How to Change Video Background on HP with Applications

By | December 7, 2021
How to Change Video Background on HP with Applications

Becoming a content creator starts with making videos that are interesting to watch. However, beginners are usually not supported with adequate tools for content editing (eg when they want to change the background). Don’t worry, it turns out that there is an easy way to change the video background on your cellphone.

People change the background on the recording of course to produce better content. On a larger scale, this background replacement is closely related to the use of green screens.

Then, does editing on mobile also need a green screen?

The Importance of Changing the Background in the Recording

The motion industry is known for using green screens to create magnificent sets. For example in films such as The Lord of The Ring, Harry Potter, the Game of Thrones series, Avenger, and many more.

The use of green screens aims to create the effect of a location so that shooting does not need to be done in the real place (so as to reduce production costs).

On a smaller scale, namely in the scope of content creators which is currently booming, the background is often changed to make the content look more interesting. The most frequent is for video gaming vloggers. Usually they record the activities of playing games while accompanied by video comments.

In this video comment, the background must be changed. How to change the video background on a cellphone is suitable for novice content creators with a limited budget. Luckily, there are various easy and inexpensive ways, so that people with the least funds can still produce quality recordings.

In addition to vloggers, professionals in various fields are also increasingly in need of this method.

The reason is, since the pandemic period, more and more things are done online. Starting from studying, meetings, seminars, conferences, even just chatting with friends, everything is done through video recording.

At certain events such as webinars, for example, usually there is already a desired background template. So, when a lecturer or speaker is going to record material, they will replace the video background with the one that has been determined. When it can be done from a cellphone, of course this is more practical because it can be done anywhere.

How to Change Video Background on HP

Knowledge of how to change the video screen on a mobile phone should be owned by everyone. The following will describe the steps to do it:

1. Using Unscreen to Change Background

How to Change Video Background on HP with Applications

Don’t worry if the video isn’t recorded against a green screen background, because it can still be replaced easily and the results are great. The trick is to use the help of video editing sites that can also be used to change the background.

First, go to the website Unscreen and upload files by clicking menu Upload Clip. To be able to change the background, on the video, select the menu Transparent. Press Download then wait for the process to finish.

2. Changing the background with the Help of Bee Cut

How to Change Video Background on HP with Applications

This application is very practical to use and does not require the skills of a professional. Changing or removing the background can be done easily. Apart from doing background changes, this app can also be used to add filters, effects, transitions, and more.

The way to do this is by installing this app software on Play Store, then sign in. Select menu Import File, then Drag and Drop video on Timeline. Define background using Upper Layer. Do Adjustment on the file size and position (add Overlays if necessary).

Continue by clicking Export, later the video will do the rendering process.

Wait for it to finish.

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3. Editing Through Kinemaster

How to Change Video Background on HP with Applications

Almost all vloggers (both beginners and professionals) already know this one application. Editing software made by NexStreaming Corp. has been used by more than 10 million people.

No wonder if Kinemaster very popular. Because its features really accommodate various video editor needs. Starting from trim and cut, effects, text, stickers, background editing, and much more.

To be able to change the background through this application, the user must first download the application at Play Store.

After logging in, select menu Empty Project, click Media Browser then specify the video. Set and activate Layers on the file to change the background. Enter effect by selecting Chroma Key and proceed with setting Background Color.

It should be noted that this application can only be used on videos recorded on a green screen, or other solid colors and contrasts. Colorful backgrounds cannot be edited via Kinemaster. So first make sure the recording is done correctly using a plain background.

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4. Using Filmora

How to Change Video Background on HP with Applications

The features in this application really support video editing needs because it is equipped with sound effects, cut and connect, background editing, stickers, text, and others. The user friendly interface makes it very friendly for beginners. In addition, Filmora can also be downloaded at Play Store for free.

How to use it is by going to File then Import Media Files. Select recording Green Screen at the same time directly specify which background you want to use. Drag and Drop the video earlier to the timeline then right click there, click Advance Edit.

A menu will appear Effect, set Video Transparency in this option. Adjust Intensity Level to 100 percent then select Export Videos, Format and Output. Type the title, then save it in the smartphone gallery.

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5. Downloading the In Shot App

How to Change Video Background on HP with Applications

Changing the video background on the next cellphone is to use InShot. The average android user is familiar with this one application (because it is quite reliable).

Operation is easy with many features and effects that can be used to enhance recordings. The background can also easily be changed here.

What do you think? It’s quite easy to change the video background on your cellphone, right? ️

You don’t have to have expensive equipment to create engaging content. Now anyone can explore the path to become a reliable and accurate content creator.

Hope it is useful.