Examples of Unique and Artistic Minimalist Bookshelf Images

By | December 7, 2021
Examples of minimalist bookshelf images – Are you a person who likes to read and has a large collection of books? If so, then having a bookshelf has become a must for you. This is important to note. Because without a bookshelf, your collection cannot be stored properly. As a result these books can be damaged or lost. ‘It’s a pity, isn’t it?

Especially if among your collection there are books that are classified as rare. Of course, it would be a shame if something was damaged or lost. Well, that’s why it’s important for you to have a bookshelf.

Do you have to have a big bookshelf?

The answer of course does not have to be like that.

If you can afford a large bookshelf, then that’s great. But if you think buying a small bookshelf is enough, then that’s not a problem. Maybe you don’t have a large collection of books, so it’s enough to just buy a small shelf. So just adjust according to your needs.

So, are you looking for a bookshelf?

If yes, then here I give some examples of minimalist bookshelf images.

I deliberately chose a good and unique example of a shelf for you. Checkidot!

1. Single Shelf on the Wall

Examples of Unique and Artistic Minimalist Bookshelf Images

The bookcase model that is attached to the wall one by one is suitable to be placed in a child’s room. Children’s books which are usually quite thin can still be accommodated by shelves which are only about 15-20 cm deep.

In addition, because it is a single shelf, the number of shelves installed can be adjusted according to the number of books you have. The placement can also be arranged in such a way as needed. This will certainly make the room and the shelves themselves more efficient.

2. Staircase Bookcase

The use of a ladder model shelf that expands downwards is suitable for loading various sizes of books. Wide books such as book collections of journals and magazines can be placed at the bottom. It can also be used to put a HVS paper backup.

See an example of the shape of the shelf below.

Examples of Unique and Artistic Minimalist Bookshelf Images

Several levels at the top can be filled with popular books such as novels. Books of this type are usually not much different sizes. Some are A5 size and slightly larger or smaller.

While the top with the narrowest shelf can be used to put stationery. Small photo frames are also great for displaying above to add a beautiful minimalist impression.

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3. Mini Tree Bookshelf

Examples of Unique and Artistic Minimalist Bookshelf Images

This is one of the most unique examples of minimalist bookshelf images. If bookshelves usually have flat borders, this one has a diagonal border design. Its shape resembles the branches of a tree that usually grows sloping upwards.

Not only that, the mini tree model bookcase can also be placed on the table. With this design, the books you need will be easy to reach when studying or working. Time will also be saved a little.

If the mini size can’t accommodate all collection books, there are other options with the same model. The difference is the number of shelves that are more, the size is higher, and must be placed on the floor. Take it easy, this model is still in the minimalist category.

4. Alphabet Bookshelf

Examples of Unique and Artistic Minimalist Bookshelf Images

Want to have a more personalized bookshelf? Alphabet bookshelf is the answer. Wardrobe without a door with a shape resembling a letter, can be chosen according to the initials of the name or anything that has its own meaning.

Each letter has a different border design that is adapted to its shape. Therefore, the number and size of the available shelf columns can also vary. That’s what makes it unique and personal.

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5. Question Mark Shape Shelf with Lights

Examples of Unique and Artistic Minimalist Bookshelf Images

The following examples of minimalist bookshelf images are very unique. The shape resembles a question mark with lighting at the end. Column shelves totaling 4 pieces with a proportional division and follow the curved shape. All of these columns are also equipped with lighting with different colors.

At the very bottom, there is a column with a door. This section is suitable for storing files that do not need to be displayed. For example, documents in a folder or collection of receipts and transaction notes.

Having a unique and minimalist bookshelf can provide satisfaction for those who like to collect books. The list of examples of minimalist bookshelf images above is made as a reference to suit personal characteristics. Choose a bookshelf that can meet your needs as well as be unique and artistic.

Hopefully this short article can be useful for you.