How to Arrange a Simple Bathroom (Small)

By | March 27, 2022

How to Arrange a Simple Bathroom – The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. That’s where family members fulfill their needs to defecate, bathe, wash, etc. Therefore, this section should not be neglected when someone builds a dwelling. At least a house must have at least 1 bathroom space.

How to Arrange a Simple Bathroom (Small)
Illustration. Photo by : Ikea

About how big the size of the bathroom is, of course it really depends on the land area of ​​the host. If you have a large land area, then it is okay to build a large bathroom space.

Even if necessary, each bedroom has space for a bath. So if there are 4 bedrooms, then automatically there are 4 bathrooms too. And all of that is legal, no one forbids it, after all, Wong is his own house. ️

How lucky is the person who is given the excess property. If you are one of them, then be smart to be grateful for all the blessings of God.

Then what about people with the opposite condition? Namely people who are destined to be in a state of all limitations. The land is limited, so they can only build a simple house with 1 small bathroom.

So if any of you are in this condition, then don’t be sad. Stay patient and grateful no matter what our conditions are. Moreover, the small bathroom space can be arranged in such a way, so that it looks ‘broad’ (roomy). The condition is that you have to be creative in arranging it.

Want to know how to organize a simple bathroom that has a small size? So that the results can seem bigger and wider? If yes, then let’s read the contents of this article to the end.

Read on for the explanation to the end!

5 Simple Ways to Arrange a Bathroom (Small)

Among them:

1. Using Shelves to Store Stuff

One way to organize a simple bathroom is to use the shelf function to organize items in the bathroom. Of course, so that furniture items such as various kinds of soap bottles and others are not scattered everywhere.

In this way, it can also make it easier for people when they want to use various kinds of goods. The reason is if it is not arranged neatly, of course it takes more time to find the desired item.

2. Utilize the Upper Sink Area

How to Arrange a Simple Bathroom (Small)
Illustration. Photo by :

The area at the top of the empty sink can be used to put some things.

Of course not just put it down, but by providing a storage area (usually there are 4 or more parts). So this shelf can replace the function of a cupboard (if the bathroom space does not allow the wardrobe to enter).

The function of the 4 sections is to separate various items in the bathroom (based on their type and function). For example, such as soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and others.

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3. Utilize the Empty Area Above the Closet

How to Arrange a Simple Bathroom (Small)
Illustration. Photo by :

The empty space at the top of the closet can be used to install a small wardrobe.

The wardrobe has two sides for storage, namely the inside and the outside. For the inside which is closed by the wardrobe door can be filled with various small equipment. For example, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs and so on.

As for the open exterior, it can be used to store large objects. Examples such as tissue, towels, etc. This is a simple bathroom arrangement that you can follow. This will make it easier for you to find the items you need.

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4. Utilize the Bathroom Corner Area

How to Arrange a Simple Bathroom (Small)
Illustration. Photo by :

The next way to save bathroom space is to take advantage of the corner. So the corner of the bathroom can be fitted with a shelf. Later the shelf will be useful for storing various kinds of items in the bathroom.

It doesn’t have to be too big. Just install stacking shelves consisting of 4 or 5 levels. You can store facial soap, body lotion, towels, and so on in that shelf. If possible, then some clothes (to change) can also be placed on the shelf.

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5. Using the Back of the Door

How to Arrange a Simple Bathroom (Small)
Illustration. Photo by :

This is the easiest way to organize a simple bathroom. This means that many people do this method. Namely by utilizing the empty part behind the bathroom door.

But most people just put a towel behind the bathroom door. Though there are other ways that are much more effective. That means we can store even more stuff there.

How to?

The trick is to put a hanging shelf behind the bathroom door.

See the photo illustration below.

How to Arrange a Simple Bathroom (Small)

Those are some ways to organize a simple bathroom. By doing all the tricks above, the bathroom that was small will seem more spacious and spacious.

Hope it is useful.