Details of Hp Counter Business Capital (Plus the Secret of Getting Big Profits)

By | February 26, 2022

Internet and smartphones. The ‘two lovebirds’ have now become an inseparable part of everyone. It can be said that nowadays almost everyone already has a smartphone. If they already have a gadget, then of course they are also used to accessing the internet. Such is the custom. This fact is then used by people who have good business intuition.

They are very good at seizing this opportunity.

What’s that?

One of these opportunities is to open a cellphone counter business. Therefore, now the HP counter business is just getting stretched in the community. Another factor that has influenced the rise of this business is because the details of the business capital of the HP counter are relatively light. This means that this business can be opened with small capital.

Details of Hp Counter Business Capital (Plus the Secret of Getting Big Profits)
HP Counter Illustration.

Initial Capital To Start a Hp Counter Business.

To start this HP counter business, the initial capital required is around Rp. 15,000,000, – up to Rp. 25,000,000.-. (Not including the cost of renting the shop, I’ll attach it below for store rental).

This capital is spent to buy all the equipment and supplies needed. Some of these business support equipment are quite affordable. The details of the mobile phone counter business capital below can be used as a reference, especially for those of you who want to open a similar business. Let’s look at the details.

1. Storefront.

Why do I include a storefront in the details of the business capital of this cellphone counter? Because the storefront is very important as a place to display products. With the storefront, you can adjust the display of your cellphone and quota credit in the storefront. The goal is to make all the products more visible, so that they can attract buyers.

Approximately the cost for the storefront is Rp. 1,500,000 for medium size. This size can be adjusted according to your needs. The smaller the storefront you use, the cheaper the price will be.

The price also depends on the storefront, is it new or second? If the second window is of course also cheaper. In a second medium-sized window, there are people who sell it for 800 thousand. If you want to save capital, then you can just buy a second-hand storefront. The important thing is that it is still in good condition.

2. Chair.

Procurement of seats at the HP counter business is no less important. Because this chair will be very necessary, especially for buyers who are visiting your cellphone counter. By providing a chair, you have provided comfort to these buyers.

The price range for this chair is Rp. 20,000, – up to Rp. 35.000,- per seat (price depends on the material of the chair). Provide at least 4 chairs for your cellphone counter. Three chairs are for the buyer, while the other one is for you to use yourself.

3. Stationery.

To record all transactions, of course you will need stationery. Especially if the system in your store is still using the conventional method (manual recording). In a manual system, the procurement of stationery is definitely needed.

Therefore, for those of you who are just starting a cellphone counter business, it is necessary to set aside a budget for the cost of this stationery. Such as the cost of buying pens, pencils, notebooks, rulers, erasers, and others.

The total cost required to purchase this stationery is around Rp. 100.000,-.

4. Hp Accessories Rack.

Hp counters usually sell various smartphone accessories products.

Well, these smartphone accessories must be displayed in a special shelf. This is intended so that the accessories are neatly arranged, so that they look attractive. Try to pay attention to all the HP counter businesses, surely the accessory products are displayed in such a way in a special shelf. Therefore, it is important for you to also provide a shelf on your cellphone counter.

The price range for this accessory rack is around Rp. 1.000.000,-.

With the accessories rack, you can sell various smartphone accessories to increase your income. For example selling casing, anti-scratch, headset and so on. The total capital for this cellphone accessories product is around 5,000,000 rupiah.

5. Procurement of Second Mobile Phones.

Novice cell phone counter businessmen certainly want to make as much profit as possible, so they can develop their business more quickly. However, this big profit will be a bit difficult to get if you only sell new cellphone products.

What’s the reason?

Because new products usually have a market price. You can’t set the price too high, because the buyer will immediately run away.

So, how do you get a relatively high profit?

The trick is to sell second hand cellphones.

You can resell second hand cellphones with a relatively large percentage of profit (from capital). This can happen because usually people rarely sell their used cellphones at high prices. Their principle is that their used cellphones can be sold. This is quite logical, because the factor that causes people to sell their cellphones is usually for reasons of being stuck, or already bored with their cellphones.

Because these second phones are usually sold at low prices, you can catch this opportunity as well as possible. With the minimum possible capital, you can buy a used cellphone, then resell the second cellphone at your counter. The total capital to get this second cellphone is around 5,000,000 rupiah.

We assume you can get a second cellphone that is sold in a hurry for 500 thousand rupiah, then you can get 10 second cellphones. You can resell it at the selling price you want. If you want the second cellphone to sell quickly, then sell it again at a low price.

But if you want to make a big profit, then sell it at the standard market price of a used cellphone. Because you get the cellphone at a sloping capital price, of course you will get a big profit if you resell it at the normal price.

You can understand the point, right? 
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