How to become a ride agent and the benefits of being a partner

By | December 29, 2021
Talking about business development, especially online business, it cannot be separated from the rapid progress of expedition service companies (delivery of goods). One of the companies in Indonesia that should be taken into account is PT Wahana Prestasi Logistik or better known as Wahana. Wahana is known to the public as a provider of goods delivery services at the most affordable cost. However, the easy way to become a Wahana agent also plays a role in advancing this company.

Wahana at a glance, this company was officially established on June 11, 1998. Two years later, Wahana opened its first branch office in Surabaya. Its business development is quite rapid because three years later it already has a representative office in Singapore. It was only in 2012 that Wahana implemented a partner agent system.

The ease of becoming a Wahana agent and the many benefits that it provides, have made Wahana now have dozens of branch offices and thousands of agent partners.

Let’s see the full review on how to become a Wahana agent below.


Benefits of Being a Wahana Agent

Seeing the increasing number of online stores makes this business potential to be developed. As a business partner, of course, what is expected is a large turnover so as to provide maximum profit. Those are just some of the benefits that you will get if you partner with Wahana. Before discussing how to become a Wahana agent further, there are several other advantages that you need to know, namely:

Join a Professional Team

The various conveniences that will be felt when you become an agent cannot be separated from the role of the professional Wahana team. Wahana is not only committed to delivering goods safely and on time, but also to serve agents in order to satisfy their customers. An example is the IT team that provides an online platform to check the status and position of the goods being shipped. This facility facilitates the performance of agents as well as their customers.

Commission Bonus

This is what everyone is looking for the most. The commission bonus is obtained if the agent or partner is able to exceed the target given by Wahana. The amount will not be the same every month because it depends on the productivity of the agent or partner. The greater the income, the greater the commission bonus earned.

Wide network

From year to year Wahana continues to develop its business. One way is to expand the distributor network to various regions in Indonesia and abroad. Now Wahana has a network spread across a number of places. This not only benefits customers who can ship goods anywhere. But also for agents or Wahana partners who must deliver their customers’ goods according to the destination address wherever it is.

Have Many Partners

Not only its extensive network, Wahana has also collaborated with various parties, such as market places, online stores, and other entrepreneurs. They are the source of customers for agents or partners in the regions. So that without having to bother looking for customers, the partnership that has been established by Wahana Pusat will provide income to each agent or partner.

Clear Cooperation System

In doing business cooperation, not infrequently one of the parties will resign because of disappointment. The reason could be a lack of transparency, for example from profit sharing. With Wahana, everything will be explained in detail at the beginning. Other matters will continue to be communicated because one of the requirements to become a Wahana agent is to be able to coordinate well continuously with the head office.

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Terms and How to Become a Wahana Agent

After knowing the advantages of being an agent, now is the time to discuss how to become a Wahana agent. Below will also mention the requirements that must be met. Read carefully the flow of registration to become an agent and what must be prepared:

Register Online

The first way to become a Wahana agent is to register online.

Prospective partners can access the website then look for menu options “Business Cooperation”. See the photo illustration below (note the menu section that is given the yellow circle).

How to become a vehicle agent and the advantages of being a partner

Then click on that section. Then fill out the form that is listed completely and correctly. After all the data is filled in completely, don’t forget to click the button “Submit”. See the illustration of the registration form in the photo below.

How to become a vehicle agent and the advantages of being a partner

Additional info: The photo I provided above is the display of Wahana’s website when opened from a desktop device (Computer/Laptop). Well, if you open the Wahana site from a mobile device (smartphone), then the screen display will be slightly different. So that it is not confusing, here I attach a screenshot photo from a mobile device. Pay close attention.

How to become a vehicle agent and the advantages of being a partner

Notice the part circled in red in the upper right corner. Please click on that section. A dropdown menu will open as shown in the photo below.

How to become a vehicle agent and the advantages of being a partner

Next, please click on the part that is given the yellow circle. Then later, a registration form page with Wahana expedition will open. Please fill in your personal data completely.

To get to the next process, choose how Wahana can contact you as a follow-up. There are several options, including by phone, email, or WhatsApp chat.

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Preparing Administrative Documents

Wahana offers two systems of cooperation, namely for individuals and legal entities. If the ownership is in the name of an individual, then the required documents are a photocopy of the ID card of the owner and person in charge (if the person is different), a photocopy of the TIN, and 3 (three) copies of 4×6 size photographs.

Meanwhile, if the registration is in the name of a legal entity, then the following documents must be attached:

– Photocopy of Company Deed
– Photocopy of Company Domicile Certificate
– Photocopy of SIUP and NPWP
– 3 (three) copies of the photo of the person in charge, size 4×6

Meet Other Requirements

There are also other requirements that must be met as a consideration for Wahana to approve the application or not. The following are the other requirements:

– Photo of the place that will be used as the location of the outlet
– Paying administrative fees that will be adjusted to the location of the outlet
– If the application is approved, Wahana will come and install a neon box, provide uniforms for staff, and complete other agency matters
– Signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a trial period of 3 (three) months
– If the probationary period has passed, then the owner must sign Agency Cooperation Contract

Eligible Location

Before the 3 (three) month trial period begins, Wahana will visit the location to conduct a survey. This will also be a consideration whether the location of the outlet will be feasible or not with Wahana office standards. If the location is deemed inappropriate, Wahana will reconsider the application as a partner.

In order to expedite the process, choose a strategic and adequate location. At least this location can be reached by motorized vehicles and is a permanent building. The minimum area is 3×3 M with sufficient parking space.

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Equip Work Equipment

Not much work equipment is needed, namely a laptop/PC, printer, and internet access. As for facilitating coordination, at least there is a cellphone for office operations. In addition, a manual scale with a minimum capacity of 5 (five) kilograms is required and a scale with a minimum capacity of 100 (one hundred) kilograms.

Have HR According to Standards

To ensure that everything runs according to standards, Wahana also surveys prospective workers in its partner offices. In each partner office there is at least one officer with a minimum education of high school or equivalent. The employee must be able to pick-up or pick up goods from customers. In addition, the owner or person in charge of the office must follow the training system from Wahana. This training was held at Wahana’s head office.

Seeing a series of processes and conditions that need to be prepared, it’s very easy to become a Wahana agent, right? You don’t have to spend a lot of money and a place so luxurious to run this business.

The Wahana team’s process is not long and complicated. Everything is designed as simple as possible to make it easier for anyone who wants to take advantage of this business opportunity. Because if you look at the current trend of society, the freight forwarding business can still be developed into broader products and services.

That’s the info on how to become a Wahana agent. Hopefully it can be useful for you all. Best wishes always for you.

Author by : Bang izal.