How to Change or Customize Your Apple Watch Face (Watch Face View)

By | March 12, 2022

Here’s how to change the look of your Apple Watch, add complications, and more to make it your own.

Since its arrival, the Apple Watch has continued to be a more important part of the iPhone ecosystem, with both hardware and software improvements.

Wearables have become more useful and powerful, especially with the bigger screens starting in Series 4. But there’s likely one big part you’ve overlooked, namely the main face of the Apple Watch. Apple includes a number of different options for you to choose from and customize.

We’re here to help you better understand how to see all of the different watch face options, add them to your Apple Watch, how to customize each one with complications or other touches, and more.

How to Add an Apple Watch Face

There are two ways to add and customize any face for your Apple Watch.

Add Apple Watch Faces On The Watch Itself

The most obvious way is on the wearable itself. Just long press the screen on any face. Swiping left and right or using the Digital Crown will show all the current faces already on your Apple Watch.

Swipe left and you will see options New. Press the button Plus, and you can scroll through all the different options with the Digital Crown or on the screen.

You can add more than one type of face, such as the Siri face, to your watch at a time. When you find a face to add, just a quick press to add it to your Apple Watch. To customize it, long press the screen then select Edit.

Add Apple Watch Faces Through the Watch App

The best way to add and customize faces, especially if you’re new to Apple Watch, is through the companion Watch app on your iPhone. Open the app and select the Face Gallery tab at the bottom of the screen. All faces are available for viewing on the larger iPhone screen.

Scroll down to see all available faces. You can also scroll left on a specific option to see some of the highlighted options that have been customized.

When you find an option you want to add to the Watch, just tap on its face. The next page provides a brief description of the options and lets you see the different colors, styles, and complication options. Press Add to send face options to your Apple Watch.

If you want to remove a face, you have two different ways to complete the task. On Apple Watch, long press on your face then swipe up. You should then select the Delete button.

In the Watch app, select the Apple tab My Watch. In the My Faces, choose Edit. Select icon Minus red on the face to remove and then press Remove text on the right side as a final confirmation.

How to Customize an Apple Watch Face

Along with the wide variety of displays available, from visually beautiful options to more practical ones, there are many additional ways to make each watch face option your own.

There are a number of different complications options from Apple and third-party developers. You must install the appropriate app on your iPhone to use complications on the Watch.

Most details show a bit of information, such as sports scores or current weather conditions, so you can easily see them on the watch face. Many apps even let you choose what information to display on the Apple Watch screen.

You can see the entire list of applications that give complications by selecting Complications in Apple tabs My Watch on the iPhone application. You can remove application complications by selecting Edit then press icon Minus to the left of the selection. Press Remove on the right side to complete the task.

Changing Complications

To add or change a complication to a face, long-press your Apple Watch face then choose Edit. Select a specific complication place and you will jump to a list of all the complications available to choose from. Use the Digital Crown or swipe up and down to see all the options of your app.

To set a complication in the Watch app, select a face in the My Faces in Apple tabs My Watch. Scroll down to see the different complication options for the face.

Along with customizing your watch face, complications provide another great advantage. Using complications, you can really personalize your Watch however you like with the most important information front and center.

Starting with watchOS 7, watch face complications have taken a big step. Now you can create watch faces with multiple complications from a single app.

As long as the app supports this feature, it’s the best way to customize the face for a specific task period. For example, you can create a face with just information from the weather app to view multiple data points such as temperature, wind, humidity, and more.

Other ways to customize the face, depending on your preference, include choosing a different color, font style, and more. For example, on a number of faces including Color, Modular, and gradient, you can choose a color that matches the color of your Apple Watch sports band.

Make Your Own Amazing Apple Watch

With just a little work, you can add and customize the perfect Apple Watch look. This will make your experience with wearables even better.

If you want to take advantage of the full potential of this neat device on your wrist, be sure to check out some best Apple Watch apps.