How to Change the Sony Xperia M . Android Font

By | December 19, 2021

Android fonts app – How how to change android font on a Sony Xperia M phone? One of the advantages if we as Android phone users is that we can beautify the writing style which we can change font on android phone ours. By changing the theme on the cellphone, so that the application icon or logo can have an attractive appearance and will not bore the user, we are given the convenience of changing the theme on our Android cellphone where the Android font theme / application is already available on Google Play. Even though the android phone you have is made by samsung, you can make the appearance or style of the android font like sony xperia.

In general, when we change the theme it will affect the change in the android writing style, but the android font of the theme is very limited and allows you to download android writing applications. Problems that often occur when we use Sony Xperia smartphones because the tight security system in it makes it difficult for us when we want to change the font for android phone Sony Xperia M the. Then how to change the font of the android xperia cellphone?

On the android playstore, there are various kinds of android font applications for free and can also be used on various kinds of android samsung, smartfren, lenovo but when it fails when it is used to change the sony xperia font. Therefore, in this article, we will try to share tips to change the writing on the Sony Xperia M. Listen how to change android sony xperia m text in the review that we will write below.

How to Change the Sony Xperia M . Android Font

how to change android phone font

So that the Sony Xperia M Android phone font can be replaced according to what we want, as a preparatory step the conditions that must be met are:

  • The xperia android smartphone that you have already has full root access.
  • And CWM is already installed on your Sony Xperia M.

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After you have fulfilled the above conditions, the next step is to download your own font for android xperia. You can download a collection of writing styles directly in *.zip form, at the following address >>

If you have downloaded a collection of fonts for your Xperia M, then follow the tutorial below to install the fonts:

  1. The first step is to make a backup (copy in another folder as you wish) the original font file Roboto-Bold.tff and Roboto-Regular.ttf on root / system / fonts.
  2. Then move the *.zip font file that you downloaded earlier to the microsd (sdcard1).
  3. Turn off your android phone then enter CWM.
  4. choose install zip >> choose zip from /storage/sdcard1 >> select font file *.zip which you have downloaded earlier >> Yes
  5. And the last step Reboot hp xperia is yours and after turning on make sure whether the font style of your android sony xperia can be changed or not.

Notes : The method above we tried using Sony Xperia M JB 4.3. Then to return the font to the original you can do it by: copy paste the Roboto-Bold.ttf file and Roboto-Regular.ttf which was backed up earlier to root / system / fonts >> then change the permissions to rw-rr

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Thus our post this time which discusses about how to change the android phone font sony xperia m. Hopefully our article can help change the writing on your xperia, thank you so much..

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