How to Check BCA Bank Mutations (Transaction History) Without the Need for the Latest M-Banking 2021

By | December 6, 2021

When registering a BCA bank account, not all of them want to register for their M-Banking feature for some reason.

Well, it turns out that BCA also has alternative features besides M-Banking with almost similar features, namely KlikBCA. KlikBCA is actually another solution from M-Banking provided by BCA itself.

KlikBCA is clearly very helpful for those of you who when registering with a BCA bank did not create an M-Banking account, but want to know the transaction history or mutation of your BCA bank account.

What are you waiting for? Just take a look at how to do it below!


Before continuing, your BCA account must first be registered with BCA Internet Banking, namely KlikBCA.

If you think you haven’t registered with KlikBCA, please check other articles on how to register, namely:

Complete way to register for BCA Internet Banking, an alternative solution to M-Banking

1. Login as usual on the website, then select “Account Information”

2. On the Account Information tab, select “Account Transfer”

3. In the “Account mutation period”, select the date of the banking transaction history you want to display and then press the “View Account Movement” button

Maximum daily mutation 31 days ago. While monthly mutations show mutations 1 month ago and 2 months ago.

4. Done! Now your transaction history or BCA account mutation has appeared

How easy is it?