How to Bring Back Muted Friend’s Whatsapp Status Full Image

By | December 19, 2021

Muting status on whatsapp is common when he or she may be too “frequent” or “excessive”.

Whatever happens, he makes his status, so the reason that most often makes you want to mute his status is that he is too ostentatious of his possessions, right?

So you don’t feel lazy anymore, you don’t even want his status to be on your WhatsApp status tab.

Well, that’s the reason why you choose to mute the WhatsApp status.

Nah, it’s a disaster, one day you want to see his status again, but what about pHow come the setting to activate it isn’t there?

Don’t be confused! actually this is very easy, you know, check below on how to do it!

1. Open your Whatsapp and select “STATUS” tab

2. In the “STATUS” tab, try to check the bottom

“Muted updates”

3. After opening, you will see his status which you muted the previous status

4. Look at his status first to mute his whatsapp status

5. Then click the 3 dot menu icon on the right and select “Unmute”

Very easy right? this is the problem only in the position of the button which is not unexpected at all, even like it doesn’t exist.

Its position is in the bottom corner of the status tab this is what making people confused and even looking all the way to their Whatsapp settings only to bring back the status of their muted friends.