Factory Employee Side Business that Produces

By | March 22, 2022
Factory Employee Side Business that Produces

Everyone can have a business as long as they are able to live it, including employees. Even though he has the status of a factory employee, it does not mean that the person cannot get additional income from other sources such as a side business.

So that this business does not interfere with the main work of the workers, it is better to find a side business for factory employees that is appropriate and profitable.

Having a side business for an employee is actually not something new and quite common. Besides being able to be done outside of working hours, a side business can provide additional income for the employee.

However, there are also many factory employees who cannot start a side business due to capital reasons. Then what is the solution? Let’s see the answer to the end!

Factory Employee Side Business With Minimal Capital

Starting a side business does require capital. Unfortunately, this is precisely what often becomes an obstacle for factory employees. With a limited salary, employees do not have money to be used as capital.

Fortunately, there are many types of businesses with minimal capital that can be run. There are even several types of businesses that only require IDR 100,000 or internet capital only!

For those who want to start, try some factory employee side businesses with the following minimal capital:

1. Selling Credit

The first factory employee side business that you can try is the business of selling pulses. This business is not profitable. But if it is carried out seriously and with discipline, employees can get a salary every month.

And to start this business, you can only have a capital of IDR 100,000!

One of the tricks to be able to get profits in this business is to buy credit or balances in large quantities at once. In addition, make sure every buyer makes payments with discipline or no one is in debt.

If done correctly, employees can earn up to hundreds of thousands per month!

2. Selling Online

Social media is now a place for people to sell. Almost all types of goods or services can be found on social media, from clothes, bags to cleaning services. Well, for factory employees who want to start a business, try starting from the online world.

Try to sell online by starting as a dropshipper. The concept of a dropshipper is to act as an intermediary between the original seller and other buyers. Drop shippers only need to have a separate account and display the products from the original seller.

Later, if someone wants to buy a product, the drop shipper only needs to pay to the original seller after the buyer makes the payment. Next, the goods will be sent to the buyer under the name of the dropshipper shop.

This business concept is certainly very profitable because employees do not have to have their own products. In addition, employees can become drop shippers for several stores at once. And make sure the price offered by the store provider is cheaper than in the store.

3. Street Snack Business

One of the side businesses of factory employees that is easy to run is selling children’s snacks.

If you have a house that is near a school, then this business can be very profitable. In contrast to cakes or pastries, street snacks are easier to make and of course require less capital.

Before starting this business, first consider the target market. If there is a school near your house, then try selling snacks such as sausages, nuggets or tempura.

However, if the local market tends to adults, then make street snacks that are more filling such as pentol, dumplings, egg rolls and many more.

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4. Translation or Writer Services

For factory employees who have more expertise in the field of language, then take advantage of these skills to increase their financial coffers. Try signing up for a freelance translator or writer to get additional work.

Usually the job is to translate important documents ranging from journals, news to papers.

For those who are just starting out and have trouble finding clients, you can join the community first. Get as many jobs as possible, then network with clients while in the community.

If the client is satisfied, the next order usually the client will order directly individually (without going through the community again).

5. Photo Service

For those who have a hobby of taking pictures, then use your camera or cellphone to sell these services to other people. Nowadays, attractive photos are one of the keys in e-marketing, so surely many companies or businesses need them.

The way to sell this service is to display photos that have been taken before. Show photos on social media for others to see. Don’t forget to add some properties in it, so that the photo looks more beautiful and attractive.

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Side Business With Bigger Profit

For those who have more luck, then try a bigger business. Even though the capital is bigger, the profits can be even more.

Well, for those who have more capital, try building a side business as follows:

1. Pastries Business on Eid

For those who have a talent for cooking or baking, then take advantage of that talent to make pastries. This is one type of food that is widely raided at certain times such as Eid, New Year to a good day to get married.

So, take advantage of that time to sell cookies that have been made to get additional income.

2. Laundry Business

One of the side businesses of factory employees that can be run from home is a laundry business. This business requires a rather large capital because business owners will definitely need more than 1 washing machine to run this business.

This business does require large capital at the beginning, but the income is also quite promising, especially if there are many students or office workers around the house.

Don’t forget to provide several washing options, ranging from lightning, normal to dry cleaning or just washing.

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3. Warkop

If you have a rather large area, then use the land as a warkop. In addition to selling coffee, the warkop can also sell snacks or easy-to-make foods such as soto or rawon.

As with laundry services, the capital to build a warkop is quite large. But if there are many customers per day, then the benefits that can be obtained will also be many.

Having a side business is fun because it can get additional income. And you should arrange the side business so that it doesn’t interfere with your working hours or office work.

Those are the side businesses of factory employees that you can try, ranging from those with minimal capital to those with larger capital.

Even though it is a side business, make sure to run the business diligently and with discipline. If executed properly, then a side business can produce very lucrative profits!

Hope it is useful.