Best Free Windows 7 Themes You Might Want To Try

By | March 7, 2022

You are running a Windows desktop. The first thing you want is customization. How can you customize your Windows desktop?

Microsoft includes many Windows themes with each operating system. If you don’t like the default operating system design options, check out these best free Windows 7 themes for your operating system.

Why not bring modernity to your Windows 7 installation? Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7 replaces the default Windows 7 theme for the latest visual array from Microsoft.

In all honesty, this is an excellent representation of Windows 10. The Start menu, File Explorer, and taskbar are almost exact replications of Windows 10. The details between the two versions of the operating system make it difficult to figure out which is which, even down to the icons. System Trays.

The Windows 10 theme for Windows 7 also updates the Control Panel, Start Menu icons, wallpapers, and more.

If Windows 10 isn’t your thing, but you want a modern look, you can try the macOS Catalina theme for Windows 7. The macOS Catalina SkinPack theme brings the sharp lines and soft aesthetic of macOS to your Windows 7 machine.

What’s nice about the MacOS Catalina SkinPack theme for Windows 7 are the icons. The theme designers have made sure that the icons match the macOS version, and also includes the MacOS icon dock (which works!). MacOS SkinPack also moves your taskbar to the top of the screen, keeping up with macOS style, and tweaks File Explorer to match the theme as well.

You still keep the same functionality of Windows 7, but with a sleek macOS vibe.

TransLucent is a minimalistic theme for Windows 7 that wipes out the operating system. Uses design elements from macOS and the core Windows 7 operating system to combine a lightweight appearance with decent functionality.

For example, the taskbar switches to the top of the screen but is made transparent to give the illusion of extra space. All the icons are small, again to create extra space. You’ll also find the macOS dock at the bottom of the screen in the TransLucent theme, as well as customization of fonts, kerning, icons, File Explorer, and more.

Overall, TransLucent is a great theme.

In keeping with the minimalist theme, you can also erase Windows 7 into a blank white slate. Minimal White Theme removes any color Windows 7, replaces any icons with black vector artwork, with a suitable Windows 7 theme background.

The Minimal White Theme won’t suit everyone’s taste. It’s basic, to say the least. However, if you want Windows 7 to lose the extra color, this is the perfect choice for you instead of Windows 7’s black and white integrated theme options (which the comparisons are harsh).

If white isn’t your favourite, why not give it a try Minimal Black Theme from the same designer, arsonist1234.

Every Windows 7 theme list needs a dark theme, maybe even more than one. The Tavaris Dark Theme fits the bill perfectly, coming in two different flavors: Basic and Glass.

What’s nice about the Tavaris theme is that it’s not pitch black. Darkness comes from a nice shade of gray. The font color isn’t pure white either, so it’s not dazzling. There are also updated font colors for menus and other parts of File Explorer, helping Tavaris Dark Theme blend into Windows 7.

Tonic is a stylish Windows 7 theme. Great news for those who prefer dark tones: Tonic for Windows 7 comes in Light or Dark mode.

Regarding the theme itself, Tonic for Windows 7 introduces some nice changes to the File Explorer structure, as well as custom icons. You can also find the accompanying background on the linked page.

The Clean VS Windows 7 theme makes some visual changes to the operating system. My favorite bits include the sleek and transparent taskbar, which matches the included background, and the custom icon set that overhauls the visual style of the operating system.

There are other useful changes to File Explorer, which are also made easy. Also, icon changes don’t stop with regular icons. The Start Menu icon turns into a small right corner of a small box, very different from the regular Windows 7 Start Menu icon.

Placebo for Windows 7 is the last option on this list, and it makes some significant visual changes to Windows 7. It introduces eight new visual styles for Windows 7, letting you flip through each Placebo theme to find one that works for you. Better yet, styles vary in color, tone, and direction.

Some Placebo visual styles use color contrast to help those who are color blind or other visually impaired. Others cater to those looking for a dark Windows 7 theme, using bright color highlights to give your eyes a welcome break.

The Placebo theme set for Windows 7 includes unlimited versions, support for top, left, and bottom taskbar placement, plus additional fonts.

Customize Rainmeter Windows 7

Another great option for customizing Windows 7 is Rainmeter. Rainmeter is an extensive customization tool for Windows that lets you add interactive wallpapers, widgets, buttons, meters, and more.

What’s Your Favorite Windows 7 Theme

The design of your desktop and the theme of your computer is a personal matter. The majority of Windows 7 themes on this list come with a minimalist edge. But there are plenty of alternatives you can find with fancy backgrounds, crazy custom fonts and icons, and more.

You should also note that some Windows 7 themes and styles require additional software. Each Windows 7 theme includes details of additional software that you need to download and install before using the theme.