Guide on How to Sell on Tokopedia (Details & Complete)

By | December 14, 2021

Who doesn’t know Tokopedia? As a marketplace with the highest number of visitors, it is not surprising that many business people want to join there. In addition, Tokopedia makes it easy for anyone who wants to sell goods there. Therefore, now many people want to know how to sell on Tokopedia.

Well, how? Here is the full review.

The initial stages of how to sell on Tokopedia.

Starting from:

Creating a Tokopedia Account

As mentioned above, opening a shop on Tokopedia is very easy as well as setting it up. Of course we want our shop not only to be open but also to sell well. Given that there are many stores similar to ours on Tokopedia, of course there are ways to win the competition. But, let’s start from the most basic, which is to create a Tokopedia account first.

Here are the steps:


Go to the website

Later you will see the main page of the marketplace. See how it looks in the photo below.

Guide on How to Sell on Tokopedia (Details & Complete)

Try to pay close attention to the writing Login and list in the upper right corner (click on the photo for a clearer view). If you have registered with Tokopedia before, you just need to log in right away. But if you have never registered at all, then you must click the “Register” button.

Oh yes, the display in the photo above is the appearance of the Tokopedia page if you open it from the desktop (computer/laptop) screen. But if you open it via a mobile application (Hp), then it will look like in the photo below.

In this mobile application, the display of the Tokoprdia page is slightly different from the display on the desktop. On the mobile page you will not immediately see the register button. If you want to find the button list, then you have to click the section Account first (see the section circled in red in the photo above).

Now after you click on the “Account” section, a new page will open to register. See the photo below.

Guide on How to Sell on Tokopedia (Details & Complete)

Pay attention to the part circled in red in the right corner of the photo above, now that’s where to register via the mobile application. It’s only up to this point that there are slight differences in appearance between desktop and mobile pages. Meanwhile, for the next stages, the method and appearance are almost the same, there are no significant differences.

I’m assuming that you haven’t signed up at all, so you’ll have to go through the registration process first. So please click on the text list After that, a new page will open as shown in the photo below.

Guide on How to Sell on Tokopedia (Details & Complete)

Take a good look at the photo above, there are 3 methods of verification, namely through the cellphone contact number, via email, and through Facebook and Google accounts. It’s up to you which method you choose, but personally I prefer to use a cellphone number (because the process is easier). Now pay close attention to the steps I demonstrate next.

So I put my cellphone number in the column above, then I clicked on writing list. A new page will open with an empty column to fill in a 6-digit number. At the bottom there is an inscription (command) to check the unique numeric code entered via SMS on my cellphone.

After that, a few seconds later came the SMS from Tokopedia. See photos of his SMS appearance below.

Guide on How to Sell on Tokopedia (Details & Complete)

Look at the photo above, it appears that the 6-digit unique numeric code is 840523. Now, that’s the 6-digit number that must be entered into the 6 empty columns on the new page that I mentioned above. At this stage your account is valid (verified). If you are only a Tokopedia user, then actually at this stage the account registration process has been completed.

A little extra that you need to do is include your home address and password (password). This password is required if one day you want to shop and reopen your Tokopedia account. While the point is to include your home address, of course you already know, namely to send the goods you buy later.

It’s different if you want to become a seller, because there are several advanced stages that you must fulfill. Let’s continue to see the next step to completion.

Open Shop

After you login, then select the menu Open a Free Store located on the “How to Sell” page. Please open the informasi of the page here: Open a Free Store

Another way is to press the icon Shop in the menu header, then select Open shop. After successfully logging in, a form will appear that you must fill out and complete. Fill in all the data of your store or business.

The business data referred to here are the domain name of your store, information about the store, select/tick the shipping expedition that you will use, your choice of payment method and your profile photo. After everything is filled in, it means that you are just one step away from opening your online store. The last action is to press the button Open shop, and now your online store is officially operational. Safe!

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Start Uploading Your Products

This stage may be quite time consuming. However, this is very necessary as one of the requirements, and so that buyers want to see the goods offered through photos of your goods. Previously, prepare product photos with the best photo quality. Make sure the image is not blurry and has a good angle. Next, your product photos are ready to be uploaded.

