Delete HP default applications without Root

By | December 5, 2021
Delete HP default applications without Root

Read this article and we will discuss how to remove the default Android application without root at all and remove it from the Android phone system. Debloat android in common language which means removing or eliminating bloatware applications that you no longer need on your android phone. You also have experience, yes, if when we first bought a cellphone, there were a lot of applications installed by default there. Which you don’t really need.

Some that are often really asked are Can you delete the default cellphone application, How to delete useless apps, How to delete apps that can’t be deleted on Android, How to delete apps on Oppo cellphones. Well, there are so many questions, this is also the answer that we will discuss about how to debloat android on a cellphone. if you need a way to delete default applications on a laptop, you can see the Windows 10 debload tutorial on this blog.

The first and basic thing to pay attention to is knowing in advance which applications are safe for you to delete or which applications should be on Android. Because the purpose of these tips is to actually delete it permanently from your Android device and not disable or temporarily disable it.

You can also apply this method to all your Android devices such as Samsung, xiaomi, samsung j2, and oppo phones, etc.

How To Remove Default Apps Without Root With ADB

Before we delete this default android application, the first thing you do is download the application to find out the package name of the application that we will delete later.

  • First you can download the application via the Play Store and type App Inspector.
  • Next you install, wait a few moments until the application is stored on your cellphone.
  • After you download the application, you continue on Mobile settings.
  • open Settings or Settings on your cellphone, then go to About Phone to activate Developer options.
  • On some cellphones it may be different when you activate Developer options, you can press Kernel, MIUI, and software versions. So adjust it to each HP model so that the Developer Options or Developer Options can be active.
  • Next, if Developer options are active, you go to Additional Settings and select Developer options.
  • Then activate Developer options, in the Debugging option you activate it USB Debugging then select OK.
  • The next step we need a PC or computer.
  • Next, connect the cellphone and laptop using a USB cable.
  • After you connect, usually there is a notification on the cellphone, you click and select an option File transfer.
  • We go to the laptop again and you prepare the material, namely Minimal_adb_fastboot.
  • Then you can install it like any other regular application.

After you press Finish, then a Command prompt will appear on the laptop screen.

Below is the script or command that you will run one by one at the Command Prompt, which is then ended by pressing Enter:

  • adb devices (if a warning appears on the cellphone, please click OK)
  • adb device (if condition Unauthorized)
  • adb shell
  • pm list packages
  • pm uninstall -k –user 0 (APPLICATION PACKAGE NAME)

Delete HP default applications without Root

To find out the package name, please open it again App Inspector, select which application you want to remove, and there you will see the package name of each application.

For example, here I will delete the VPN application intra, so I would type:

pm uninstall -k –user 0 app.intra

If successful, it will be written there Success. Next you check to make sure the application has been deleted or not on the cellphone.

Delete HP default applications without Root

Finally, maybe that’s it for an article on how to remove default android apps without root. If you are interested in other tutorials about android, you can write what other tutorials you need in the comments column. Hope it is useful