downloaded or opened, then please doubt its authenticity.

Another way that can be tried is to connect the laptop to the iPhone device.

But before testing it, make sure you already have iTunes on a laptop. Next, connect the iPhone with the laptop. If iTunes can immediately detect the connected phone, then the phone is genuine.

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4. Check iPhone Warranty

How to Check Ori Vs Fake iPhone Easily

Apart from using iMei, another way to check the authenticity of an iPhone is through its warranty.

Buyers who buy an iPhone through an Apple official store or distributor can see the authenticity of the warranty through the official Apple website. The site will show you the warranty number you got when you bought it along with the expiration date.

If the seller states that the warranty provided is genuine but what is given is a distributor or shop warranty, then don’t take it immediately.

Do a check first by entering the warranty number on the official Apple website. If not, then it can be said that the warranty and the phone is not genuine.

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5. Make sure it doesn’t have an internal memory slot

How to Check Ori Vs Fake iPhone Easily

One of the reasons the iPhone always provides a large memory slot is because every Apple product never provides an internal memory slot. Even in recent years, the iPhone issued an internal memory of up to 256GB.

With such a large amount of memory, of course, users do not need additional memory for their cellphones.

So, check the left and right side of the phone. If you find a small or large memory slot, it is certain that the iPhone is a fake.

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6. Check IMEI

How to Check Ori Vs Fake iPhone Easily

For those who buy a new or old iPhone, the last step that must be done is to check the IMEI. The IMEI number should be on the system, from the box to the physical as well.

Make sure the IMEI numbers in the three sections are all the same. If one of these parts is missing or there is a different number, the buyer should be suspicious.

IMEI and warranty numbers are very important to show the authenticity of an iPhone.

Therefore, for those who plan to sell their cellphones, it’s a good idea to always keep the box until the warranty even though it is no longer valid. That way, people can see whether the iPhone being sold is genuine or not.

The last way to check the original iPhone is to look at the selling price. Basically, the iPhone is sold at a relatively high price compared to other cellphones.

If someone sells it cheaply, don’t be tempted and buy it right away. Instead, do the methods above to check the authenticity of the iPhone.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.