Press the add product button on the home page or in the store settings menu. The next step is to upload product photos. Don’t forget to complete the photo with your name, product category, and choose a storefront. This storefront is useful so that products are easy to find.

Add price and shipping info.

In the photo upload menu, you also need to fill in product information in the form of price, number of stock items, color, variant, product condition, explanation of the product. It is also necessary to add the weight of the product after packing, as this is often the case. No less important is insurance for product delivery. After everything is done and completed, please upload the product.

Follow Every Promotion Held By Tokopedia

The way to sell on Tokopedia is fun because of the promotion management feature. Of course the most effective promotion is the promotion carried out by the seller himself. The easiest and cheapest way is to promote on the seller’s social media. Upload all ratings from customers to social media accounts. In addition, sellers can also apply a cashback program.

The most interesting thing about Tokopedia’s promotional program is the free feature. Tokopedia provides Store Vouchers to be given to buyers. The seller can even determine what kind of promo coupons will be given. Cashback or free shipping, it’s all up to the seller. This ease of promotion is very useful in increasing sales in stores.

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Tips to Increase Store Sales

Selling goods in the marketplace is expected to attract more buyers than offline stores. Therefore, sellers need to join a marketplace that accommodates this need. Tokopedia provides sellers with options to increase sales and store performance. In this case, Tokopedia always improves its services to sellers so that the store can operate optimally.

How does it work? Here’s the review:

Maximize Use of TopAds

All sellers want their products to be in the first place. By being in the first place, this makes potential buyers immediately interested. TopAds is a feature to make the store on top and the chances of buying products are greater. TopAds is a paid advertising service with a pay per click method. To be able to activate TopAds, the seller must first fill in the TopAds Credit balance.

Collaborate with Influencers

Don’t underestimate the function and effect of an influencer. Find the right influencer for the product and offer to partner with him. Influencers can help market products sold on Tokopedia. How to? The influencer will market the seller’s product on their social media. Imagine how many more people know and are interested in buying the product.

Provide Product Samples for Potential Buyers

This method is quite traditional but the most effective. When people can feel the shape and taste of a product, the chances for the product to be purchased are greater. Provide samples and share with potential customers. After that accommodate their feedback. This method is also effective for improving product quality. The more people feel and know about the product, the greater the chances of selling it.

Give Quick Response When There Are Problems

Prospective buyers will definitely ask about the product in the chat column. Promptly reply and respond to all questions. Don’t forget to always uphold politeness in language in the chat column. Don’t leave chats unanswered for a long time. More than 7 hours of customer chat is not answered, then Tokopedia will reduce the store’s score.

Shop Upgrade To Power Merchant

Power Merchant can be upgraded to premium and will make it easier for sellers to manage their stores. It’s easier to sell on Tokopedia with this feature. By upgrading the store to become a premium power merchant, sellers can get statistical data on sales charts as well as competitor stores.

Activate the Fulfillment Feature

Have a lot of stock but no storage space? Tokopedia provides the solution. The fulfillment feature is the storage of seller goods in Tokopedia’s warehouse. In this way, the product reaches the buyer’s hands more quickly. In addition, logistics costs can also be reduced. Time and cost efficiency are very important, therefore activate this feature to maximize store performance.

Manage Store Finance Carefully

Record every expense and cash flow in the store. Create a needs plan that fits the current state of the business. Keep journals or books and separate capital and liabilities. Manage well operating costs such as employee salaries and raw material costs. With discipline in managing store finances, sellers can avoid cash shortages.

Arrange for Buyers to Pay on Schedule

There are types of buyers who just order and like to delay payments. Remind buyers and don’t let them forget to pay. If there is a buyer like this, the possibility of the seller’s cash flow is very high. Confirm back to the buyer regarding the amount of the remaining bill.

It seems unethical to ask potential buyers about payment problems. But for the sake of smooth finances and business continuity, it seems this needs to be done. Who knows if the buyer has forgotten to place an order.

So, how to sell on Tokopedia is easy, right?

The most important thing is consistency to keep marketing and managing the store. Joining Tokopedia is not the same as activating the autopilot button. Still need an active contribution from the seller so that the product is sold and the store’s performance increases. Manage social media and keep promoting products there. Happy selling and I hope the merchandise sells well! ”</p