Details of Business Capital Photocopy and Stationery (Complete)

By | August 24, 2022

Photocopying and stationery business is a business opportunity that never dies. As long as the education and government filing system still uses paper as its basic material, this business will continue to live.

Maybe there are some people who are afraid of risking loss when opening this business. Especially if you miscalculate the cost of capital, or buy the wrong equipment (for example, it can be too expensive or not too necessary to buy, aka redundant). Therefore, it is important to know what are the details of the photocopying business capital and the required stationery.

This type of business is one of the promising business fields. As long as it is managed seriously and well, the profits that will be obtained from this photocopying business can even reach millions of rupiah in one month. Especially if this photocopying business is combined with the sale of office stationery and printing of documents or photos (Printing).

This photocopying business opportunity can be used as a side business that can be controlled when you work elsewhere/in the office (using employees). It’s just a matter of how you are able to monitor the business remotely (for example by using CCTV).

Because this type of business is risky (because it requires large funds), the business capital must be detailed and complete. The following is an overview of the details of the photocopying business capital and the required stationery.

Details of Business Capital Photocopy and Stationery (Complete)

Details of Business Capital Photocopy and Stationery.

In any business, capital is needed. The size of the capital depends on the type of business that will be involved. Often people back off regularly before starting a business just because they think of large capital. Business capital itself is divided into several types, namely:

1. Fixed Capital.

Fixed capital is a type of capital issued for the purchase or supply of goods that are large in nominal terms and have long-term goals. This type of capital is only issued when starting a business. This type of capital requires depreciation costs in its books.

As for the photocopying business, those included in fixed capital include:

Purchase/rental of photocopiers.
Purchase of paper cutters.
Purchase of binding equipment.
Purchase a storefront or shelf.
Rent a place of business.
Purchase of laminating machine.

2. Operating Capital.

Operational capital is capital that is issued periodically, monthly for example or when supplies run out. This type of capital can be distinguished in the cost of equipment, inventory costs and other operating costs.

Included in equipment costs are all costs incurred in an effort to meet standard equipment for photocopying businesses and selling stationery such as scissors, duct tape, staplers, etc.

For inventory costs include:

Purchase of paper for photocopying.
Purchase of ink/toner for photocopying.
Purchase of plastic for photocopying.
Purchase of books, pencils, erasers, ballpoint pens, staplers, stapler contents, paper clips, crayons, lined folio paper, A4 paper, drawing books, cutters, small scissors, book covers/gifts, etc. for selling stationery.
Purchase of paper for printing photos.

While other operational costs are: employee fees, electricity, machine maintenance, etc.

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Other Things To Look For When Opening A Photocopy Business.

In starting a photocopying business and selling office stationery, apart from the details of the photocopying and stationery business capital, there are other things that need to be considered. Here are the things that must be considered when opening a photocopying business and selling stationery.

1. Determination of Place of Business.

Place of business is a strategic issue that needs to be considered and considered before starting. Moreover, this type of business requires no small amount of business capital. Place is priority.

If the place of business will be in the house you live in, it must be ensured that potential customers are available. Who are the potential customers? The main customers are students and students, while workers and others are just complementary.

If in the neighborhood where there are many school children and students, then it is possible to open this photocopying business at home. But if not, then the choice is to rent a place where a lot of people pass by, be it students, students, workers and others. You can also rent a place around where the concentration of students and students gather, namely around the school or campus.

2. Selection of the type of photocopy machine.

As fixed capital, the photocopy machine is the center of this business. So when choosing a photocopy machine to be used as a fixed asset, you must be very careful. Do you have to buy a new machine or just buy a quality old/used machine. This depends on how much capital there is.

For that first understand the types of photocopiers. This can be done by asking the technicians who usually maintain or repair it. Choosing a new or used machine will determine the amount of capital issued.

3. How to Promote Business.

Promotion is part of the way of selling the business that is involved. Whatever the type, regardless of the scale of the business, promotion must still be done. The goal is to introduce the business being run so as to attract potential customers. In the end this activity will bring benefits.

The promotional media used can be in the form of flashing banners, distributing pamphlets or flyers. Use attention-grabbing words. In addition, it can also be done by giving bonuses to customers who make large transactions. Bonuses can be given in the form of free stationery or free photocopies for the last five pages, for example.

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Estimated Details of Business Capital Photocopy and Complete Stationery.

How much capital is needed to open a photocopying business and selling stationery? The following is an estimate of the costs required to open a photocopying business and selling office stationery.

Photocopier price range Rp.25,000,000 – Rp.40,000,000 (depending on the type)
Laminating Machine Rp.1,500,000
Storefront/shelf Rp. 2.000.000
Rent a place of business for 1 year Rp.15,000,000 – Rp.25,000,000 (depending on location)
Printer Machine Rp.800,000
Computer Rp.5.000.000
One set of work desk/chair Rp. 1.000.000
ATK supplies Rp.4,000,000
Paper Cutting and Binding Tools Rp.1,500,000
Photocopy paper and ink supplies Rp. 2,000,000
Promotion Fee Rp.500.000

So the total estimated capital to open this photocopying business is between Rp. 60,000,000 to Rp. 85,000,000. The amount of this capital is influenced by many factors, such as the location of the place of business and the type of equipment purchased. The more strategic the business location and the better the equipment, the higher the cost of capital. Even if you open a photocopying business in a certain location in Jakarta, the capital cost can be more than 100 million.

Now we will discuss about the estimated monthly costs. In this case the costs to be incurred include:

Employee honor Rp. 1.000.000,- (per month)
Electricity IDR 600,000 (per month)
Photocopy paper and ink IDR 1,700,000
Machine maintenance fee Rp. 500.000,-
Estimated monthly fee of IDR 3,800,000
Estimated cost per day IDR 3,800,000 : 30 = IDR 127,000,-

So to be able to cover the estimated monthly costs, the turnover of photocopying services, photo/document printing and sales of stationery is at least IDR 150,000 per day. From the daily income of Rp. 150,000, your monthly turnover is around Rp. 4,500,000, – Thus, the profit in a month that you can earn is approximately 700 thousand rupiah.

Remember one thing; The daily income of 150,000 rupiah that I listed above is the most bitter calculation. In the example above, I assume the photocopying business is still new, so there are still few photocopying customers. If we take the example of a copy shop that is already busy with customers, some of them have a turnover of up to 1 million rupiah per day, or even more.

By considering the cost estimate above, the break event point can be calculated. Therefore, strategic location selection and promotional activities are vital in the midst of similar business competition. Sales of stationery must be increased, if you want to get maximum profit.

In addition, to get more profit, it is necessary to look for other services from similar businesses. For example, delivery service for large transactions, or giving atk bonuses for regular customers who have transacted more than 15 times, for example. There are many creative ways that can be done in an effort to make a profit.

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Thus the discussion of the details of photocopying and stationery business capital which is presented briefly but quite comprehensively. Hopefully there are benefits for those who want to start this business. It never hurts to start after understanding the ins and outs of this very promising business.

Hopefully it can be useful.

Author by : Bang izal.