How to Check IP Domains Easily and Quickly, Check it out!

By | December 25, 2021

How to Check IP Domain Easily and Quickly

The internet is an appropriate medium for finding and sharing information, one way is through a website. Meanwhile, to be able to access a website, you must enter the domain or IP address in the URL.

IP stands for Internet Protocol which functions to identify the address of computer network devices, where each computer has a different identification.

The IP address is a series of numbers that is quite complex and difficult to memorize, therefore the IP address is then replaced with a domain address.

However, in certain contexts you will check the domain IP, both server and location for certain purposes. What is the goal and how?

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Benefits of Knowing IP Domain

Knowing how many IP domains belong to yourself or other users, of course, has benefits that ordinary people don’t necessarily know. One of the benefits that you can get is to know the connection of the computer that is connected to your network, whether it has a good connection or vice versa.

In addition, IP domain checks are also often carried out by the Police Cyber ​​Security team to track criminal acts committed by hackers. This is because through the IP Address the police will be able to find out where the network is located.

Not only for hackers, but this method is also applied to other cases such as the distribution of pornographic videos, violations of the ITE Law and so on.

How to Check Domain IP

To find out the IP domain of a particular site, there are several ways you can do, including

Check Domain IP Via CMD.

To do a Domain IP check via CMD, then you have to do the steps as below:

Open CMD

CMD or Command Prompt has a black screen display just like linux.

There are 3 ways to open CMD, namely by typing CMD in the Search field or by right-clicking on the Windows menu and then scrolling to find the command prompt menu. And the last one is with a keyboard combination shortcut by tapping the Windows key + R and typing CMD on run.

Enter Ping Command

Well, the second step is to enter the command to check the IP domain that you have. After the CMD window is open and complete with the windows operating system display, enter the command with the format “ping domainname” then tap Enter.

For example, the domain name of your website is, so to find out the IP of the domain you have, enter the command: ping then press Enter.

Ping Results

After you enter the command like the tutorial above, it will output the IP domain that you have. The result will be in the form of writing Pinging [] with 30 bytes of data. This number is the IP domain that you own.

You need to know, each domain has a different IP address, this is one of the reasons why when opening a website you will use a domain name and not an IP address.

Check Internet IP Via

In addition to checking your domain IP, your internet access IP can also be checked by visiting an IP checker site, one of which is or by clicking the info Find Out Your IP Is Easier .

By visiting the info, you will immediately find out how many IP internet accesses you have and there is also a Copy IP Address feature to copy the IP address displayed. In addition, to find out more detailed information about IP access, then you can choose Check this IP Information.

After clicking the option, information about the access location, hostname, and internet service provider will appear.

Another feature that you can enjoy from this site is Check IP/Other Domains which can be used to check in detail the IP address or domain by entering the IP or domain you want to know.

Check Website IP Via Web Tool

If your PC is based on Windows, you don’t have to worry about knowing the IP address information of a domain. You can use a site or website that provides this feature. One of the most commonly used sites is

The method is very easy, by visiting the WHOIS Search, Domain Name, Website, and IP Tools – info, you can immediately find out how many IP addresses you have.

Not only that, this site can also be used to find out detailed information about a domain. Such as the domain owner, address, telephone number, then the date of the register, the expiration date and so on.

You can see all of these things with a note that the domain owner does not activate the whois protected feature.

So how, easy is not the way to check the IP domain? You can choose whichever method you think is the easiest.

Hope it is useful.