Get to know these 5 types of multiroof roofs before building

By | May 9, 2022

Types of roofs for multiroof houses – In general, Indonesian houses are covered by tile roofs made of clay. Over time, the roof of this house began to be made by many people with various alternative materials. Starting from zinc, asbestos, to mild steel.

However, because some of these alternative materials can rust (for example, zinc roofing), then the most modern type of roof emerged, namely the multiroof roof. The latter type is believed to be an alternative to metal roof tiles that are more durable.

What is the reason?

This is because the multiroof roof is claimed to be able to last for 25 years. Of course, this will be a distinct advantage for the roof of the multiroof house.

Although the price is higher when compared to zinc roofs which are easy to rust, but it is a common thing (logical consequences). Because everyone must have known a phrase; “There is a price, there is a form” aka “the price will never lie”.

Then, what are the types and models of multiroof roofs?

Let’s review in more detail. Checkidot!

1. Stainless Steel

Get to know these 5 types of multiroof house roofs before building

Next, multiroof roof with stainless steel type. This roof has the maximum thickness and the greatest weight among other types of multiroof. This is because, the components that make up this roof are a combination of steel, aluminum, and zinc.

This material is often referred to as an ultra permanent material which has maximum durability for buildings and large buildings. For example sports arenas, indoor stadiums, schools, offices, and many more.

2. Standing Stream

Get to know these 5 types of multiroof roofs before building

The second multiroof roof is a standing stream. Generally, this roof has a wave pattern in the form of straight lines on the surface. The main material of this roof is a mixture of quality zinc and aluminum. So it has a long life and resistance to all weather.

The use of this roof will give a minimalist impression on every building that uses this roof. The color is also metallic so it gives a futuristic touch because of that color.

Installation of this type of roof uses a mild steel frame that is anti-rust so that the frame and roof are durable. In addition, the installation of this type of roof uses an interlock method, this method makes the roof and frame combined into one so that it is strong even in the event of an earthquake.

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3. Galvalume

Get to know these 5 types of multiroof house roofs before building

Next, a multiroof roof with the name galvalume steel. Of course, no stranger to this name. This type of galvalume roof is currently easily found in various cities. This roof has a maximum thickness but is quite light and flexible. So, many use this galvalume roof as a container kiosk and various other creations because this galvalume is easy to shape and install.

The roofing material is a combination of metal steel, zinc, and a layer of aluminum. So it’s not surprising that galvalume is one of the multiroof roofs chosen by many people. In addition, the price is also quite affordable per sheet.

4. Copper

Get to know these 5 types of multiroof roofs before building

Next, there is a copper multiroof roof. This copper roof is better known as a copper roof. Because the constituent material is copper, it is not surprising that this roof is easy to shape according to demand.

The appearance of this type of roof is that it has a surface with a pattern of lines to scales like fish scales. The strength of this roof is among the longest, because the main material for making this roof is copper. So, the nature of copper that is durable and can withstand all weather for decades is unquestionable.

Usually government-owned buildings use this material, this is because there is no need to spend a lot of state treasury for roof renovations. In addition, buildings for places of worship such as mosques and churches use this copper roof.

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5. Sand Coated

Get to know these 5 types of multiroof roofs before building

Finally, there is a sand coated multiroof roof. This roof is often referred to as a sandy metal roof. Its appearance is like an ordinary roof, but on the surface it has a sandy texture.

This texture is obtained from a multiroof roof made of a mixture of zinc, aluminum, and steel coated with sand powder which is used as an insulator. The sand powder serves to absorb heat and is resistant to impact and pressure. The thickness is also varied and can be selected according to desire.

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Well, these five types of multiroof roofs can already be reference materials for housing to be built. We recommend that you first consult the use of the building designer so as not to over budget.

Happy roof hunting with the best price!