How to Add Photos or Videos on Google Maps (HP and Web)

By | December 8, 2021
How to Add Photos and Videos on Google Maps

With the new Google Maps, you can add photos or videos to locations on your map. This article will explain how to do this.

Google Maps allows its users to share photos and videos to help the world navigate better, whether they want to contribute and help others or promote their business.

Previously, you could only post images to a location after leaving a review. but you now have the option to only upload photos or videos.

But first, before you add photos and videos on Google Maps, there are a few things that you should know. Among them:

  • Only images of public places or businesses may be uploaded. You may not post photos of your house or other sites that are not on Google Maps or are private.
  • Your image is reviewed once it is posted, and it may take several hours for it to appear on Google Maps.
  • Irrelevant or blurry screenshots, GIFs or photos will not be uploaded along with other prohibited images such as spam, terrorism, offensive, sexually explicit content, etc.
  • People can see your Google username, other photos you have uploaded, and reviews you leave on the platform after they find your photos.
  • Finally, check out our guide on how to add photos and videos from here to make your photos look good on Google Maps.

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How to Add Photos and Videos on Google Maps on an Android or iOS Phone

1. First, open Google Maps app on your Android or iPhone. Now choose a place on the map that you want to add the photo to. This will open an overview of your location with related info like name, address, directions, website, reviews, etc. Now scroll down until you find the option called Add Photo. Tap on it.

2. It will display picture in phone gallery Bro with the option to take photo or video straight from there. Google Maps also displays relevant photos taken at that location under suggested sections to make the selection process easier. You can choose some photos or videos if you want to upload photos in bulk.

3. Once selected, tap Post button in the upper right corner. This will upload the photo to Google Maps. As mentioned, photos will go through a review process on Google before appearing in searches. This can take up to several hours and you will be notified by email when your photo is published successfully.

How to Add Photos and Videos on Google Maps-1

Alternatively, you can open options Contribution in the bottom bar of Google Maps then tap Add Photo. Same as before, select photos and videos which you want to add.

Then select location where you want to upload the photo. When finished, click Post button in the upper right corner to upload a photo.

How to Add Photos or Videos to Google Maps on the Web

1. First, open the website Google Maps and select location which you want to add the photo to.

2. It will open a specific location overview page with related info like name, address, directions, website, reviews etc.

3. Here scroll down in the sidebar to the Photos section. Then click option Add Photo. If there are no previous photos added to the location, you will find this option in the section Add missing information.

4. It will allow you to upload photos from your device or will show photos from your Google Photos. When finished, click choose.

Again, as you know, once a photo is uploaded, it goes through a review process, it takes a few hours to appear on Google Maps. Google Maps will notify you via email when it’s done.

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How to Add Photos or Videos to Your Business on the Web

Apart from photos and videos, as a business owner, you may have other types of photos to upload like logos, cover images, promo videos, etc.

You also get the option to categorize photos as interior, exterior, product, team, at work, etc. This will provide more visual info to customers looking for your company.

But before that, your business must be registered on Google Maps and you must be the owner. You can do this from the Google My Business service. Here’s how to add photos to your business:

1. Go to site Google My Business, if you have multiple businesses, select the business account you want to add photos to.

2. Then select the option Photo in the left sidebar.

3. Here you get the option to upload business logo, Cover photo, and Promo video. Click on them to add media.

4. To categorize photos, select an option in the top carousel menu and then click + . icon on the right to add an image from your device. For example, to add a photo of the interior, simply select the option interior on the menu then click + . icon.

5. Once uploaded, click choose. Photos will be uploaded to Google Maps after the review process is complete.

While the Google My Business app is available for smartphones, it doesn’t provide any extras like categorizing or uploading cover photos, etc.

So, if you are using a smartphone, open the Google Maps app, select your business, and upload a photo. Since you are the owner of that business, the business will be displayed as posted by the owner. But for any additional functionality, you have to rely on the web app.


How to Check All Photos We Upload to Google Maps?

On Android or iOS, go to the Contribution tab and select View your profile options at the top. It will show all your contributions from reviews, Q&A to photos.

Just tap the See all photos option under photos to see all your photos. On the Google Maps webpage, click on the three-dot menu at the top left and then select your Contribute option. Now go to the Photos tab to see all the photos that you have uploaded.

How to Delete Uploaded Photos on Google Maps?

To navigate to a photo that you have uploaded, use your Contribute option or go to that location to check the photo. On the web, you can see a three-dot menu on the image, click on it, then select Delete this photo.

On Mobile, you can open the image and tap on the Delete icon in the top right corner.

Image and Video File Types Supported by Google Maps?

Google Maps supports a variety of file types but JPG and PNG are recommended for photos. It is also recommended to keep the file size under 5MB.

Whereas you can upload videos up to 75MB in 720p format. Apart from that, you also have the option to upload 360-degree photos.

What Do You Get For Contributing?

By contributing, you promote your business on Google Maps and make it easier for customers to contact you. For uploading to other locations, you e
arn points which will increase your level as a local guide and also help others discover and explore the world.

How to Become a Local Guide?

No signup process, just upload photos, reviews, edits, Q&A, facts, etc. on Google Maps and earn 250 points to earn local guide badges. You can go a step further by going to local guides connect.

Here you can connect with other local guides, attend meetings, publish posts, etc.

Can You Rotate Uploaded Photos?

Sometimes photos may need to be rotated. But unfortunately, you don’t have the option to edit or even play the uploaded image.

Most photos that need to be rotated will be automatically rotated in the review process or will not be verified at all.

Since Google Maps is the most used map service, you can not only help people but also promote your business in it.

Maps works with a wide variety of photo and video file formats except GIF. You just need to follow some guidelines which help to maintain the quality of the service.

That’s how to add photos and videos on Google Maps. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.