How To Change Your Android Wallpaper Automatically With Apps

By | January 1, 2022

Changing the background of your Android device is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your phone your own. Beyond the basics there are some wallpaper changing tricks you might not know out there. This is our favorite app that lets you set automatic wallpaper change.

One way of setting your wallpaper is to change it on a scheduled schedule. Doing this means you don’t have to sort through them manually; your device is always new every time you use it. There are several approaches you can take, which we’ll describe here.

Wallpaper Replacement (Wallpaper Changer )

Installing a custom app is probably the easiest way to change the wallpaper of your Android device on a schedule. Sometimes the name just says it all. Wallpaper Changer is the most well-known app for the job, although there are others on Google Play.

Activate Wallpaper Changer to find app settings. You can choose a specific number of minutes, hours or days as your interval, set how the app resizes or crop images, choose to change the wallpaper every time you unlock your phone, and set your wallpaper to cycle in random order if you prefer.

There are a few other settings to tweak: you have to select the Wallpaper Changer live wallpaper as the wallpaper on your device (press and hold an empty part of the home screen to do this) and then compile a bunch of images via the Albums tab. If you upgrade to the Pro version of Wallpaper Changer you can manage several different albums.


Another way to play multiple wallpapers on your Android device is via the always impressive “If This Then (IFTTT)”. It connects apps and services using triggers that lead to actions – and one of the supported actions is background switching on the connected Android device.

Once you’ve signed up for IFTTT and started working on your wallpaper switching recipe, you can choose all kinds of triggers: a new photo in your Dropbox folder, a recently liked image on Instagram, a new image from your RSS feed, something from your Flickr feed, and so on.

For example, we created a Recipe to change the wallpaper whenever IFTTT finds a new public Instagram photo taken in a nearby downtown. It’s not as easy as a solution like using a custom app, but it gives you more flexibility when setting up routines.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher includes daily updated Bing wallpapers. If you have a Windows PC, you are probably already familiar with these beautiful wallpapers on your computer’s lock screen. It also intelligently presents you with apps based on your location, adding to a more dynamic experience that goes a few steps beyond the automatic wallpaper rotation. The more you use the launcher, the better it will be. Plus, it’s optimized to save battery and memory.

Choose a category and get amazing wallpapers every day courtesy of Google. If you have Nougat or a later version of Android, you can have Nougat on your home screen, and another on your lock screen. Their wallpaper selection is constantly growing, with images coming from Google Earth, Google+ and more

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