Complete Ways to Change Screen Brightness in Windows 10

By | March 14, 2022

Windows 10 gives users a variety of different ways to adjust the screen brightness level on their laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

Here’s how to quickly increase and decrease your screen brightness on your Windows 10 device, adjust the brightness level to your liking, enable dynamic lighting, and reduce blue light levels before you go to sleep.

Changing Brightness in Windows 10

Adjusting the brightness on your Windows 10 machine is quite easy and can be replicated quickly if you ever need to change this setting again.

  • Select the Notifications icon in the lower-right corner of the screen on your Windows 10 computer or tablet to open the Action Center.

If you have a Windows 10 device with a touchscreen, such as a Surface Book or Surface Laptop, you can also open Action Center by swiping in from the right side of the screen with your finger.

  • In the Action Center, you will see a square box with a sun icon in it. This is the button for increasing and decreasing brightness in Windows 10. Select the icon to cycle through the five preset screen brightness levels; 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. 0% is the lowest possible brightness setting, while 100% is the highest. If you are happy with any of these preset brightness options, then you can go for it. If you want to make finer adjustments to screen brightness, read on.
  • Right-click the brightness button in the Action Center with your mouse. A informasi called Go to Settings will appear. Select it with your left mouse button.

Notes: Or, on touch devices, you can long press the button with your finger. The Go to Settings option will appear when you remove your finger from the button.

  • Once you select Go to Settings, you will be taken directly to the advanced Windows 10 brightness settings in the main Settings app. Here you will see a horizontal bar with a line above it indicating the current brightness level. Drag the line left or right on the bar with your mouse or finger to select a specific brightness level out of the five presets. The screen brightness will increase or decrease in real-time as you move the line on the bar.

Windows 10 Dynamic Brightness Settings

Below the bar in the brightness settings will be a box with “Change brightness automatically when lighting changes” written next to it. Select this box to enable Windows 10’s dynamic lighting feature. This feature uses the Windows 10 device’s webcam to detect the light level where you are and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly.

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If you’re in a dark room, for example, your device’s screen will be dimmed if this option is enabled so the light won’t hurt your eyes. Similarly, if you take your Windows 10 device outside on a sunny day, the setting will brighten the screen so you can see what’s inside.

You can still change the screen brightness with this setting enabled and you can turn it off at any time by unchecking the box if changing brightness levels becomes annoying.

Using Windows 10 Night Light Settings

Below the dynamic brightness setting in the Settings app is the switch for the Windows 10 night light feature. This feature reduces the amount of blue light emitted from your device screen, making everything appear more orange. It is generally believed that blue light can keep you awake at night so you should reduce your exposure to it in the hours before bed.

  • Select the Night Light switch to enable it, then select Night light settings below it.
  • On the next screen, you will see a Turn On now button. Select this to activate the night light 24 hours a day.
  • Below this button will be a colored bar. Drag the lines on this bar left and right to select the level of orange and blue you want on the screen each time the night light feature is on.
  • The final option is for a night light schedule. Turn on Schedule night light to turn the feature on and off at the same time every day. Select Sunrise to sunset to change the night light feature in real-time with sunrise and sunset times at your current location or select Set clock to manually select the on and off time.

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