Details of Mobile Coffee Business Capital (Complete With Tips for Success)

By | December 28, 2021

You need to know the details of the traveling coffee business capital, because it can be an alternative business opportunity for you. In the midst of increasingly difficult job opportunities at this time, while the demands of life are increasing, then this mobile coffee business is suitable for you to choose. That’s more than being unemployed and having no income at all, right?

There is one thing to remember; Even though this traveling coffee business may seem like a trivial profession, but if you do it, the results are quite good, you know!

Especially if you already have regular customers who often enjoy your brewed coffee.

In recent years, coffee lovers in Indonesia are reportedly increasing. Of course, the news opened up more opportunities for this traveling coffee business. Moreover, various kinds of coffee variants are now widely available in the market. With so many choices, it will surely pamper consumers. Consumers’ tastes for a delicious cup of coffee, as well as rich in high taste, will be more fulfilled.

A Brief History of Coffee.

The development of coffee as a delicious drink to consume, originated in Ethiopia in the 9th century. From the African continent, the journey of coffee continued until the 15th century in Turkey. It was at this time that coffee was increasingly known to people. His name became famous to various corners of the world, from the European continent to Asia.

Types of Processed Coffee Drinks.

In the past, most adults only consumed coffee, but now all people can enjoy it. With a touch of interesting taste innovation, making coffee processing more diverse, with a taste sensation that is no less delicious.

Before we discuss the details of the traveling coffee business capital, it is highly recommended to know the type of processed coffee that people are most interested in.

Here are some of them:

1. Cappuccino.

Processed drinks are found in many coffee shops. A mixture of espresso and milk, gives a soft sensation when drinking it. The hallmark of Cappuccino is that there is milk foam on the surface of the coffee, thus adding to the enjoyment when drunk. This drink is suitable for people who want to taste a balanced taste between coffee and milk.

2. Americano.

Americano-type drinks can be served in a very short time. The main ingredient to make this drink is just a mixture of espresso with hot water. However, the consistency of the Americano’s thickness and thickness is in the medium category, so it can be served cold. This drink has the name shot because the manufacturing process is fast.

3. Espresso.

Coffee connoisseurs must be familiar with this one drink. Espresso is the result of grinding coffee beans into powder, then brewing directly with very high temperature water. This is what makes Espresso has a very high viscosity consistency and is more suitable to be served hot.

4. Latte.

The composition of the coffee that is processed into Latte has similarities to Cappuccino, namely Espresso and Milk. But what makes the difference is that the milk content in Latte is more dominant than coffee. The ratio between milk and espresso is 3:1. This drink is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a cup of coffee with a dominant milk taste.

5. Mocha.

Coffee drinks that are processed into Mocca have the same main raw materials as Cappuccino and Latte. To give a different impression when drinking it, adding a chocolate taste is the hallmark of Mocca. The types of chocolate used also vary, ranging from powder to syrup, which can be used as ingredients to make delicious Mocca.

Some of the reasons that make a mobile coffee business quite promising.

The coffee beverage business is currently increasing in number from time to time. The lifestyle of the Indonesian people who often spend time in coffee shops, makes business people invest their funds to work on this business.

Of course, for this coffee shop, it will require a fairly hefty capital, especially to pay for rent and other operational costs. But if you don’t have much capital, then don’t worry. Because there are other alternative ways that you can choose, namely opening a mobile coffee business.

This mobile coffee business also has several advantages, including the following:

1. Place Flexibility.

It’s also called a mobile coffee business, so of course you don’t need a fixed place like a shop or shop. You can go around selling your coffee products by using a motorbike that has been modified in such a way. Or it could be by using a car. Of course the car has also been designed in such a way that it has turned into a ‘walking coffee shop’.

See an example of an illustration of a food truck aka ‘Kedai Walking’ in the photo below.

Details of Mobile Coffee Business Capital (Complete With Tips and Tips for Success)

Well, you can adapt the food truck model as above for your traveling coffee business. If you don’t have a car, then you can use your motorbike first to peddle your coffee products. In this case, of course, the motor model has been modified to sell.

By implementing a mobile trading system, it certainly makes it easier for you to move from one place to another. This method will open up opportunities for you to get more potential customers and customers.

In addition, this mobile trading system can further introduce your coffee business to the public. Opportunities like this will not be obtained if you run a coffee business in a permanent shop.

2. Coffee Menu Variants.

Although the sales method is by traveling around, that should not prevent you from serving delicious coffee menu variants. Implementing a coffee menu variant is part of the details of the traveling coffee business capital that you must do. This is very useful to expedite the process of selling your coffee around you in the future.

