Details of Angkringan Business Capital & Success Tips

By | March 8, 2022

Angkringan Business Capital – One type of business that has received a lot of positive responses from the Indonesian people is the angkringan business. Seeing the enthusiasm of the community is so great, many people are interested in starting this business.

Let’s see the full answer.

Basically, the angkringan business is almost similar to a roadside stall. However, the types of food sold are more numerous and varied.

For example, there are heavy meals to snacks for those who just want to snack. This is what makes people tend to eat and hang out at angkringan instead of the usual stalls.

Details of Angkringan Business Capital

Although this business looks promising and is selling well in the market, this business still requires capital. Well, the amount of capital depends on the type of angkringan to the location of the business.

To give an idea to people who want to open an angkringan business, here are the details and details of the angkringan business capital:

1. Location Rental Fee

The first thing that must be considered when calculating the angkringan business capital is the location or place where this business will be established.

In general, this business stands on the side of the road together with a warung or other similar business. So the cost needed to rent a location is usually cheaper than opening a shop or coffee shop.

The cost for renting a location is usually very diverse, from free to millions of rupiah. The more crowded the place is, usually the more expensive the rent will be.

For those who don’t want to spend more money on renting a location, then use the home page to sell. Even if it’s free or free, be sure to include it in your location rental fee.

The cost of renting a location needs to be taken into account even if you use your own home page. So, when later the business has grown and needs a bigger place, the owners already have an allocation of funds to rent a bigger location.

2. Cart Cost

One of the characteristics of an angkringan is the existence of a cart to put all the snacks that are sold. Therefore, when you want to build an angkringan business, be sure to have a cart instead of a table.

The price of the cart also varies, some are Rp. 1,000,000 or hundreds of thousands of rupiah, depending on the material.

For those who don’t want an expensive cart, then choose the type made of wood. Carts made of wood will look a little old-fashioned but can make the atmosphere more beautiful than iron carts.

But for its strength, iron carts are stronger, especially if exposed to heat or rain. So, first know the condition or place of business to determine the type of cart to be purchased.

3. Purchase Customer Seats

One of the things that makes angkringan business cheap is its lesehan-shaped model. So, customers who come don’t need chairs or tables but just carpets or mats.

In fact, sometimes there are angkringan that do not provide a table because guests are used to eating with only their hands.

However, to make guests more comfortable, it is better if the angkringan owner still provides mats and chairs. Provide about 4 mats and a table, but don’t forget to adjust it to the area where the business is run. The capital required for this equipment is around Rp. 500,000 only.

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4. Tableware & Cooking Costs

In general, angkringan will sell cooked and ready-to-eat food. So when the customers come, the owner just reheats the food to make it taste more delicious.

So for that, the cooking equipment needed is not as much or as complicated as a food stall. All it takes is LPG gas, oil and a frying pan to heat the food.

For those who want simple, they can buy special cooking utensils for angkringan which are sold at a price of IDR 350,000. However, if you want to be more efficient, then buy one piece of equipment and assemble it into one piece.

Later, the owners just need to pair the equipment with LPG. The cost to buy all the equipment yourself is around IDR 250,000.

In addition to equipment for cooking, business owners must also have equipment for serving food.

Instead of using plates that are more expensive and easily damaged, it is better for the owner to use a container made of rattan by providing a greased paper base.

That way, the owner doesn’t have to bother washing dishes or cleaning them. The cost required for a rattan plate is IDR 200,000 for 30 plates.

In addition to preparing the rattan plate, don’t forget to prepare the glasses, spoons and forks as well. Provide more glasses than rattan plates, because not a few people come just to hang out. So for a glass, prepare around IDR 300,000 also for 40 glasses.

If the total capital for the angkringan business for eating utensils is around Rp. 750,000.

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5. Operational Cost

When you have calculated the total capital for the angkringan business, it’s time to calculate the operational costs of the business for a month. Later these operational costs will be included in the initial capital.

Before determining the operational costs of a business, first determine the type of food to be sold. Next, write down the ingredients needed for these foods to determine the cost of the raw materials.

In general, angkringan will sell snacks such as tempeh, tofu, eggs and chicken. However, there are also those who sell heavy foods such as duck rice, chicken and offal.

If detailed and added up, the daily operational costs can reach IDR 300,000 per day. In total, the operational costs can reach Rp 9,000,000.

If all are totaled, the angkringan business capital can reach Rp. 13,250,000. This amount can change depending on the place of business to the determination of the food you want to sell.

If you want a cheap place, then look for one that is on the side of the road or in front of the house. As for the menu, choose foods that are indeed your favorites. That way, the capital needed will not be too bloated or too large.

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Tips for Angkringan Business to Run Successfully

After knowing the angkringan business capital, it’s time to make sure the business can run smoothly and sell well in the market. Well, one of the tips that need to be considered so that the angkringan is crowded are:

  • First, choose a varied menu. Try to provide a variety of food that is liked by everyone. That way, guests who come can enjoy the food on the angkringan.
  • Second, make sure not to charge a hefty price tag. One of the things that makes people like to hang out at angkringan is the cheap price. So, if you sell your food or drink at a high price, people will not be attracted to that place.
  • Finally, a simple tip that will be very helpful is to keep the angkringan area clean. Everyone likes a clean and comfortable location, so make sure to always keep the location and food clean. Also provide large plastic so people can throw garbage in its place.

So even though the angkringan business is very tempting, make sure to still have the right strategy to run it. In addition, calculate the angkringan business capital carefully and precisely.

If you don’t want too much capital, then choose a cheap location and replace some of the equipment with cheaper ones such as rattan plates. That way, the owners can get the maximum profit.

Hopefully useful and successful for you.