How to Answer Why We Should Accept You During Interview

By | December 19, 2021

Interview is a frightening specter for many people. There are many tricky questions, that’s why interviews sometimes make people who want to be accepted into the company sweat.

How to Answer Why We Should Accept You

The answer is to avoid mediocre answers and use a statement of the reality of your past achievements. Example :

“Because I’m disciplined”

“Because I have good communication skills”

“I am a fast learner” etc.

Answer these questions with statements, examples of reality and evidence, such as:

“I easily adapt to situations quickly, such as when I was transferred from the Administration department to the Human Resources (HRD) department, it was proven in the first month after I was transferred, the company was able to rise from economic downturns”.

Always relate it to the achievements of the previous company and keep providing concrete data in the form of numbers.

Or at least if you are a Fresh Graduate, please provide your achievements which are related to the job you are applying for.

Add your vision and goals if you are accepted for the position, and keep it based on facts and not mediocrity.

For example, if you want to apply to become HRD, then make a statement for changes that are good in the future. Example :

“Why did you have to choose me? Because if this position were given to me, I would like to make changes and innovations in finding new employees by utilizing information technology from Google”.

An answer like this will be more reassuring to the HR department that you have a good understanding of the position and what you will do next.

Explain your vision, mission and career motivation clearly and try to give the impression that you have the same values ​​and culture as the company where you are applying for the job.