How to Change the Appearance of the Windows 10 Desktop According to Our Taste

By | December 27, 2021

Even though Windows 10 has a slick appearance, you may still be wondering how to make Windows 10 look better. We’re here to explain the wealth of customization options that will make your computer more personal.

Explore these methods to change the look and feel of Windows, and your computer will be a livelier place when you’re done.

Set New Desktop Wallpaper and Lock Screen Background

One of the easiest ways to give your desktop a new look is to choose a desktop wallpaper that suits your interests. To do this, open the Settings app (using the keyboard shortcut, Win + I if you prefer) and go to the Personalization section.

Here on the Background tab, you will find several options related to your desktop wallpaper. In the dropdown box under Background, select Image to use a single image. Press the Browse button below to select an image from your PC.

If you want to go beyond static images, try setting up a slideshow. Select a folder full of images on your computer, and Windows will change them at the intervals you specify.

At the bottom, you can choose how your image fits on the screen if it’s not the right size. If you’re not sure, Fill will probably give you the best results.

While you’re here, go to the Lock screen tab to select an image for that display. Just like your desktop, you can select a single image or slideshow.

Paint Windows With Your Favorite Color

Staying in the Personalization window, jump to the Colors section for other easy customization options. Choose your favorite color from the box, and you can apply that color throughout Windows.

If you don’t like one of the standard colors, go to Custom colors for more detailed control. Once you’ve selected one, check both boxes under Show accent colors on the following surfaces to apply them to the app’s title bar, as well as Windows elements such as the Taskbar and Start menu.

Also in this menu, you can disable the transparency effect of Windows 10 and choose between light and dark mode. If you hate being blinded by white light, this is the ultimate way to make Windows 10 look better.

Set Account Image

A generic gray silhouette representing your Windows 10 user account out of the box is boring. You can personalize your account with a custom photo, which is very useful on multi-user systems.

To do this, visit Settings > Account > Your Info. Here you can select Camera to take a new photo with your webcam, or Browse to upload an image from your PC.

Once set, you will see this icon in several places around the Windows interface.

Revising the Start Menu

Chances are you often use the Start menu to launch programs and search for your files. To streamline it, you’ll need to remove junk tiles and apps you don’t care about.

To quickly remove tiles from the Start Menu, right-click and select Unpin from Start. You can also remove all tiles in a group by right-clicking the group name and selecting Unpin group from Start.

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Next, you can make the Start menu more useful by dragging the apps you actually use from the list into the tiled area on the right. These act as shortcuts, and apps with Live Tiles can even update with new information in real time.

Tidy and Organize Your Desktop

Having a lot of desktop icons can get in the way of the wallpaper you choose. Many people use their desktop as a common dumping ground for files they don’t know what to do with, which makes it messy quickly.

Hide System Icons on Desktop

First, you might want to hide the standard Windows icons like this PC so they don’t waste space. To do this, visit Settings > Personalization > Themes and click the Desktop icon Settings referensi on the right side of the window.

This will bring up a new small window, where you can uncheck the Windows icons you don’t want to show.

Set Desktop Icons

Furthermore, you can take advantage of several tools to organize your icons by right-clicking an empty space on your desktop and selecting View. It lets you resize icons, arrange them automatically, and fetch all icons to a grid.

If you like, you can even uncheck the desktop icons to hide everything. Note that this does not delete your files; it just removes the icon. You can still browse files on the desktop using File Explorer.

Once you’ve got a visual layout the way you like it, use the Sort by menu option to automatically list your desktop icons by various criteria.

Windows Sound Customization

So far, we’ve looked at how to make Windows look better visually. But you can customize how Windows sounds too. It just takes a little effort to override the generic default sound.

To customize this, go to Settings > System > Sound and click the Sound Control Panel referensi on the right side. In the resulting window, switch to the Sound tab.

Here you will see a list of various shows played by Windows. Each one that currently has a sound set displays a speaker icon next to it. Highlight the one you want to preview, then click the Test button to hear it. To change a sound, highlight and select a new sound from the dropdown menu.

If you can’t find one you like, click the Browse button to select a file from your computer. Note that all Windows sounds must be in WAV format to function properly.

Make Windows 10 Beautiful With Rainmeter

No discussion of how to make Windows 10 look cool is complete without mentioning Rainmeter. This is the best desktop customization tool, and perfect for more advanced users who are not satisfied with what we discussed above.

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