How to Apply for Business Capital Assistance to Baznas (For Small Entrepreneurs)

By | December 8, 2021

For those who plan to open a micro business, but have difficulty in finding capital, then try applying for capital assistance to Baznas. All business actors can apply for business capital assistance to Baznas as long as they meet the required requirements.

In addition, the actors must be willing to keep the agreement that has been mutually agreed upon.

Let’s follow the review to the end!

What is Baznas?

Baznas itself is an institution that manages zakat nationally, the funds are used to help the people of Indonesia.

One form of assistance is by providing capital assistance to small to medium scale business actors. In fact, during this pandemic, Baznas raises larger funds to help business actors who have difficulty running their businesses.

Steps to Apply for Business Capital Assistance

For those who are interested in getting assistance, then learn in advance how to apply for business capital assistance to Baznas starting from the requirements to the process.

It should be noted that with limited funds, Baznas only allocates for seven entrepreneurs in each sub-district.

To be able to get assistance from Baznas, here are some processes and requirements that must be met:

1. Contacting the Local Baznas Officer

Before preparing all the requirements needed, it is better for business actors to contact or visit the nearest Baznas office. This is to ensure the next program period and the amount of assistance that will be provided.

In addition, registrants can find out how to apply for business capital assistance to the latest Baznas. That way, business actors can prepare themselves well in order to get this assistance.

2. Prepare Proposals Regarding Current/To Be Run Businesses

For those who want to get capital assistance from Baznas, the first thing that needs to be collected is a proposal regarding the business that is being run. Provide a brief explanation of the background of the establishment of the business and current market conditions.

Don’t forget to include photos of the business from when it was first established to its current condition.

With a business proposal, Baznas can get an idea of ​​the business they will provide assistance to.

The clearer and more detailed the proposal, the better. However, if you have difficulty in making a business proposal, then only provide a general business description.

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3. Informing the Budget

In addition to making a business proposal, how to apply for business capital assistance to Baznas is to include details of the budget needed and will be generated by the business.

So, like making a business plan, make details of the budget needed to run the business, the income to the profit or loss that will be experienced.

Later, business actors can find out the total capital needed.

If indeed the business actors have their own capital, don’t forget to include it in the budget details as well. That way, business actors and Baznas can find out the lack of capital needed to run the business.

4. Make a Statement Letter

As an institution that runs according to Islamic Sharia, of course Bazarnas will not agree if there are business actors who run usury. To ensure this, one of the requirements for obtaining assistance is to make a statement that the business does not practice usury.

If caught using usury, the assistance will be terminated.

Other letters that are required for capital assistance are business certificates and business capital assistance. Both of these letters can be made yourself with its own format. In the application letter for capital assistance, do not forget to include the amount of capital needed.

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5. Gather All Requirements to the Baznas Kantor Office

Before collecting all the above documents, don’t forget to include a photocopy of your family card and ID card that has been verified by the local RT. If all the requirements above have been collected, then it is time to submit all the documents to the Baznas office.

Collection can be done by post or in person. However, if you want to be safer and definitely arrive, it’s better to come directly to the Baznas office.

Before collecting all the required documents, it is better for business actors to re-check all the requirements needed.

Only applicants whose documents are complete according to the requirements will be processed. So don’t let all the effort go to waste because there are incomplete requirements.

6. Follow the Checking & Verification Process

After the collection limit, Baznas will carry out a checking process. At the beginning of the program, Baznas will usually inform the type of business that will be assisted. So only business actors who run businesses in that field will be further processed.

If all documents are complete, then the next process is data verification and validation.

This next process will usually be carried out directly by the officers. So the Baznas team will come to the place of business and see the condition.

For businesses that are not yet running, usually officers will still go to the field to see the condition of the place where the business will be run and ask for an explanation from the registrant. If it is appropriate, then the officer just chooses which business is feasible to get assistance. This is the longest process of the entire capital application process.

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7. Make Agreement & Sign Agreement

For businesses that receive capital assistance will be informed via email and letter. Furthermore, Baznas will provide a work contract that must be agreed by both parties.

Do not worry about the form of assistance provided by Baznas, because the form is not the same as borrowing money in general.

Later, both parties are required to press the agreement that has been mutually agreed upon. Furthermore, Baznas will hand over capital assistance to the selected businesses. After being given, business actors can immediately use the capital to run a business.

8. Providing Reports & Donations

Apart from no refunds or interest payments, however, selected businesses are still expected to make donations to Baznas. The time and amount were not determined because all returned to the effort.

So, if the new business is stable and can make a profit in the 8th month, then donations can be made at that time.

In addition, business actors are expected to provide periodic reports to Baznas. This is to ensure that the business can run according to plan. On the other hand, if there are difficulties, Baznas can help the business in other ways.

In addition to providing assistance in the form of capital, Baznas also provides assistance to micro-enterprises in the form of training and mentoring.

Training will usually be provided periodically to imp
rove the skills and knowledge of business actors. The training themes also varied, ranging from how to increase turnover, sales to marketing strategies.

So, for those who are interested in getting capital assistance, then make sure to meet all the requirements needed above.

In general, how to apply for business capital assistance to Baznas is very easy and simple because the documents can be obtained easily. If everything has been collected, then send all the documents to the Baznas office.

Be sure to submit all requirements together before the specified deadline.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.