Diamond Ice Cream Business Opportunity And How To Get Started

By | December 19, 2021
The culinary business always attracts the attention of business people. One of the most popular and potentially profitable foods is Diamond ice cream. This ice cream is made from the best milk with a combination of fruit flavors in it.

The fresh and sweet taste that mixes is perfect for enjoying when the weather is hot and relaxing. So don’t be surprised if the Diamond ice cream business opportunity is worked on by several people. Moreover, selling them around schools or residential areas.

In addition to the various flavors, Diamond ice cream also comes in two forms, namely soft ice and hard ice. At first glance there is no difference between the two types of ice cream. But only when it enters the mouth and touches the tongue. Soft ice will melt immediately on the tongue, while hard ice tends to be soft in texture.

Diamond Ice Cream Business Opportunity And How To Get Started
Diamond bread ice cream illustration.

Whether it’s soft ice or hard ice, Diamond’s ice cream business opportunity is equally profitable. Because these two types of ice cream can be served with their respective characteristics that arouse the tastes of buyers. That’s why diamond ice cream is very popular with various levels of society.

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Now let’s just talk about this Diamond ice cream business opportunity.


How to Start a Diamond Ice Cream Business

If you pay attention, not many people sell Diamond ice cream, either in carts, kiosks, or traveling. Therefore, this Diamond ice cream business opportunity must be exploited immediately because there are not many competitors. For those who are interested in selling Diamond ice cream, here’s how to get started:

1. Choose a Location

As mentioned above, selling Diamond ice cream is very profitable when in crowded places, such as schools or housing. However, there are other crowded options, such as shopping centers, malls, markets, and many more. Don’t forget, choose a strategic location so that potential buyers can easily access it.

2. Create Something Interesting

Diamond Ice Cream Business Opportunity And How To Get Started
One type of Diamond ice cream

One of the successful business people is because of creativity. So, when running this Diamond ice cream business, choose a cart that attracts buyers. If selling around, the design of a cart or car that invites the curiosity of buyers. Do whatever it takes to bring people in. Another way is to make promotional announcements, either via WhatsApp status, social media, or directly while traveling around.

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3. Create Variations

There are many flavors to choose from Diamond ice cream. Try to sell more than one flavor so buyers don’t get bored. You can also be creative with the toppings, for example dipped in frozen chocolate, sprinkled with mesis, or inserted with wafers. Although it only sells two flavors of ice cream, the toppings are varied, so it can be an option for buyers.

4. Determine the Target Buyer

Target buyers really have to think about. Because if not later will be wrong in determining the price. If you have chosen a school, then the target is the children. Adjust the price with their pocket money and portions so as not to lose. But if you choose a market or a mall, estimate the purchasing power of the people. Remember, if you have to rent a place there is a fee charged. So the price at the market or mall can be a little more expensive than in the school environment.

5. Find Partners with Restaurants or Other Parties

Diamond Ice Cream Business Opportunity And How To Get Started
Diamond ice cream business cooperation illustration.

Diamond ice cream business opportunities can not only be run alone. This business can also be profitable if collaborating with other parties, such as restaurants, other traders, or wedding vendors (wedding organizers).

Hard ice tends to be more durable so it can last a long time if stored in the freezer. This can be utilized by Diamond ice cream entrepreneurs. Especially at a wedding, ice cream is definitely one of the menus that is always presented.

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Reasons to Choose Diamond Ice Cream Business

Indeed there are many businesses that can be run without large capital. But Diamond ice cream is the most simple and profitable. The buyers come from various circles, both young and old, men and women, and do not look at social class. Everyone loves ice cream. However, there are other reasons why the Diamond ice cream business opportunity should not be missed, namely:

1. Indonesia’s Tropical Climate

Indonesia only has two seasons, namely hot and rainy. However, the tropical climate makes Indonesia in warm temperatures and often the sun is hot. This is an opportunity for ice cream traders to make a profit. Because when the weather is hot it is very delicious to eat ice cream.

2. No Special Skills Needed

Making Diamond ice cream does not have to have certain skills. It is enough to use an ice cream maker machine and in an instant the ice cream will be ready. Just pour the mixture of milk and dough, then follow the process of making ice cream with the next machine. Anyone can make delicious Diamond ice cream as long as they follow the recommended dosage and the steps for making it.

3. Does not require many employees

Seeing the easy process of making Diamond ice cream, it does not require a large number of employees. Even this effort can be done alone. However, if you sell around using a car or motorbike, you need one person who stands by to serve buyers.

Diamond Ice Cream Business Opportunity And How To Get Started
Illustration of a traveling Diamond ice cream vendor.

Employees also do not have to go through a special training process because they just need to follow simple instructions. Don’t worry about abuse either, because it’s very easy to control the production and income of this Diamond ice cream business.

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4. Fast Process and Arrangeable Production

The process of making Diamond ice cream using a very fast machine so that the service will not be delayed long if it suddenly runs out. The amount can be adjusted according to need. If the sale will be finished soon, the amount can be reduced so that it is not redundant. However, the hard ice type can be stored longer than the soft ice type.

5. It doesn’t cost a lot

Finally, why is it a shame to miss the Diamond ice cream business opportunity because it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Starting from initial capital to routine costs that must be issued every day for operations. Regular costs are materials, electricity or generator if selling around, as well as employee salaries if they do employ someone.

Don’t worry, the ice cream making machine is also quite durable and doesn’t have to be frequent maintenance. Therefore, the sales proceeds can be pocketed cleanly without cutting large expenses.

6. Diamond Ice Cream can Fit the Trend

Whatever culinary trends exist in society, ice cream can adapt easily. It is proven that from the past until now the Diamond ice cream business has continued to exist. On the contrary, more and more Diamond ice cream is being created into various kinds of food. So don’t be surprised if Diamond’s ice cream business opportunity will always exist, whether in urban areas or not.

Plunging into the culinary business is indeed exciting. Especially if you can combine a business that has been run with other types of culinary. Diamond’s ice cream business opportunity can be a solution for anyone who wants to wrestle in the food business, especially light snacks.

Ice cream can be paired with a variety of foods, either as a dessert, snack, or mixed with cakes and fruit. So, for those who already have a culinary business before, maybe they can try selling Diamond ice cream as a menu variation or additional income.

That’s the info about the Diamond ice cream business opportunity. Hopefully it can be useful for you.