Details of Tent Rental Business Capital

By | December 11, 2021

Tent rental business seems to be getting more and more people’s attention. This is because there are quite a lot of enthusiasts of this tent rental service every year. This is actually reasonable. Because we all know that tent equipment is really needed when there are big events. Especially for the purposes of weddings, certain inauguration events, musical performances, etc.

And at certain moments every year, tent rental business owners can reap huge profits. Especially on national holidays. Such as August 17, Lebaran, Christmas, and New Year.

Details of Tent Rental Business Capital
Illustration of a Wedding Tent.

But do you already know about the details of this tent rental business capital? For those of you who are interested in getting into this service business, let’s see the full explanation below.

As explained above, it turns out that opening this business has a promising prospect. Some tent rental entrepreneurs have even added additional funds for their business capital, in order to develop their business. This indicates their business is progressing rapidly and profitable.

Interested in Opening This Tent Rental Business? Here are the details of the capital.

Opening a tent rental business is not easy at first. You must have a large enough capital to get started. However, this service business is increasingly needed in the community, so even novice entrepreneurs will be able to successfully live it.

As time goes by, tents are needed more and more at every event. Even people who are grieving (died), also need a tent to shelter the mourners (takziah).

Tent Price Estimate.

Every year there are usually many new themes and decorating styles that must be updated by the tent business owner. Tent rental entrepreneurs will usually spend around 30 million at the beginning of opening a business. This 30 million money is to buy partitions, iron and also a tent.

The amount above is only a rough estimate, because the value can change at any time (due to many factors). Such as an increase in the price of goods, etc. So before you start a business, you should calculate the estimated details of this tent rental business first.

For novice business actors whose capital is mediocre, they can work around this by buying used tent equipment, and they are still in good condition. Even if there is some damage, then you can fix it yourself. This trick is very useful as a strategy to save capital.

The most common damage that often occurs is the partition is broken or smudged in several parts. This is due to a technical error during use. If the tent is damaged like this, it can be repaired yourself to save more on the budget.

So, the details of this tent rental business capital are as follows:

Tents, partitions and chairs = Rp. 30,000,000
Service fee = Rp. 15,000,000 (Optional).

Why is the service charge bracketed ‘optional’?

This means that if you have the expertise to repair it yourself, the budget for this service can be ignored. And that money can be saved for other expenses. So, it can be concluded that the main capital for this tent rental business is 30 million.

Important steps to consider when starting a tent rental business.

As described above, this type of business is timeless. Aliases are always needed by many people at all times. But on the other hand, because this business has a lot of demand, intense competition is unavoidable.

So, so that you are able to attract the interest of your service users, as well as retain existing customers, there are several important things that you should pay attention to. One of them is: You must be able to improve the quality and services of your tent rental.

However, this improvement in quality and service is of course directly proportional to another consequence, namely the increase in operational costs. And this is logical. You certainly know in a proverb: “There is a price, There is a form”.

Well, the problem is, what if the capital you have is limited. What is the most appropriate step you should take? See the answer in the explanation below.

1. Should not be in a hurry to borrow money from a bank for business capital, especially in excessive amounts.

Some owners of tent rental services do rely on bank loans to fund their business operations. However, for those of you who are still beginners and have just opened this business, it is advisable not to rely too much on borrowed money from banks to start your business.

What’s the reason?

Because this service business requires a fairly long process to get customers. While bank installments are things that must be paid every month. Does the bank really want to know if we say “sorry, the tent rental order is still quiet, the installment payment has been delayed, right, the bank?” 
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