Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

By | December 28, 2021
Minimalist bathroom design bidet – The development of the era is so fast and the increasingly sophisticated internet technology, has a significant impact on the current human lifestyle. Very different from the era before the internet technology first. In the past, information dissemination still took time. Usually after a day, then the information is spread throughout the world. At that time the fastest media for spreading information was telegram (wire letter) and television.

So for very important matters, it will take at least 1 day to spread throughout the world (including Indonesia). For example news about terrorism (piracy) or natural disasters. If the incident happened today in America, then the news would spread evenly throughout the world the next day. And usually this event will have a further impact on currency values ​​and the global trading environment.

Please note, that the above events in context are really important yes. So the spread of information and its influence was relatively fast throughout the world at that time. Then what about the spread of civilization, culture and lifestyle from a superpower like America?

What culture is an example?

That is,,,,,

The answer; Its spread and influence is still there, but in the past it was only limited to a few upper classes in Indonesia.

That was the old days,,,,,,,

So what about today,,,,?

Has the minimalist bathroom design of this toilet seat model been used in our country?

For today’s era, the influence of globalization really permeates the entire world community. In fact, it affects all lines and aspects of his life. And all of that is inseparable from the influence of advances in internet technology. Just put it this way; Try to open the YouTube Platform, then all things from all over the world will definitely be presented in full there. Ranging from important things to trivial matters.

One of the most widely available information on YouTube is content about property and home design. Well, one of the home design styles that affects the middle and upper classes in Indonesia is the toilet seat model bathroom. This is a form of toilet that is considered comfortable to use. Therefore, this type of toilet is starting to be widely used, especially by people with modern lifestyles in Indonesia.

Are you interested in this toilet model? Or are you looking for the right toilet seat minimalist bathroom design? If yes, then here are some references.

Among them:

1. The Combination of White and Black Partitions in the Bathroom

Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

The idea of ​​​​a minimalist bathroom design for the toilet seat, you can use a combination of white on the toilet and bathroom walls, as well as black on the shower, faucet, and decorative glass in the bathroom. In addition, its use can make the bathroom more elegant in a minimalist home.

2. Minimalist Bidet Bathroom with Dominant White Color

Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

The use of white in the design of a minimalist bathroom with a toilet seat is highly recommended to make a bathroom with a toilet seat that is comfortable and attractive. The white color will give the impression of a clean bathroom. Although sometimes it makes it easier to crust and stain.

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3. Natural Stone on the Bathroom Wall

Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

Creating a minimalist bathroom atmosphere, the toilet seat can add natural stone to the bathroom wall. Thus, the bathroom becomes more natural and cool. This concept is also referenced for a minimalist home with a return to nature theme.

4. Bidet in a Small Bathroom

Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

The use of the bathroom in a small room must be good at maximizing the use of its equipment, such as a toilet seat, bathtub, handwasher, by maximizing the use of space. Even though it looks narrow, when used with the right design, it can give the impression of a comfortable toilet seat.

5. White Toilet and Yellow Wall Paint

Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

Good news for those who like the color yellow, this time the minimalist bathroom design of the toilet seat to make the bathroom look attractive and cheerful, you can use yellow on the bathroom wall. Thus, it can make the bathroom still stylish, especially for those who like the color yellow.

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6. Classic Style Bathroom Bidet

Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

The use of this classic style in the toilet seat bathroom can be done by using a floor with a design such as a wooden floor. This classic style becomes more elegant when combined with white ceramics and a white toilet seat. In terms of color combinations, it produces attractive and elegant colors.

7. Colorful Floor and Wall Designs

Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

The use of ceramics with contrasting colors in a minimalist toilet bathroom can maximize the use of the room to be more spacious. Besides that, a colorful bathroom can give an abstract but still elegant impression.

8. Large Mirror Design and Flower Concept on the Wall

Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

The use of large mirrors can make the room more spacious. Therefore, it is better to use a large mirror on the toilet wall to make the room look more spacious. In addition, the use of the large mirror can function as a tidy up makeup and clothes.

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9. Use of pastel colors on walls and floors

Bidet Minimalist Bathroom Design (Comfortable & Attractive)

Choosing pastel colors or natural colors on the bathroom floor and walls can make the bathroom look more elegant. Especially if the color is combined with a white toilet seat, of course it will produce a comfortable blend and make the room in the bathroom look more luxurious.

The number of minimalist homes that are currently emerging is proportional to the increasing use of the toilet seat. Therefore, it is important to know more about the minimalist toilet seat design that can be presented to the dwelling.

Thus above are some references to the design of the toilet seat. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of you.