How to Charge Your Phone While Riding a Bike

By | January 20, 2022

Phone-based navigation has made it easier than ever to stay safe while on your bike. Not to mention that your smartphone can help you stay entertained on the go, on the phone, and ready when you reach your destination.

However, this feature requires power. If you need to charge your smartphone out of cycle, you have options. Here are the best ways to charge your phone while riding a bicycle.

GoerTech Solar Charger

Cycling is often praised for its health benefits. Not only do you get some exercise while riding, but you also get some time outdoors. So, why not take advantage of that time outdoors and opt for a solar charger? The GoerTech Solar Charger is one of the best solar chargers available today and an excellent way to charge your phone while riding your bike. This 25,000 mAh portable charger can store enough energy to charge the iPhone XS more than seven times.

So even when it’s partially depleted, it should be more than enough to return your phone to a completely healthy state. Handy, can charge up to three devices simultaneously. The power bank can be recharged either by sunlight or via USB. With a cable, the GoerTech Solar Charger takes 13 hours to fully recharge. Depending on the weather, charging the unit with sunlight can take between three and seven days. It also features 35 LEDs so the unit can double as an emergency light source.

XTPower Xplorer Hiker 8

If you like the idea of ​​a solar charger, but want something more portable, consider the XTPower Xplorer Hiker 8. You’ve probably come across CamelBak hydration pouches in the past, and the Xplorer Hiker 8 is a similar backpack with water storage. These products are ideal for cycling, as you only need to reach for a straw instead of holding a water bottle in your hand as you ride.

What makes this option from XTPower unique is that it integrates a 7W waterproof solar panel on the outside of the bag. The panel has a 5V USB output, which charges the battery in the bag. This allows you to charge your device on the go using only renewable power. The interior of the bag even has several pockets to keep your gadgets tidy. Beside the 1.8L bladder, there is also a 6L main storage compartment.

BurningSun Solar Bike Light

In many places around the world, there is a requirement that cyclists have lights on their bikes during low light hours. The BurningSun Solar Bike Light is an excellent choice, as it stays charged all day thanks to the integrated solar panel. There are four main light modes and the lamp reaches a maximum of 350 lumens. Plus, there’s a horn included here to save space on your handlebars by installing only one unit.

However, you are here for a bike charger for cell phones. Thankfully, this unit also comes with a 2,000 mAh internal power bank. It can be charged using a solar panel or via USB. You can choose one of five sounds for the horn, which will go up to 140dB. The unit is IPX5 rated for water resistance, making it a versatile cycling companion for all everyday uses.

ROMOSS Bicycle Handlebar Power Bank

If you rely on your phone to navigate, then the ROMOSS Bike Handlebar Power Bank is an ideal option. This product combines a bicycle phone holder with a power bank so you only need to attach one unit to your handlebars. The phone holder fits phones up to 5.5 inches due to the stretchable mount. The silicone buckle is adjustable, so it should fit snugly on all handlebars and even into the grip of the stroller.

The portable charger is encased in a silicone cover. However, since your phone is always open, this item is not suitable for use in the rain. The 10,000 mAh battery can recharge most phones up to five times on a single charge. There are two USB ports so you can power up to two devices at the same time. You even have options here, as the power bank supports both micro-USB and USB-C connections.

IZIP E3 ProTour

If you’re considering upgrading your bike alongside cell phone charging, then you might want to take a look at the IZIP E3 ProTour. This electric bike or e-bike is equipped with an electric motor that supports you while you ride. Riding uphill or long distances is made easier by e-bike and makes cycling an attractive transportation option.

While there are plenty of e-bikes out there, the integration with COBI, an intelligently connected cycling system, made the E3 ProTour famous. The handlebar based unit is a bike phone charger, can control your bike lights and protect your bike when not in use. When connected to your smartphone via the COBI app, you can adjust your e-bike settings, monitor your cycling performance, and use turn-by-turn navigation.

Of course, the motor itself is also a consideration here. The E3 ProTour is equipped with a high torque 500W Currie Electro-Drive system coupled to a 48V battery. This makes it ideal for long distance cycling at high speed. This is a multi-purpose bike, only suitable for fitness such as traveling. There are integrated fenders, racks, kickstands and locks too. This e-bike can get you up to a maximum speed of 28mph and has a range of up to 35 miles on a single charge.

Best Bike Phone Charger for Your Trip

While you can enjoy the outside world, our digital world continues and can be important before, during and after your trip. This option will charge your phone while riding your bike, so you’re always connected. However, cycling is not accessible to everyone.

The physical movement of riding a bicycle can be a challenge for some, and is not always practical for long-distance commuting. That said, there is an alternative. If you like cycling, e-bikes are a great choice.