Children’s Battery Car Service Business (Still Rare + Promising)

By | January 3, 2022

Having a toy car battery requires good care so that the toy remains durable. Especially if the owner of the toy battery car is the owner of a children’s toy rental business. However, finding a child’s battery car service is not easy (it’s still rare). Of course, this is a challenge for children’s toy rental owners, and a business opportunity for toy car battery service providers.

Business Analysis of Children’s Battery Car Service Services

From the situation on the ground regarding the availability of children’s battery car service services, it can be concluded that players in this business are still rare. This means that opportunities are wide open for people who are interested in providing this service.

Below is an analysis of why this business is worth running:

Lack of Competitors in This Business

Children's Battery Car Service Business (This Business Is Still Rare)
Illustration: Neza Toys, one of the most popular battery car service providers in Tangerang.

The desire to provide excellent care for children’s toy rental business owners is not directly proportional to the availability of their services. In Jakarta alone, it is quite difficult to find special service services for children’s cars or motorbikes. Most found are electronic services. As a result, owners of children’s toy rental businesses are forced to use their services.

Electronic service services were chosen because in principle they understand the battery components in toy cars. This is because the working principle of a child’s car battery is relatively the same as a battery in general. Actually, some toy battery car dealers are also able to service the battery. However, not all traders can do this.

Can be run as a side business

In addition to the lack of players in this service, another advantage is the difficulty of bringing service providers to your home. The large size of the toy car battery will certainly be an obstacle if you have to take it to a service center. Especially if in large quantities. Of course it will be interesting if there is a service that can provide on-site service.

As explained above, the average service is electronic service. People or companies that provide toy service services are very rare. This is the reason why this business is very feasible to run. When someone understands the components of electronic goods, in fact he can do service for this toy car.

This is the reason this business is suitable as a sideline, because the service provider will only come when called upon. Over time, when there are many clients, this business can be turned into a permanent business. Maybe there are many service players, but those who specifically label electronic toy service services are still rare. That’s why this opportunity is worth taking.

Little Capital Required

To be able to run this business, at the beginning, one does not need to have an official office. This means that there is no need to rent a place at the beginning of the business. What is needed for this business is the equipment needed to perform electronic services. This service equipment is not expensive so it doesn’t drain the pocket too much.

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To replace damaged components, service providers do not need to stock goods. Purchase defective components when the damage is known. In addition, the cost of purchasing components can also be charged to the customer. That is, it can be said that the main capital to be able to run this business is expertise.

Clear Target Market

No need to bother looking for customers. Given the number of toy car rental businesses in Jakarta and its surroundings, it means that the target market has been formed. Not to mention individuals who have this product for their children’s toys at home. What needs to be done to process this target market into consumers is to promote the services offered.

Children's Battery Car Service Business (This Business Is Still Rare)
Om Neza Toys when he ordered a car battery service at one of the children’s toy rentals.

The needs of children’s toy rental entrepreneurs for car battery service services are very high. The high intensity of use of toy cars requires them to frequently service the battery. As is known, the battery is a very vital component for this toy car. By providing this toy service, it means that you have provided a solution for children’s toy rental entrepreneurs

Ease of Determining Promotional Programs

After knowing the market needs and target market, this will make it easier for prospective service entrepreneurs to determine promotional programs. The easiest thing to do is to maximize the internet and social media. Incessantly promote services there. Explain in detail what rates and services can be served.

In addition, you can also do door-to-door marketing, which is to go directly to potential customers. Come to a shopping center where there is a children’s toy car rental service. Offer services to them by leaving a business card. Also provide ease of work on the spot so that they are more interested.

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Ease of Determining Business Location

The business location for this service is quite easy. In the beginning, there is no need to rent a large and expensive place of business. Just use the house as a place of business. As your business and income grows, you can find a location near the market that sells these battery toys. It can also be near a shopping center where there is a rental of children’s toys.

By choosing a business location near where the toy car battery is sold, it will make it easier for sellers and buyers of the toy battery car to find service. As is known, there are not many children’s toy service locations. If you work near a toy car sales location, the potential to quickly get customers is quite large.

Tend to be free to determine prices

It must be admitted, there is no definite benchmark in determining the price. It can be said that these business actors are free to determine their own rates. This freedom can certainly be used to gain profits. In order not to be wrong in determining the price, try to pay attention to similar businesses. What are the rates that competitors provide. Try the tariff is too far from the price on the market.

The Importance of Caring for Children’s Toys

Providing care for children’s toys, especially battery toy cars, can extend the life of toys. In addition, the performance of the toy car battery can be maintained so that it remains prime. Even more so if the toy car battery was used for a toy rental business. Of course, frequent use can pose a risk of damage or a decrease in the performance of the toy.

Given the vital function of the toy car battery for the owner of a toy rental business, it is necessary to carry out regular servicing. That is the importance of the presence of children’s battery car service services. By frequently checking the quality of the battery and other components, it is hoped that the performance of the toy car will remain good. If there is damage due to lack of maintenance, of course it will cause considerable losses.

Children's Battery Car Service Business (This Business Is Still Rare)
Illustration: A collection of battery cars in one of the children’s toy rentals.

Keep in mind that the price of a toy car battery unit is quite expensive. Some units can cost up to millions. Therefore, to compensate for the amount of money that has been spent, it is important to take care of this purchased toy. Because if the toy is damaged, the cost to buy a new one is not small.

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From this it can be concluded that a business that is rarely run by people does not mean it is a bad business. This is precisely where the opportunity exists and it is interesting to participate in the enliven. Keep in mind that the need for child battery car service services will continue to exist. As long as there are children, it can be said that this business will still have its place.

Hopefully this information can be useful and see you again in the next interesting article.


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