Best Unlimited Free VPN Service

By | June 23, 2022

If you already know the reasons for using a VPN and decided to integrate it into your workflow, you can try starting with a free solution. Since many free VPNs limit the amount of data you can send through them, it makes sense to look for unlimited options.

Let’s take a look at some free VPNs that don’t limit your bandwidth. And since free VPNs come with big risks, we’ll take a look at the hidden costs of using these apps. As a baseline for the speed test below, my results without using a VPN were: ping 16ms, 54.56Mbps down, and 5.99Mbps up.


Website: Betternet

Available For: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox

Really free? Yes, although paid plans are available.

Hidden Costs: Ad-supported. On the phone, you sometimes have to watch a video to connect, and the main screen displays asking to install other apps as well.

Privacy: Betternet does not log your IP address. Creating an account is optional, and ads are generic.

VPN Speed: Speedtest results are ping 72ms, 8.55Mbps down, and 5.62Mbps up.

Encryption? Yes, all traffic is encrypted using TLS 1.2 with 128-bit AES encryption.

What It Does: Great for fast connections without creating an account on your desktop, but doesn’t offer much flexibility.

Due to the regular presence of ads, Betternet claims on the homepage that “Betternet works on all devices for free without showing annoying ads” is a lie. Thus, there is no guarantee that the other claims are true.

The app also opens a window about a free trial asking for your credit card immediately after installing. It costs $12/month if you pay monthly, or as low as $3/month if you pay yearly. Offers more locations, faster connections, no ads, and more.

Opera VPN

Website: Opera

Available For: Windows, Mac, Linux

Really free? Opera does not offer paid plans.

Hidden Costs: Only works in the Opera browser on the desktop.

Privacy: Opera’s privacy policy states that it may collect “usage data, such as web addresses” […] and IP address location” of your use. The Company also “may share certain personal information with third party service providers engaged to assist us in providing the requested Services.”

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VPN Speed: Speedtest results are pings 110ms, 23.76Mbps down, and 5.82Mbps up.

Encryption? Yes, protected with AES-256.

What It Benefits: No additional software required. Offers a one-click VPN connection right inside your browser.

In 2015, Opera bought the VPN company SurfEasy and then integrated the service into its browser. Anyone using Opera on the desktop can connect to the free VPN without limits.

However, since this service only protects your browser and not your entire computer, it is more of a proxy than a VPN.

Opera once offered a mobile VPN for Android and iOS. Howeve, in April 2018, the company announced that it planned to permanently discontinue the app by the end of the month. Looks like this only applies to mobile apps; In-browser VPN will still be available. Opera recommends that mobile users switch to SurfEasy, but the free plan only offers 500MB of data per month.

Overall, Opera VPN is great to have if you already use the browser, but it’s not a true VPN solution for your desktop. And now, you can’t use it on your phone.


Website: ProtonVPN

Available For: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Really free? Yes, although the free version limits your access in the US, Netherlands, and Japan. You can only connect to one device at a time.

Hidden Costs: Free users receive lower speeds than paid users. There’s no native client for Mac, Linux, or iOS, so you’ll have to use OpenVPN.

Privacy: This website clearly states: “ProtonVPN is a no-logs VPN service. We do not track or record your internet activity, and as such, we cannot disclose this information to third parties. “This service does not include any advertising.

VPN Speed: Speedtest results are ping 110ms, 23.76Mbps down, and 5.58Mbps up.

Encryption? Yes, encrypted with AES-256.

What It’s Useful For: If you can’t pay for a VPN but still want one that respects your privacy.

ProtonVPN is from the same team behind the privacy-centric email service ProtonMail. The website states that paid VPN users subsidize free users, so there are no ads or sales of browser history. While many free VPNs have questionable privacy practices, you can rest assured that ProtonVPN isn’t doing anything shady.

The countries with servers available in this free plan are well spread out, so you shouldn’t have any connection issues. Plus, it’s based in Switzerland, which has strong privacy laws. Just don’t expect free blistering speed.

Unlimited and Free VPN? Rare Option

Unfortunately, you don’t have many options beyond this if you want a free and unlimited VPN. Services like TunnelBear offer free plans, but limit you to 500MB of data each month. Spotflux is another indefinite option, but it closed at the end of 2017.

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