How to Add a Bank Account on Paypal With Image Tutorials

By | December 24, 2021

Now you can say that almost all of our activities use the internet, ranging from meeting activities from afar, schools using face-to-face applications, even daily activities that we are not aware of, such as taking money at an ATM.

Well, therefore we have to keep up with the times so that we don’t have to bother doing something, for example, transferring money between countries.

One of the platforms to support money transfers between these countries is Paypal. Paypal is in my opinion very easy to use, even for beginners though.

Paypal is usually used as a means of making donations to certain people or for certain purchases.

Well, therefore it seems important for us to add our own bank and bank account number into this Paypal data.

But are you confused about how to add your own bank account to Paypal? Okay, just take a look below on how to do it!

1. Select the “Wallet” option located in your Paypal header

2. Then select “Connect Bank”

3. Fill in and enter data regarding your Bank Name and Bank Account No

4. Done! now you can transfer the balance on your Paypal to your bank account number

How, very easy isn’t it? For me adding a bank account to Paypal is very important.

In addition to making it easier for you to take the money in the Paypal balance, yes indeed we should take the money in the Paypal balance for us to use.