How to Arrange Courier Service Promotion Words & Tips for Starting a Business

By | December 26, 2021

Courier Service Promotion Words – In today’s modern era, more and more people are in need of freight forwarding services. Especially for those who have businesses in online stores and marketplaces. That is why, currently many courier expedition services are opening goods delivery services to various regions.

In addition, when starting an expedition service, don’t just rely on promotional techniques. There are several other important things that should also be prepared in advance. The goal is that the expedition service can develop faster.

In the following, we will discuss some tips when starting a courier service business (which needs to be studied carefully before running a business further).

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Tips for Starting a Courier Business

Courier services are much needed for online merchants as well as people who want to send goods to distant areas. Although this service is often used by the public, people in general will choose a trusted courier service.

For readers who are interested in starting this courier service, here are some tips:

1. Determine the Type of Transportation

Courier services work by sending goods to their destination. So that the availability of transportation is very necessary for the expedition service provider.

Business people need to determine what type of transportation is appropriate for the area covered. For example, if the courier only serves delivery of goods in a close area, then two-wheeled vehicles will be sufficient to use.

It’s different when the target of the delivery of goods is intended to cross a wide area or different cities. So the expedition owner needs to prepare a car to send the customer’s goods.

The choice of this type of transportation will also affect the amount of budget needed to start a courier service.

2. Determine Service Type

There are many types of goods that may be sent by customers, so the expedition needs to determine the type of service in advance. For example shipping documents, frozen food, and other items.

The more diverse types of services provided, the more number of workers or employees needed to start a courier service.

3. Set a Tariff Benchmark

After designing a courier expedition service, business owners need to determine the rate that is used as a benchmark.

This rate can be determined based on each region, so it can compete with other courier services.

The provisions for the cost of shipping goods can be determined from several aspects, including the weight of the goods and the distance traveled.

4. Increase Promotion

After preparing the operations of the courier service, the expedition owner needs to carry out a promotional strategy. In order for more people to use your courier service, more active promotional efforts are needed to offer the courier service business.

For example, by making brochures, websites, and social media accounts. The arrangement of attractive courier service promotion words will certainly make potential customers trust your services more.

How to Arrange Courier Service Promotion Words and Examples

The preparation of promotional words for courier services is more directed at choosing an interactive language for customers. In a fairly short sentence, the business owner must be able to explain the advantages of the service, so that it can influence customer interest.

As a guide, the following will explain how to compose promotional words (to offer courier services with examples).

1. Describe the advantages of choosing a courier service

Most customers are certainly very happy to benefit from a service. In the promotion of courier services, business owners must be able to state what benefits will be received when choosing an expedition service.

These advantages are very diverse, can be viewed in terms of speed, rates, promos, and others.

Examples of courier service promotion words are something like the following:

“Okta Express, a proven reliable overseas delivery service. Send packages more easily with a home pick-up service. Get promo rates with discounts of up to 20% for shipping goods during October. To send packages, contact the admin number at 085xxxxxxxxx.

2. Write down the facilities more concisely

Not everyone likes to read, whether it’s reading print media or posting on the internet. So, advertising marketing is not recommended using words that are too long.

Included in the expedition service, business owners only need to express the services provided in a language that is more concise but still easy to understand.

Like the following example:

“Don’t have time to deliver shopping packages? Don’t worry, Okta Express provides goods delivery services to various parts of Indonesia. Our expedition is ready to pick up and send your package from home. Immediately contact our admin by telephone 085xxxxxxxxxx.”

3. Make sure the customer is satisfied using the service

The essence of selling services is being able to provide satisfactory service to customers. So, next time the customer will not think twice about using the same service.

Including in the field of expeditions, business owners must be able to determine the right strategy so that the services they offer are liked by customers.

The following is an example of a courier service promotion wording that can be developed:

“Online shop businesses often get complaints because packages are late? It’s time for you to switch to Okta Express. Our service is proven to send packages on time, so the online shop business remains smooth. Send packages now, contact our admin at 085xxxxxxxxx.”

4. Give Reasons Why Courier Service Is Very Important

Shipping service owners need to be aware that there are many other courier services available in Indonesia. Thus, the customer must get a strong reason why he should choose your expedition service.

The wording of this courier service promotion is also an effort to introduce your service business to the public. The following is an example of using promotional words for customers:

“Be careful, don’t just choose a courier! Make sure consumers are satisfied and the online shop business is progressing. Use Okta Express services, a package delivery service with accurate time. Enjoy affordable shipping costs for every delivery of your package.

5. Add Persuasive Sentences

Efforts to convince the reader can be done by choosing the right diction in the preparation of promotional words. For example, by using the word ‘warranty’ to arouse customer interest.

But remember, you as the expedition party must not break the promise that has been agreed upon. The goal is for customers to continue to trust and continue to subscribe to your courier service.

The addition of the word ‘guarantee’ will also make the customer calmer when sending packages.

Because, it is possible for the package to be damaged when it is hit by another heavier package (or is exposed to rain during shipping). So, the sender needs a guarantee so that the package arrives intact.

The words for the promotion of courier services can be seen in the exa
mple below:

“Confused to find a reliable courier service? Okta Express is the answer.”

“Thousands of customers have entrusted the delivery of goods through our expedition. We guarantee that every item is sent carefully so that it reaches the recipient on time. Guaranteed return fees if the goods are damaged during shipping. What are you waiting for, try Okta Express service now!

Thus the discussion about the preparation of courier service promotion words that need to be understood by expedition business owners.

So in order for the business to be more advanced, business owners must be responsive in carrying out promotions and dealing with various customer requests. Making promotional words like the example above can later be listed through social media and brochures.

Hope it is useful.