Because it is related to customer satisfaction.

If your choice of coffee flavors (variants) is complete, then customers will always stay loyal to shop for coffee drinks from you. Starting from manually processed coffee, to using instant coffee from a factory, you must provide everything completely.

3. Unique Business.

Even though it looks quite easy, in reality, not many people are involved in this business in Indonesia. This is an opportunity for you not to waste this opportunity, because there are very few competitors in this line of business. Coffee sales around the world can also provide a variety of menu choices and convenience for coffee connoisseurs. So they don’t have to go all the way to visit a coffee shop.

4. Simple Equipment.

The equipment needed to start a mobile coffee business is also not too much, with the price of each equipment being affordable. This is the reason why a mobile coffee business is worth trying, moreover this business does not require a large space. The equipment for processing coffee can also be adjusted to your needs, so you can adjust your finances as a businessman who is just starting a business.

5. Affordable Budget.

Often prospective businessmen discourage their intention to start an independent business because of limited capital. Well, you can use this mobile coffee business as an alternative solution to opening a business. Because this coffee business does not require a large capital budget.

As I mentioned earlier above, even if you don’t have a car for an operational vehicle for selling coffee, you can use your motorbike. Of course the motor must be slightly modified, and the cost for this modification is not large. I’m sure you can afford it.

So this traveling coffee business can be run with small material capital. The biggest capital you must have is tenacity, determination and hard work. So that your mobile coffee business can be run successfully.

Business Capital Details.

Before starting this business, the main thing that must be done is to do a good breakdown of the capital for the traveling coffee business. Taking into account the various details needed to start a mobile coffee business, allows you to properly calculate the expenses needed, and be able to find out the benefits of each cup of coffee served to consumers.

1. Coffee Grinder.

When running your coffee business, and in order to maintain its natural taste, you must have a coffee grinder. A coffee grinder is a special tool used to grind whole coffee beans into powder form. For mobile coffee sales, you can use a coffee grinder that grinds manually. The price of a coffee grinder ranges from Rp. 200 thousand to 600 thousand rupiah.

2. Brewing Tool.

A cup of coffee can never be enjoyed by consumers before the brewing process is carried out. Yes, yes, it’s time to eat the coffee powder, hehe. (Kidding). ️

There are various kinds of coffee brewing tools currently available in the market. This brewing tool is available at various prices, starting from Rp. 100 thousand and above. All you have to do is choose a coffee maker that fits your budget.

If you have more budget, then it never hurts to buy a special brewing tool. Using special brewers can affect the taste of the coffee. So that the taste becomes more delicious without leaving the pulp under the surface of the glass.

3. Main Raw Materials.

Using selected coffee beans is the main raw material that must be provided to your consumers later. For a kilo, the minimum price of coffee beans is around Rp. 100 thousand. To add variety to the taste of the coffee menu served, you can add an instant coffee menu that has a unique flavor variation.

Don’t forget to provide fresh milk and sugar syrup, which of course can add to the deliciousness of the coffee. Overall for this raw material requires a capital of around Rp.200 thousand.

4. Additional Equipment.

Also prepare additional equipment to mix a cup of coffee. For example, such as plastic cups, spoons, and tissue. Use equipment that looks attractive and clean. The use of a blender can also be used, especially if you want to serve a coffee menu with cold and fresh ice blended preparations. In total, it requires a capital of around Rp. 100 thousand.

5. Cart.

Because the sale of this coffee is done around the corner, then of course a special vehicle is needed to sell it. Various choices of vehicles can be used as a medium for selling this traveling coffee business. Starting from using a motorcycle to a car. For this part, I have described quite fully before above.

So, the question is; what if you don’t have a car, you don’t even have a motorbike?

What’s the solution?

If that is the case, then the solution is to use a cart to peddle your coffee products around you.

Of course this cart must also be modified and designed in such a way, so that it is suitable for selling coffee around.

Modifying this wagon doesn’t cost a lot, I’m sure you can afford it. If you already have a motorbike, it costs around Rp. 1 million, the motor can be modified to sell. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a motorbike, you can alternatively make a cart. To make this wheelbarrow is estimated to cost around Rp. 2 million to Rp. 5 million. (the amount of the fee depends on the size of the cart).

By understanding the details of this traveling coffee business, God willing, will be able to give you an idea of ​​the profit opportunities that can be obtained when starting this business.

Although this mobile coffee business can be run with minimal capital, it is possible for you to get maximum profit. Especially if you already have loyal customers, so the coffee products you sell are always selling well every day.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.

Success always for you. Regards.

Author by : Bang izal.