How to Check Android Phone Touchscreen Error

By | April 16, 2022

Check the HP Touchscreen – How how to check an error android phone touchscreen ? Knowing or check the touch screen that is not working is something we have to do when the touchscreen on our Android phone starts to error. This is because before we fix the touch screen cellphone that has errors such as the touchscreen not responding, the touch screen not working at all or the touchscreen jumping, we must start by checking the condition of the faulty Android cellphone lcd to find out the problem of a damaged cellphone screen. And it turns out that to check the condition of the Android cellphone LCD, we can do it easily, with the help of the code on the Android cellphone dial.

Indeed, checking the touch screen of an Android cellphone using this code is something that is rarely known by Android smartphone users. By using this collection of android secret codes, we can not only check the touch screen that does not work but also damage to other components such as sound, vibration, and the camera of the android phone. Then how how to check touchscreen / touch screen doesn’t work at all on android ? So if we start having problems with the sound starting to weaken or the screen flickering on the android device that we have, there’s no harm in trying this secret code to find out the cause of the error on the Android cellphone touchscreen.

Therefore, on this occasion, we Smartphone Solution will try to give some tips to find out the cause of damage to the android phone by checking through the lcd of the android phone. The condition of the cellphone error, starting from the color condition, the condition of the vibration function, the camera, and also other features such as sensors and sound or sound speakers can be found by checking the LCD screen of the Android smartphone. In addition, we can calibrate the touch screen so that it remains in the correct position or check to find out the accuracy of the pointer position even though the Android cellphone touchscreen has no error. Let’s just take a look at the full review of how to check an error android cellphone LCD below this.

How to Check Android Phone Touchscreen Error

how to check an error android phone touchscreen

How to check the touchscreen of an Android phone

To find out the damage to the Android cellphone through the Android touch screen, we can do it in the following way:

” Using dial, type *#0*# or *#*#0*#*# or *#*#0*#*#* “

There will be several color indicators that appear on the android phone screen if the above steps are successful. We can also test the android phone that we have by using each of the existing buttons. Make sure the normal condition of the android smartphone by looking at the meaning of each indicator. And here are the meanings of the colors in each indicator that indicate the android phone that we have is not having problems with the touch screen, including:

1. Color Indicator


  • If clicked, all screens will be red


  • If clicked, all screens will be green


  • If clicked, all screens will be blue

2. The meaning of other indicators in checking the touchscreen of an Android cellphone

Receiver (melody)

  • Checking SMS or telephone tone, if clicked, it will sound high and long


  • Check the vibration feature. if clicked, the screen will be black and the phone will vibrate


  • Check color smoothness. If you click it, it will appear several colors like red, blue and green on the screen and everything is smooth


  • Check camera features. If you click it will go to the camera and take a photo to test it


  • Check the function of the sensors. if clicked, an option will appear to check proximity, accelerometer, light sensor, and greyscope.


  • Check the accuracy of the screen. if clicked, do a finger swipe to test the accuracy of the dots from the touch screen(calibration)

sleep mode

  • Check the sleep mode function. if clicked, will be black like when the sleep position or sleep.


  • Checks the sound function of incoming calls. If you click it, it will display the current dial tone

Sub Key

  • If you click it, a white screen will appear. then press another button, a different color will appear and the goal is to find out the function of other buttons outside the touch screen.

Front Cam

  • If you click it, you check the function of the front camera


  • Check for defects in the screen. when clicked, the screen will turn black. If there are spots that are not black, it means it is not normal.

If after we try all the dials on the android cellphone screen and if the “click” indicator produces an effect like the description above, it means that our Android cellphone touch screen is in good condition. However, if the Android cellphone touch screen error still occurs to us, then there is a possibility that it is due to problems with other factors such as the connection or connector that is connected to the Android cellphone.

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That’s our meeting this time that we just discussed about how to check the Android cellphone’s touchscreen that has its own error. Hopefully, by knowing how to check the touch screen doesn’t work at all on this android phone, it can provide benefits for us in knowing the condition of the touch screen to be able to help keep the smartphone touchscreen durable. That is all and thank you ..

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