Fix OPPO HP that often restarts itself with the latest 10 ways !!

By | April 16, 2022
OPPO HP turns itself off – How how to fix an oppo cellphone that often restarts by itself ? Actually the problem Android phone often turns itself off it doesn’t just happen to oppo smartphones. But recently, many Oppo HP users have complained about their Oppo smartphone suddenly restarting itself after opening various applications. By looking at this, it is possible if the Oppo HP suddenly died because it was too heavy to run several applications at one time.

Maybe the question of why the Oppo cellphone suddenly dies will always appear when we experience the Oppo smartphone problem that keeps restarting. However, we cannot give direct answers regarding the problem of the android phone that often restarts without doing an analysis first. So what is the cause of the Oppo Android phone turning itself off? Even so, we must immediately repair the oppo cellphone that died suddenly considering the importance of an Android smartphone that we often use in various activities.

Therefore at our meeting this time we Smartphone Solution will try to give tips to turn on the dead Oppo smartphone. So if you experience an Oppo cellphone that often restarts, it would be better if we try the steps below before we decide to take it to the service center. Although it is a simple step, this step can work to fix the Oppo A37 which always restarts itself when opening the application. Let’s just take a look at the full review of how to solve an oppo cellphone that often restarts by itself these below.

Fix OPPO HP that often restarts itself with the latest 10 ways !!

how to solve hp oppo restart by itself

Seeing this, of course, not a few are asking why the Oppo HP suddenly died can happen. Therefore, so that we are not curious about why the Oppo often bootloop occurs, here we will provide the factors that cause the Oppo cellphone to turn itself off in the review below.

The cause of hp oppo often restarts itself

  • Android Is Rooted
  • Overload on CPU, RAM, and GPU Hardware
  • Occurs Overheat or Too Hot
  • Lots of Junk Files You Don’t Clear Like Cache
  • Frequently Use Beta Version Apps or Games
  • Fatal Errors Caused by Application Errors
  • Custom ROM That Doesn’t Match Smartphone Specifications
  • HP has been used for too long and has never been factory reset
  • Damage to the Android Operating System.

After knowing some of the things that make an android phone go crazy, here we will give you how to turn on a completely dead android phone that we have managed to do on the Oppo A37 at that time.

How to fix an OPPO cellphone that turns itself off

1. Clear Cache Smartphone

The buildup of cache on a smartphone can be one of the causes of the Oppo HP suddenly turning itself off. Therefore, the easiest step we can do first is to clear the cache on the Oppo android phone that we have. As a recommendation, we recommend installing a cleaner application on our Android phones such as “Clean Master” which we can download via Google Playstore.

2. Delete Unnecessary Apps/Games

Too many applications on a smartphone can make the phone’s performance heavy, resulting in the Oppo phone suddenly restarting itself. This is because the number of applications will certainly make the memory and RAM capacity will be full quickly. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if we start deleting unused applications if the cellphone restart problem itself starts to happen to us often. (See also : List of the best alarm apps for sahur in the month of fasting)

3. Remove Applications That Are Not “Compatible”

The incompatibility of an application on an Android cellphone turns out to be one of the causes of the Oppo cellphone often turning itself off. But of course we will find it difficult to know which applications are not compatible with the smartphones we have. If on the Android phone that we have there are applications that often have errors such as exiting on their own, not responding or force closing, it can be ascertained that the application does not match the Android phone that we have. Therefore, to repair the Oppo HP suddenly restarts itself because the application is not compatible, follow the steps as follows:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then select Applications
  • Then tap on the application that often experiences errors
  • If so, select Uninstall
  • Finished

However, our advice, it would be better if we delete the application data first before we delete it. With the aim that the data stored on your cellphone is also deleted.

4. Install Anti Virus

We need to know that the Oppo HP error that makes the device restart itself can also be due to a virus or malware on our Android smartphone. For that there is nothing wrong if we install an anti-virus application to ensure that the Oppo cellphone that we have is infected with a virus or not.

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5. Replace Micro SD

A damaged Micro SD is sometimes rare for Android cellphone users who know that this can cause the Android phone to turn itself off. And if that’s what makes the android device turn itself off, it would be better if we removed the micro sd and let it sit for a while and then plug it back in. However, if it does not give positive results, we should replace the micro sd with a better quality.

However, if the five methods above have not been able to overcome the Oppo A37 android phone which often restarts itself, then take some additional steps as we did the following:

Unroot Android We Have

  • If previously your cellphone has been rooted, after that it often turns off by itself. It can be concluded that rooting is the cause

Enter Safe Mode

  • Safe mode serves to ensure that there is no damage to the Android smartphone software that we have

ColorOS and Android OS updates

  • The purpose of the update is to patch bugs that are the cause of Oppo which often turns itself off

Factory Reset

  • Enter Settings
  • Then select Backup & Reset
  • Then select Factory Data Reset
  • Finally tap Reset Phone
  • Finished

Take it to the nearest OPPO SMARTPHONE Service Center

That’s our meeting this time, which just reviewed how to deal with the Oppo cellphone that often restarts itself. Hopefully our meeting this time can be useful for all of us, thank you so much..