How to check for hardware damage on a Xiaomi cellphone

By | March 21, 2022

Xiaomi hardware test – How how to check for hardware damage on a xiaomi cellphone ? The importance of knowing how to test xiaomi cellphone hardware not only to ensure the state of the android smartphone is still in a normal state or not. But it also functions to check for damage when we are going to buy a xiaomi android phone with a used or second condition. This is so that we are not deceived by an android smartphone that looks good from the outside but has damage to the innards.

So tips if we are going to buy an android phone of any type, don’t be easily tempted by the shape of the casing that still looks good because the casing can be replaced by the seller with a new one. For this reason, it is undeniable that ensuring the condition of the Xiaomi cellphone hardware is one of the wisest steps before we buy a used Android cellphone. So how do we do it if we want to? check xiaomi camera sensor on the android that we will buy or the xiaomi cellphone that is damaged in the camera section? You don’t need to worry anymore because here we will provide a solution if we are going to try to check on some sensors on the xiaomi cellphone using a secret code that maybe not all android cellphone users know about it.

On this occasion we Smartphone Solution I will try to share some tips to check the condition of all types of Xiaomi cellphone hardware. So if we want to try to test or confirm damage such as an error xiaomi cellphone touchscreen, testing a Bluetooth connection or a less sensitive Android cellphone touch screen, we can try using this secret code from us. But if you don’t want to use the xiaomi cellphone secret code to check for damage to the smartphone hardware, we can also use the Xiaomi cellphone detection application. Let’s just take a look at the full review of how to check for damage on a xiaomi redmi cellphone below this.

How to check for hardware damage on a Xiaomi cellphone

how to check xiaomi hardware

Using Xiaomi Phone Secret Code

Using a secret code to check for damage to a xiaomi cellphone is nothing new. The secret code feature to find out the damage to the Xiaomi cellphone hardware has indeed been provided by the neighboring country company to make it easier for users to detect the damage that is in the Xiaomi Android phone.

To use the secret code or what is often called the “Engineering Mode” we can do the following steps:

  1. First of all, open the Phone menu (dial number) on our xiaomi cellphone by typing the code *#*#64663#*#* as shown below.
    how to check xiaomi hardware
  2. Then several menu boxes will appear on the Xiaomi cellphone screen that we can use as indicators to check the authenticity of the Xiaomi cellphone after we type in the secret code.
    how to check xiaomi hardware
  3. After that, to test the damage to the Xiaomi cellphone manually, we just select the “Single Item Test” menu and several menus will appear as follows.
    how to check xiaomi hardware
  4. If several menu options appear, let’s try them one by one to test whether the Xiaomi cellphone is still in a normal state or not.

Here we will provide an explanation of each menu that appears on the xiaomi cellphone screen before we do a damage test on the xiaomi cellphone.


  • A menu that has the function of testing all the buttons on the Xiaomi cellphone such as the power, volume, back, options, etc. buttons. When this menu is pressed it will experience a color change on the screen which means the button is still functioning properly


  • The menu used to test the backlight that has different brightness levels. Click this menu and choose the brightness that suits our eyes

SIM Card

  • Menu to test the brass function on the Xiaomi cellphone whether it can still read memory cards and can capture signals or not.


  • The menu used to test the Bluetooth connection in sending various files such as pictures, documents, music, and other files that use this technology.

Touch Pal

  • The menu that is used as a way to check the screen (LCD) / touchscreen of Xiaomi cellphones mainly tests the sensitivity on the smartphone screen. If we want to continue the test on another General Test menu, then you must touch all the boxes.


  • The notification light is a light located below or above the Xiaomi cellphone which will light up if there is a notification in the form of an SMS or email that enters the xiaomi smartphone that we have


  • Menu to access the main camera. In this menu, we can try all the features on the main camera to test whether it still functions normally or is damaged.


  • The menu used to test the health of the Xiaomi cellphone battery. This menu will provide information that is as accurate as possible so that users can replace the battery immediately if it is damaged.


  • Menu to test the WIFI features on your Xiaomi cellphone. If this menu is clicked then WIFI will turn on automatically and perform a test to ensure the optimization of this signal.


  • The menu used to check for damage to the Xiaomi LCD, especially the color contrast on the LCD. So make sure your LCD color contrast is okay by doing a test using this one menu.


  • Menu that tests the LED flash on the rear camera. If this menu is touched, the lamp will by default turn on, which means that there are no significant problems in that sector.

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  • The menu used to test the accuracy of the GPS signal in the area we are in. Many things can be done with this GPS signal, one of which can be used for road maps.


  • The vibration generated by your smartphone. Feel the vibration well with your hands. If the vibration falters, the Xiaomi cellphone that we have is definitely not healthy.


  • The menu in charge of testing the clarity of sound on Xiaomi smartphones. Observe the sound that comes from the main speaker hole, it will be clear whether the cellphone is normal or damaged.


  • A sound that indicates that there is a notification notification on the smartphone. Listen carefully to the sound, if the sound is pleasant to hear (no noise) it means it is in good condition.


  • A menu that is used to test the sound of the headset whether the sound is good or not. If the sound produced is clear, it means that there are no problems at all with this headset feature.


  • Radio wave transmitters are used to capture radio signals so that they can hear the sound from the radio. Please check, buddy, whether the radio waves are still functioning properly or not.


  • Sensors that detect changes in orientation. If the Xiaomi cellphone is tilted, the screen will automatically become landscape as well as if it is set up, the screen will be portrait. Please test it by activating the rotation feature and then tilting the Xiaomi cellphone.


  • A sensor that works similarly to the G_Sensor in that it detects changes in orientation. If the Xiaomi cellphone is tilted, the screen will automatically become landscape as well as if it is set up, the screen will be portrait.

Proximity Sensor

  • The proximity sensor that functions to detect close-range movements such as when there is a phone call on the Xiaomi cellphone is then picked up by the user and placed on the ear, the cellphone screen will turn off automatically thanks to this proximity sensor.

Those are some of the steps that we can convey to check the damage to the Xiaomi hardware that was wrong on this occasion. Hopefully our method this time can be useful for all of us, thank you so much.

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