How to become a TIKI agent, for those who are interested, let’s listen!

By | December 12, 2021
The expedition business is now increasingly being looked at by several people as a promising business opportunity. This form of business developed into a franchise system, meaning that everyone has the right to run a business similar to the trademark of a company. One of the professional freight forwarding companies in Indonesia is TIKI. The easy way to become a TIKI agent and the lucrative benefits make this company increasingly popular in the world of shipping goods in Indonesia.

The advantages of the business system developed by TIKI are not only felt by the company and the owner of the business rights. For consumers, the presence of more and more TIKI in several places makes it easier to deliver goods to areas that were previously difficult to reach. Trade access has become increasingly wide open through the marketplace platform, so the expedition business has now become more potential.

How to Become a TIKI Agent (Those Interested in Expeditionary Businesses)
Illustration of one of the TIKI agents.

For those of you who are interested, let’s read through the article on how to become a TIKI agent.


Doing business with TIKI

TIKI is a company that has been around for a long time in Indonesia. Since it was first built, TIKI has specialized in logistics services between goods, both international and domestic. Along with the development of the online business world, TIKI also develops. The number of goods shipped and traffic increased from year to year.

Actually, another factor of the rapid development of TIKI is because of its flexibility in providing opportunities for people to run businesses similar to their brands. The easy way to become a TIKI agent makes many people interested in pursuing an expedition business. Now the outlets are spread all over Indonesia.

Apart from having a reputation and professional track record, one of the reasons TIKI is the right business partner is because of its strong distribution network.

As a company that provides logistics services, TIKI serves distribution to remote areas. The outlets are not only spread over several areas, but also representative offices from the center. All postal codes in Indonesia are covered by TIKI.

Lastly, a transparent franchise system. TIKI has two types of business, namely as outlets and booths. There is a commission amount that is distributed based on daily turnover as well as an additional bonus if it exceeds the given target. This commission is about 21% of the daily turnover, while the bonus can reach 6% of the accumulated turnover per month. Another advantage is periodic coaching from TIKI, both educational programs and product and service updates.

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How to Become a TIKI Agent to Start a Business

TIKI’s commitment to engage in the logistics business is clearly proven. Their vision and mission are in line with the changing trends that are now turning to digital. Thus, by providing the opportunity to partner with the community, TIKI facilitates the lifestyle of people who are now shifting. If you want to be a part of this business transformation, here’s how to become a TIKI agent that you must follow:

Meet the Administrative Requirements

If you want to become a TIKI agent, you must submit an application to the TIKI office. Don’t forget to prepare documents such as:

– Photocopy of ID card
– Photocopy of company deed (at least the business entity is in the form of CV) and business domicile permit
– Photocopy of company TIN and SIUP
– Applicant’s photo size 3×4 and 4×6, 3 pieces each with a red background
– Photos and location plans for indoor and outdoor TIKI outlets
– Statement letter that is not collaborating with other companies engaged in similar services, then signed on a stamp duty amounting to Rp 6,000

Meeting Fees

When joining a TIKI agent, the applicant must provide funds of Rp. 10 million as a safety deposit. But don’t worry, these funds will be returned if they are no longer working together. Then other funds needed are Rp. 3 million for establishment permits and logistics, such as plastics, stickers, posters, and others. Also, Rp 6,000 stamp duty to be used in the Agency Cooperation Agreement (SPK).

Eligible Location

A strategic location is definitely a requirement that must be met. It doesn’t have to be in the middle of a crowd, but at least it can be accessed by four-wheeled vehicles and is on the side of the road (not in an alley). Minimum service space area of ​​9 square meters (3×3 M) with enough parking space for one to two cars. The building must be permanent and the walls are plaster.

In terms of appearance, it is mandatory to have a face with glass and painted according to the TIKI brand. As for the interior design with TIKI standards, air conditioning is available, and equipped with several facilities, such as cellphones, fax machines, office stationery, digital and rough scales with a certain capacity, as well as telephones with fixed lines.

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Have Employees Who Meet Standards

The ease of becoming an TIKI agent can also be felt by prospective workers at their partners. Employees who work in the agency’s office simply have high school graduates or the equivalent and are willing to attend training at the central TIKI office. After graduation, they are willing to deliver goods according to the destination address, which is usually close to the new outlet. The working hours are Monday – Saturday, while Sundays and other celebration days are closed (closed).

Meeting Operational Requirements

In addition to administrative requirements, building location, and human resources, there are also operational support requirements. This relates to the device used during work. The tools that must be provided are a complete computer set with its printer, USB/flash disk with a minimum capacity of 4GB, model or internet network, as well as EDC with Bank Mandiri / BNI / BRI / BCA partners. To facilitate coordination, the agent’s office must also have an active e-mail address for the person in charge or the owner.

Meet Other Requirements

Finally, another requirement is a commitment to meet the target for the next 6 months. This time is calculated from the first time the agreement is made. As for depositing transactions a maximum of H + 1 or the next day. The rest comply with the operating standards (SOP) of PT Citra Van Titipan Kilat as the parent company.

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JEMPOL (Online Pick Up), TIKI Business Breakthrough

As mentioned before discussing how to become a TIKI agent, the freight forwarding and delivery business is closely related to the development of digital technology. Therefore, TIKI has an innovative product called JEMPOL (Jemput Online). This is an application that makes it easy for consumers to send goods. They no longer need to come to TIKI outlets to deliver their packages.

The shipper just orders through the JEMPOL application, then the officer from the nearest outlet will pick up the item. This is TIKI’s innovation in picking up the ball in the midst of competition in the shipping expedition business. But on the other hand, this application is profitable for its franchise partners because TIKI helps to get customers from around the agent’s office.

By following the way to become a TIKI agent above, you are indirectly involved in the economy of a country, especially in Indonesia. Because sending goods is now not just fulfilling their needs, but fulfilling their lifestyle as well. The higher the intensity of the community to transact online, the expedition business will always be one part of the process in it.

Thus the article on how to become a TIKI agent. Hopefully it can be useful for you.

Best wishes always.

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