How to Calculate Profit Selling Credit

By | December 11, 2021
How to Calculate Profit Selling Credit

For those who are looking for an easy business with small capital, then try selling pulses. With the increasing number of HP users, the need for credit also increases.

This is what makes the pulse business interesting to run. However, when running this business, make sure you know how to calculate the correct profit from selling credit.

The profits from the credit business are not too big. However, the amount is decent for those who want to earn extra money.

To avoid losses, make sure to sell credit at the right price. When the balance is up, don’t forget to also calculate the income and expenses.

How to Calculate the Correct Profit Selling Credit

Calculating the profit selling pulses does look easy. However, sellers often forget the administrative fees that are often charged when selling or buying credit. So, if you want to calculate the benefits, be sure to pay attention to the expenses first.

For more details, here are the costs that need to be taken into account:

1. Calculating the Cost of Buying Balance

At the beginning of filling the balance, the business owner must first buy the balance. For each purchase, the buyer will be subject to an administration fee of IDR 1,500.

This amount can be different, depending on each credit agent. If you don’t want to be subject to a lot of administrative fees, then buy a lot of credit balances at once. That way, the seller will not be subject to continuous administration fees.

2. Considering Balance Transfer Fees

Another fee that will usually be charged to the seller is when transferring or topping up credit for the buyer. In general, the seller will be charged Rp. 200-500, (depending on the agent as well).

Even though the amount is small, if it is multiplied by 200 times the purchase, the seller can lose IDR 100,000 in total. So, don’t forget to calculate this cost in the selling price.

3. Calculating Expenditure & Income

After knowing the administrative and transfer fees charged to sellers, it’s time to record the amount of the outgoing balance. Record every balance that comes out along with the amount so you don’t miss it and lack balance.

If the balance is depleted, then add the total balance that has been issued along with the administrative and transfer fees that have been issued.

Next, calculate the income obtained from the sale of pulses. Make sure all have paid first before determining whether the business is a loss or a profit.

Try not to give debt to anyone, including yourself. So, if the seller buys credit, be sure to pay with discipline.

4. Calculating Business Profit

If you already get the expenditure and income figures, then subtract the two components.

For more details, here is an example of how to calculate the profit from selling pulses:

Administration Fee: IDR 2,500 for a balance of IDR 500,000

Transfer Fee: IDR 200 x 50 transactions = IDR 10,000

Total Expenditure = IDR 2,500 + IDR 10,000 + IDR 500,000 = IDR 512,500

Because there are 50 transactions, the assumption is that each purchase is Rp. 10,000. If each sale is sold at a price of Rp. 12,000, the profit obtained is as follows:

Total Income = IDR 600,000

Total Profit = IDR 87,500

So, in calculating the profit from selling credit, don’t forget to include the administration and transfer fees incurred by the seller. Although the value is small, these fees can have an effect, especially for those who fill in the balance in small amounts.

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Tips for Selling Credit for Maximum Profit

The profit gained from selling pulses is not great. Therefore, sellers must have the right strategy so as not to lose. But on the other hand, the seller cannot put up a high price because there are quite a lot of competitors.

Well, for those who are interested in selling credit, try the attached tips when running a business:

1. Looking for the Cheapest Credit Agent

The most important thing when you want to start this business is to find the cheapest agent. Currently there are many credit agents with varying prices.

Try doing a comparison between agents to find the cheapest. In addition, look for agents who have no administrative fees so as not to reduce sales profits.

The way to see if the agent is qualified or not is to check the price offered. Large agents will usually offer low prices compared to others.

In addition, there is no minimum or maximum amount of balance that can be purchased. In addition, agents will provide a fast response for buyers. If the agent can meet these criteria, then try buying a balance on the spot.

2. Buying Balances in Large Amounts

The way to minimize large administrative costs is to fill a large balance at once. So, instead of just filling in IDR 100,000 at the beginning, buy a large balance at once.

Besides being able to maximize profits, sellers do not have to go back and forth to buy balances. So, maximize the money that is currently available to buy credit balances.

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3. Make sure everyone pays the right amount

With a small profit, then make sure every buyer pays with discipline. What is meant by discipline in this case is paying on time with the appropriate amount.

Even though it’s only IDR 2,000, make sure the buyer pays it on time. Try so that no buyers get into debt, especially in large amounts. Debt in this business will only provide a loss for the seller.

4. Limiting Purchase Amount

One of the keys to being able to get a lot of profit when selling pulses is to sell in small quantities. So the more people who buy, the more profits.

Here is an example of the above statement:

Purchased balance: IDR 500,000

The number of buyers is 50, with a purchase of Rp. 10,000, the price of Rp. 12,000

Total Income: IDR 600,000

Number of Buyers 5, with a purchase of IDR 100,000, the price of IDR 102,000

Total Income: IDR 510,000

With the above calculation, it can be seen that with this different amount of purchases, the income obtained will also be different. So, if you want more profit, then sell it in small quantities.

5. Buy More Than 1 Server

If you want to get a lot of buyers, then make sure to have more than 1 server. Provide several servers that have the most buyers, for example, such as IM3, Telkomsel to XL.

Make a balance in the composition according to the number of buyers.

Next, make sure not to run out of balance.

Similar to food, pulses have now become one of the primary human needs. Almost every time and day there will be credit buyers, so make sure the balance is always available. That way, the seller can provide the best service for the buyer.

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Basically the credit business is not difficult because the only capital is money and cellphones. With any capital, people can start this business. Even college students can run this business as long as they are disciplined and know the right strategy.

First, make sure you know the tips and tricks in selling credit in order to get the maximum profit. In the process, don’t forget to record every expense and income.

Furthermore, by calculating the profit from selling pulses above, the seller can determine whether his business is losing or making a profit.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.