How to Change Telkomsel Card With the Same Number

By | March 27, 2022
How to Change Telkomsel Card With the Same Number

How to Change Telkomsel Card With the Same Number – For those of you who lost their SIM card due to a lost cellphone or simply forgot where to put it, don’t worry because the number can still be used. However, to be able to use it again, you must first contact the Telkomsel officer.

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Reasons to Change SIM Card

In general, people replace the SIM card with a new card is because the old one has been lost. But there are also those who replace it because the old SIM card is old, causing the signal to often be lost and not work optimally.

Meanwhile, if the condition of the card is still good, people usually replace the card because the size does not match the size of the cellphone used.

How to replace a Telkomsel card with the same number is actually not difficult, if the reason is the second or third. On the other hand, if you want to create a new card due to lost reasons, the process will be longer and require more documents.

Telkomsel Sim Card Replacement Process

So, so that the replacement process doesn’t stop or be hampered, it’s a good idea to know in advance the methods and requirements needed to replace a Telkomsel card.

To help you replace the card, here are some of the processes and requirements needed:

1. Email to CS Telkomsel

How to Change Telkomsel Card With the Same Number

The first way to replace a card with the same number can be done online via email. This method is very practical and easy but can only be done if the number is not connected to banking. Meanwhile, if connected, the user will not be able to continue the process.

The way to replace your Telkomsel card with the same number is to send an email to Telkomsel Customer Service. Write in the email subject “Change card”, then give a space and enter the number you want to replace the card with.

Next, in the contents of the email, attach a photo of yourself holding an ID card, a photocopy of your E-KTP and a family card. Make sure the photo holding the ID card is clearly visible, so that the verification process becomes easier.

Finally, don’t forget to enter a contact phone number.

Later you will be contacted by Telkomsel officers. The officer will re-confirm the card owner by asking for the registered name to what number.

If everything is correct, the clerk will make a new card for the customer. This process usually takes the longest or about 1 week. Later when the card is ready, the SIM card will be sent to the address that has been informed, with a fee charged to you as a customer.

Overall the process is quite simple and easy. It’s just that, the time gap between sending an email to a card is indeed quite long. Especially for Postpaid customers, make sure the card is bill-free before starting the above process.

2. Come to Grapari

How to Change Telkomsel Card With the Same Number

For those of you who don’t have an email or number connected to banking, you have to come to Grapari to get a new number.

You just have to come to the nearest Grapari and wait until your turn comes. If you don’t want to queue too long, it’s better to come early when it opens.

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3. Bring Documents for Lost SIM Card

How to Change Telkomsel Card With the Same Number

For those of you who have lost your SIM card, then there are several required documents to be able to get the card back with the same number.

First, make sure that the number has previously been registered according to the name of the owner’s ID card number. Later, the registered data and documents submitted will be verified. If something is not the same, then the process will be more difficult and even cannot be replaced.

If you have registered, then don’t forget to bring photocopy of e-Ktp as much two sheets along with the original too. For those who do not have an e-Ktp, then they can use the original certificate which can be obtained from office of demographic affairs or other identity cards such as SIM or KK.

The new creation process can be represented, but on condition that it attaches power of attorney with stamp duty 6000. In addition, the letter must also have a photocopy of the e-KTP attached, up to the original family card. The conditions above also apply to foreigners who have lost their SIM card and want to get a new one.

If all the above documents are complete, the officer will help verify the data. Next, the officer will carry out a validation process by asking several questions such as the last credit nominal, refill date to the number that has been frequently contacted in the past month.

All of the above procedures are to ensure that you are the owner of the lost sim card.

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4. Documents For Those Who Want To Upgrade/Change Card Size

How to Change Telkomsel Card With the Same Number

For those of you who just want to change the card, the process will be easier and faster.

The validation and verification process will still exist, it’s just that the number of questions is not as much as if you lose the SIM card. Especially for those who want to upgrade the card, please bring an active SIM card and a photocopy of your e-KTP.

5. Creating a New SIM Card

How to Change Telkomsel Card With the Same Number

If all data and documents are complete, the officer will help make a new card. If you come directly to Grapari, the process will be faster than online.

In fact, the new SIM card will immediately come out after the validation process is complete. However, the card usually cannot be used immediately because you have to wait 1×24 hours first.

That’s how you can replace your Telkomsel card with the same number above.

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If you don’t want to leave the house and queue, the best way is to go online. It’s just that you can’t accept the SIM card right away. If you need a SIM card urgently, then come to the nearest Grapari with complete documents.

Hope it is useful.