Gyosho G500 Rc Helicopter Review (3.5 Channel)

By | March 30, 2022

Hello friends, see you again with me to review the most popular toy products.

If all the previous toy reviews were of the Airsoft gun and Water Gel Gun (WGG), then in this article I will review a different type of toy.

This product is also one of the most popular types of hobby toys and has its own fans. The toy is a type of remote control helicopter, to be precise the Rc Helicopter Gyosho G500 (3.5 Channel).

Gyosho G500 Rc Helicopter Review (3.5 Channels)

This Gyosho G500 helicopter type 3.5 Channel is one of the most popular Rc heli brands and has a lot of fans.

As I recall, the Gyosho G500 brand first appeared in Indonesia in the 2013s. Yup! I still really remember first sold this Rc heli toy in the middle of that year.

See the photo below.

Gyosho G500 Rc Helicopter Review (3.5 Channels)

At first I was able to know this product, because at that time my customers often asked and wanted to buy this brand. They say the Gyosho G500 brand is very stable and easy to play (flying ‘hold’ if the Betawi people say).

Out of curiosity, I finally tried to find the Gyosho Rc heli in Asemka.

After my feet felt sore from looking here and there, I finally managed to find the grocery store. The name of the wholesale store is Channel Hobby.

At the time of 2013 it was only the Channel Hobby shop that sold this Gyosho brand Rc heli. And even now (it seems) only this hobby Channel shop sells it. Because this is the only wholesale shop that specifically sells Rc Helicopter products in the Asemka area.

For those of you, especially toy traders who want to know about the info and address of this Rc heli wholesaler, please click here: Hobby Channel, RC Helicopter Toys Wholesale Store (Also Serving & Selling Spare Parts)

Back to topic.

After I bought the Gyosho G500 Rc Helicopter, my next curiosity arose.

A question arose in my heart with an inward tone: “What are the advantages of this helicopter? How come so many people are really looking for it?” If that’s the case, I’ll have to test it right away!”

And without thinking, I immediately tried it. I want to prove the rumors that this Rc heli is very stable to play. And finally the rumors were proven. At that time I was able to record the process of the Rc helicopter test (with my cellphone video camera)

You can see the recording on my YouTube Channel:

After trying to find some references and analyze what causes this Rc heli to have a lot of demand, I finally managed to get some conclusions (about its advantages), including:

– Rc Helicopter brand Gyosho type 3.5 Channel is proven to be very stable when played.

Stability can occur because this brand and type carries a new technology called Gyro. This is a type of helicopter whose engine technology is 3.5 channels and above. To the best of my knowledge during my time as a toy dealer, an Rc heli would Gyro if the machine is 3.5 channels and above. If the engine is still 3 channels down, that means not yet Gyro. If the Rc heli is not yet Gyro, it will be difficult to play, because the flight cannot be stable (can’t stop flying).

Type Gyro This is still rarely found in previous Rc helicopters, especially those released in 2010 and below. In that era, the average Rc heli toy was only a 2-channel and 3-channel machine.

– This Rc Gyosho 3.5 Channel also has a main frame (heli rod) made of stainless steel.

Well, because the main frame is made of stainless steel, of course this helicopter is not easily broken. Please see the frame/rod of the helicopter in the photo below (see the part I’m holding).

Gyosho G500 Rc Helicopter Review (3.5 Channels)

– This helicopter is also protected by a body made of elastic mica plastic, so it is very resistant when hit by an impact.

So you don’t have to worry if this helicopter falls or hits the floor (while playing). Because the body is shatterproof. Of course you know exactly how flexible mica plastic is, right?

This Gyosho Rc Helicopter contains the following equipment:


Type 3.5 Channel, Full Control – Double blade – “Gyro Version”.
Size : 34 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm (W x W x H)
Battery Power: 3.7V 250mAh
Charger: From Controller & Wall Charger (Adapter)
Charging time: 30 – 45 minutes
Flight time: Up to 12 min
Control range: Up to 20 m
Bonus A2 batteries as much as 6 pieces.

See photos of all the accessories below.

Gyosho G500 Rc Helicopter Review (3.5 Channels)

So that’s the review above about this Gyosho 3.5 Channel Rc Helicopter toy. If you are one of those who like this toy and want to have it, then you can order it in my online shop. Please visit here: Tokopedia Bang Izal Toys

See you again in the next no less interesting toy review article.


By: Bang izal.